The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #8 – Avia Vampire Hunter (2005) by Andy Deen

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #8:

The Agony of AVIA – VAMPIRE HUNTER (2005)

avia1It’s Boss-zilla Andy Deen’s turn to drop a vom-bomb over a movie he hates. Step up Leon Hunter’s blood sucking howler Avia: you’re in for a roasting…

When I was first approached about doing this Ecstasy & Agony thing, I did think about ranting about a few films I abhor such as… No, let’s not go there. Anyway, I mulled over all the films I hate and decided I’d go with the worst film I have ever seen. The key word is ‘Agony’ after all, so ladies and gentlemen I give you Avia – Vampire Hunter (2005).

I first came across Avia through an online group where we discussed the joys of low budget horror. A few of the members used to screen films online too which meant we could all watch along at the same time and comment whilst viewing. We had the joys of rubbish like Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), HobGoblins (1988) , Zombeak (2006) and many more. The film that really … Continue reading

MEET ME THERE: An Interview with Screenwriter Brandon Stroud by Matty Budrewicz

MEET ME THERE: An Interview with Screenwriter Brandon Stroud

meetmethere1New US indie Meet Me There has quickly become a real favourite here at UKHS towers.

The story of a young couple whose problems between the sheets leads them on a harrowing voyage of self-discovery through a weird little backwater town, Meet Me There blew both myself and Dave Wain away after we were privy to director Lex Lybrand’s early festival cut (you can read our thoughts on it HERE and HERE). Smart, scary and totally unique, it’s one of the absolute highlights of this year.

Continuing our coverage of this terrific flick, I recently caught up with Meet Me There’s scripter Brandon Stroud for a quick chinwag…

UKHS: So where did the movie come from? When I talked to Lex back in January he said you formed the screenplay from “a lifetime of stories”.

Brandon: I did. Destiny Talley gets our “based on stories by” credit because almost everything in the film is based on something horrible from her life. She grew up in a town … Continue reading

An Interview with the Zombies from The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead by Dean Sills

An Interview with the Zombies from The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead by Dean Sills

This interview is extra special in so many ways. First of all it’s my 50th interview at UKHS, it’s also actually two years this weekend since I first worked on a feature film. This honour goes to the stunning Zombie flick,
‘The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead’, the film is out on DVD in the USA next week . I am delighted to bring 12 of the zombies to UKHS for a chat. Please welcome Louise Beaumont, David Alexander, Michael Boyce, Kelly Buckley, Tony Cartwright, Tony Crookes, Beverley Jacques, Paul Sutton, Andy Troth,Victoria Vardy,Sarah Tatkat Wilson and Jayne Wylie.

UKHS – Louise, before we begin I just want to say a huge thank you because you are the person who first contacted me from Safehouse Pictures UK regarding the work as a Zombie extra. I was truly bitten by the acting bug working on this thanks to Damian Morter, Nicola Morter and all the cast and crew.

I love the scene where you are eating the cat. I know you are a cat owner and animal lover so how difficult was it filming this … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #7 – Battle Royale (2000) by Mark Pidgeon

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #7:

The Ecstasy of BATTLE ROYALE (2000)

br1As we hit the end of our first E&A week, it’s Mark Pidgeon’s turn to tackle a film he just can’t get enough of. Here, Marky Mark picks iconic J-shocker Battle Royale to marinate in his love-filled juices…

Being part of UKHS has been a real pleasure for much of this past year. It’s given me ample real estate and freedom to express opinions, to direct readers towards great movies and, hopefully, to steer them away from a few not so good ones. Being involved has been an amazing opportunity, and in the process I have made some great friends who I hope are around for as long as I am!

As writers we rarely get the chance to wax lyrical about the things that we truly love; the movies that are for most us the reason we became critics and genre-based writers in the first place. That film for is Kinji Fukasaku’s 2000 opus Battle Royale.

The premise is simple: the forty-two classmates of class 3B are … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #6 – Cabin In The Woods (2012) by Joey Keogh

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #6:

The Agony of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012)

citw1Up next in our award winning (maybe) Ecstasy & Agony run, Joey aims both barrels of her critical shotgun at director Drew Goddard’s much loved meta monster mash…

The marketing campaign for the Joss Whedon-scripted “horror-comedy” (it’s neither) The Cabin In The Woods was incredibly effective. In spite of the fact that the film sat on the shelf for years – long enough for Chris Hemsworth to be known as Thor by the time it finally came out, instead of just some random Australian fellow – when the promotional material was eventually unleashed, it felt new, fresh and even original, thanks to a cracking trailer and a poster that hinted there was more to the titular cabin than was at first obvious.

For me, Cabin was one of the biggest disappointments of a life spent obsessing over horror movies. Relentlessly smug and self-congratulatory – not to mention much less clever than it thinks it is – it renders a decent cast completely useless … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #5 – A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) by Dave Wain

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #5:

anoesfr1Today in our ongoing Ecstasy & Agony series, well-oiled UKHS reviewing machine Dave Wain takes a loving look at perhaps the most underrated entry in the Elm Street saga…

When I was fourteen, I was brutally mauled by an intruder armed with a chainsaw who broke into my parent’s home. It was a senseless, premeditated attack. I could see the tip of the chain burrowing its way through the front door with the hefty crazed lunatic who was holding it making his way in shortly after. I was alone and my life was in great danger.

At fourteen years of age and with a year of watching horror movies under my belt, my mind had a propensity to take the most mundane aspect of daily life and let it spiral out of control ’til it hit the point of the ridiculous. What actually happened was a tree surgeon had an appointment to lop some overhanging branches in the garden, and being … Continue reading

House of Good & Evil (2013) DVD Review



Review by: Dave Wain

Stars: Rachel Marie Lewis, Christian Oliver, Marietta Marich, Jordan Rhodes

Written by: Blu de Golyer

UK Certification: 15

UK RRP: £14.99

UK DVD Region: 2

Runtime: 104 minutes

Directed by: David Mun

UK Release Date: 12th May 2014

Distributor: Safecracker Pictures

Having spent much of his career on the production side of things in projects as diverse as D.E.B.S (2004), and the TV show Sons of Anarchy (2008), David Mun steps into the director’s chair for this psychological horror film which was shot on a tight budget of $150,000.

The movie opens with a traumatic moment for our featured couple Maggie (Lewis) and Chris (Oliver) Conley as during a mad dash to the local hospital it becomes obvious that Maggie is enduring a miscarriage. The film swiftly moves on to a lighter scene as following their tragedy we discover the couple are on their way to their new house. They’ve bought a property in … Continue reading

Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979) BFI BluRay Review

ntv1Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979) – Limited Edition Steelbook (BluRay)

Released by BFI on May 19th 2014.

Director – Werner Herzog

Starring – Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani, Bruno Ganz.


The story of Dracula has been told a thousand times before on the silver screen, the characters lasting appeal is evident in the luscious and romanticised interpretations presented across generations; it is F W Murnau’s 1922 expressionist masterpiece Nosferatu which is an undoubted influence on German director Werner Herzog’s reinterpretation of this classic story, his love song to the pinnacle of German cinema’s expressionist era.

Jonathan Harker (Bruno Ganz, Downfall), a real estate agent from Wismar, Germany is tasked with an ill fated journey through the Carpathian Mountains to close a deal with the mysterious Count Dracula (Klaus Kinski, Aguirre, Wrath of God). Despite several bad omens on his arduous journey Harker makes the trip only to discovers all is not as it seems with the count and his mansion.

The Pallid Count, his sickly pale skin, almost transparent exudes an aura in every scene he appears in. Kinski, the … Continue reading

Eurohorror Spotlight #10: Belphegor, Phantom of the Louvre (France, 2001) by James Simpson


belphegor1Eurohorror Spotlight #10: Belphegor, Phantom of the Louvre (France, 2001)

aka Belphegor, Le Fantome du Louvre.

Dircetor: Jean-Paul Salome

Starring: Sophie Marceau, Frederic Diefenthal, Michel Serrault, Julie Christie

Egypt, 1935: We see some men exploring the inside of a pyramid where they find a tomb. Inside is a mummy that is over 3,000 years old. They take it to the Louvre and set sail. The finder becomes ill and frightens the ship’s crew mates. They begin to go insane and kill themselves.

Fast forward to present day, the Louvre museum in Paris. The same tomb has been found in a ‘forgotten storage room’. The name and face of the mummy have been scratched off of it, highly unusual for ancient Egyptians to do. The experts at the Louvre scan the bandaged body in an MRI to find out the identity: there is a metal mask covering the face furthering the mystery. Just then a ghostly skeleton flies out of the mummy and into … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #4 – A Serbian Film (2010) by Oli Ryder

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #4:
The Agony of A SERBIAN FILM (2010)

asf1It’s day four of our Ecstasy & Agony Showcase, where each of the UKHS take it in turns to profile a film they love and a film they hate. Today finds Oli Ryder waxing angry about his most hated horror experience, the dark and deeply controversial A Serbian Film. Safe to say, **SPOILERS FOLLOW**. It ain’t pretty, y’all!

Now don’t get me wrong: despite what I’m about to say, all the hubbub and controversy is exactly what drew me to A Serbian Film in the first place. Like the moth to the flame that I am, I simply had to see what all the fuss was about.

In this day and age it’s become so hard to shock horror audiences with something they haven’t seen before. In a junkie-like manner, many of us still find ourselves chasing that elusive dragon; the thrill of fear and joyful disgust that we first got when discovering this wonderfully dark strand of cinema for the first time.
However, in … Continue reading