Eurohorror Spotlight #11: Rammbock aka Siege of the Dead (Germany, 2010)


Eurohorror Spotlight #11: Rammbock aka Siege of the Dead (Germany, 2010).

rammbockDirector: Marvin Kern

Starring: Michael Fuith, Theo Trebs, Anka Graczyk

We see a middle aged man, Michael (Fuith), ‘practising’ how he will give back the keys of an apartment to his now ex girlfriend Gabi who dumped him after 7 years. As he goes into the building he hears a man screaming and what maybe gunshots. He goes in but Gabi is not there, just a anti social plumber. Plumbers mate, young boy Harper, is attacked by the plumber who seems to be a zombie suddenly. They manage to get him out the flat and lock themselves in. They hear noises outside, look out a window to see zombies attacking other people. Checking the TV news channel people are being urged to stay indoors as the people of Berlin turn into crazy flesh hungry zombies. They spend the night there but in the morning they fear for the worst when all TV stations display the Test Card – … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #12 – Monster Brawl (2011) by Duane Hicks

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #12:
The Agony of MONSTER BRAWL (2011)

monsterbrawl1Duane Hicks is back, this time giving a half-nelson of hate to creature punch-up turkey Monster Brawl…

Cyclops vs. Witch Bitch. Mummy vs. Lady Vampire. Swamp Gut vs. Werewolf. Frankenstein vs. Zombie Man. They’re the kind of school yard wager match-ups a boy dreams of, not to mention the perfect subject matter for a film for monster fans.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2012 when, after months (nearly a year?) of anticipation after seeing the trailer on YouTube, I was thrilled to finally have a copy of Monster Brawl in my hands. An independent feature by Canadian filmmaker Jesse Thomas Cook promising a showdown of the world’s eight most legendary monsters at the Hillside Necropolis at midnight, I figured MONSTER BRAWL would be an instant, modern cult classic. How could it not?

I eagerly popped into the DVD player and sat at the edge of the sofa. I leant forward, eager to jump up and down and cheer for Frankenstein to crush some heads; for … Continue reading

Mischief Night (2013) Review


mn1Mischief Night (2013)

Review by Joey Keogh

Dir: Richard Shenkman

Starring: Ian Bamberg, Noell Coet, Adam C Edwards, Charlie O’Connell

87 mins.

A young, blind woman must protect herself and her family from a masked intruder on the titular night before Halloween, when all bets are off and carnage is pretty much a given.

As slasher gimmicks go, utilising a blind protagonist is quite inventive. After all, some of the most terrifying moments in these kinds of flicks occur when the masked assailant is lurking behind the main character unbeknownst to him/her. But, if the character whips around and doesn’t know the difference, it can create an interesting amount of tension.

Mischief Night is a strange little film, which opens with a prologue involving the charm-less Charlie O’Connell, brother of Jerry, as he and his mistress (well, he’s the mistress really, but whatever) get savaged on so-called Mischief Night, known to the rest of us … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #11 – The Thing (1982) by Dean Sills

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #11:
The Ecstasy of THE THING (1982)

ThingPosterUKHS’ very own Parkinson, Sir. Dean of Sills, takes to the podium today, letting loose with a love-strewn appraisal of the Carpenter classic. It’s a Thing of beauty. See what we did there?

The horror film I love the most is John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s far in front of the others, just like Lewis Hamilton in his F1 Mercedes. It’s Carpenter’s dark masterpiece; a real classic. So why do I love it so much? And what does it mean to me as a movie lover?

The Thing is unique in so many ways, from Kurt Russell’s outstanding performance as MacReady, a wisecracking helicopter pilot who is part of a twelve man research team stationed at a remote Antarctic research station; to the sheer, palpable sense of paranoia that grips the camp as they try to work out just who hasn’t been inhabited by the intergalactic shapeshifter. Entering the station in the form of a dog, we, the audience, know from the start it’s not of … Continue reading

An Interview with Ghostline Director Dean Whitney by Dean Sills

dwhit1An Interview with Ghostline Director Dean Whitney by Dean Sills

UKHS Dean, thank you for your time and welcome to UK Horror Scene. You were in the music business for thirty years, how did you get into Indie filmmaking and set up your own production company Undaunted Films?

DW – With the music biz basically winding down for me, I was forced to make some hard decisions on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The word “retire” isn’t part of my vocabulary. Sticking with my creative side, I wrote & self-published a baseball novel entitled “Pinch Hitter” in 2008. While working on a second novel a year later, I decided that the story might work better as a screenplay and began doing research on writing scripts and eventually hired a veteran Los Angeles writer to show me the ropes. Three or four screenplays later, I landed a Beverly Hills manager (also a script consultant) and wrote under her tutelage for two years.

After seeing how difficult it was for unknown screenwriters to sell scripts, I figured the only way I was ever going to see any of … Continue reading

Lurking Fear (1994) DVD Review

LF DVDLurking Fear (1994)
Wri./Dir. C. Courtney Joyner
Exec. Prod. Charles Band
Starring Ashley Laurence, Blake Adams, Jeffrey Combs, Jon Finch
Out NOW in the UK from 88 Films

Often lost amidst the studios usual killer doll and assorted other mini-beast output, 1994’s Lurking Fear is perhaps the most overlooked film in the entire Full Moon canon. Saddled with a poor reputation both critically and amongst horror fans, this actually quite charming and quirky shocker hits UK DVD this week courtesy of 88 Films; the first time it’s been available upon these shores since its incredibly hard to find rental tape release back in 1996.

Though at a list price of £12.99 it’s a touch on the costly side for what is essentially a budget release (right down to its awful new artwork, thankfully reversible), the disc is a poor but welcome reissue. Whilst the inclusion of the films original VideoZone – Full Moon’s now iconic mini-making of series – is a lovely touch, this far from special edition should be picked up for the … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #10 – The Shining (1980) by Stuart Smith

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #10:

The Agony of The Shining(1980)

shiningposter In perhaps the most shocking piece of our Ecstasy & Agony series, UKHS’ resident heretic Stuart Smith dares question Stanley Kubrick’s monumental terror opus The Shining.  We begged, we pleaded, but Stu was having none of it.  May Mad Jack have mercy on us all… 

As I write this I can almost hear the collective groans and see the gobsmacked faces. The very idea that I could hate a film as respected and celebrated as The Shining is quite unfathomable to some, and I suspect there will be those who think I am simply trying to be controversial for the sake of it. To be entirely fair I probably am as I like a little controversy, and there are films out there that are genuinely loathsome and far more deserving of my disdain than The Shining. However, there has been something I needed to get off my chest about The Shining for years and now seems as good a time as any to do so!

The first thing I … Continue reading

Demon Legacy aka See How They Run (2014) DVD Review



Review by: Dave Wain

Stars: Matthew Currie Holmes, AnnaMaria Demara, Eileen Dietz, Nancy McCrumb

Written by: Tracy Morse

UK Certification: 15

UK RRP: £9.99

UK DVD Region: 2

Runtime: 93 minutes

Directed by: Rand Vossler

UK Release Date: 19th May 2014

Distributor: 101 Films

A customer of mine came to see me in work last night to check out this week’s horror releases. I happened to mention that Demon Legacy was out today but I hadn’t seen it yet, although when I do there will be a review going up on He said “don’t sweat it Dave, I bought it from the supermarket this morning – it looked really good”. After the growing scandal in the UK home entertainment biz in the last few weeks I felt compelled to ask him why he was drawn to a title making its DVD debut with little advertising and no real buzz. “Well, the cover quote sold it to me, … Continue reading

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #9 – La Jetee (1962) by Stuart Anderson

The UKHS Ecstasy & Agony Showcase #9:
The Ecstasy of LA JETEE (1962)

lj1And on the ninth day of our Ecstasy & Agony extravaganza, Stuart Anderson injects some class into proceedings with his glowing appraisal of a short French sci-fi classic…

When I received an email from Matt at the marvellous , first suggesting the Agony and the Ecstasy season, in which each writer talks about their movie love or hate, I thought that this would be easy peasy. If nothing else, writing a blog goes some way to satisfying my own particular self-indulgent and narcissistic need to bleat on about just how much I love/dislike this movie or that book (or most bloody remakes). The fact that some people seem to quite like my blathering is something of a bonus, and not an unwelcome one at that. And do you know what? The task of coming up with my own love and hate was indeed easy peasy.

My own example of an absolute love of film is not meant to be overly high-browed or pretentious in … Continue reading

The Beast Within (1982) Arrow BluRay review

beastwithin1The Beast Within (1982) 
Review by: Charlie Boucher
Stars: Paul Clemens, Ronny Cox, Bibi Besch
Written by: Tom Holland
UK Certification: 18
Runtime: 72 minutes
Directed by: Philippe Mora
UK Release Date: 12th May 2014
Distributor: Arrow Films

The Beast Within is the story of Michael MacCleary and his parents. Seventeen year old Michael (Clemens) becomes inexplicably ill and the key to his health may lie in finding the identity of his real father – a hideous rapist who conceived him. His mother and father – Eli (Ronny Cox) and Caroline (Bibi Besch) – journey back to Nioba, a small town in the heart of Dixie, where Caroline was attacked on her wedding night after a wrong turn led to them being stuck in the woods.

In their quest to discover Michael’s real father they uncover a number of suspicious characters and an apparently un-connected murder, but the fun doesn’t really start until Michael runs away from hospital and drives to Nioba to find a strange house and a concealed cellar that have been appearing in his dreams.

Continue reading