……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers by C. William Giles (2012) Book Review


……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers by C. William Giles


Seth Caine was a famous author, he also had a beautiful wife and a teenage son. Now following the painful disintegration of his marriage, the death of his son and his seemingly permanent writers block Seth spends his days (and nights) drinking himself into a stupor and having a continual string of meaningless one-night stands.

Recently Seth has been suffering with some very disturbing and vivid nightmares where he is being tortured and killed by an unseen almost demonic and malevolent force. One particular dream left physical marks across Seth’s cheek , but these are just blamed on his excesses and Seth feels like he is losing his mind.

Needing to unwind Seth arranges to go out with his best friend Karl to the local Rock club. While they are there Seth meets a stunning stranger with which he has an intense sexual encounter with that night.

Following this Seth starts a downward spiral where he has more frequent nightmares and starts to feel like he is losing his grip on reality and his sanity. However as the nightly visitations become more real Seth is offered a deal that will make all his dreams come true but at what price?

Running parallel with Seth’s story is that of his estranged wife Lilly who is the senior psychiatrist at The Hoffman Psychiatric Institute that houses many dangerous and disturbed individuals including the notorious priest slayer Severin Frost (a chilling Hannibal Lecter figure) who in conversations with her seems to know too much about Dr Lilly Caine and her husband and son. So with many forces at play it seems that Seth and Lilly are on a collision course both professionally and personally , but who or what is steering them and to what means?


Right lets get this straight from the start , I could have written pages about the synopsis but I really don’t want to give spoilers away. I never read the back of a book and even when I was sent this I had no idea what to expect.

But from page one I was utterly hooked, C. William Giles has such an easy almost laid-back style of writing but he also has a way of enticing the reader to enter a world of pain and anguish to which it is almost impossible to leave (or close the book).

One of the reasons I loved OTFS is that Seth reminded me of myself in many ways, I imagine Mr Giles has based Seth mainly on himself . I say this after conversing a few times and reading as few reviews. What is strange though is that myself and the author live quite close to each other, we have a very similar taste in music and have no doubt frequented the same gigs in Manchester. We are of a similar age , have long hair and tattoos. So when in OTFS Seth puts on a band t-shirt or listens to a certain band and even goes to a club then it reminds me of myself going out in the late 1980’s to gigs at The International and hanging round the Banshee and Jillys nightclubs in Manchester.

So I already had a disposition to like this but then Giles hits me with some wonderful religious imagery, a psychopathic killer of priests and some really erotic scenes . So I am in hook, line and sinker.

But you can’t have a great book on ideas and scenarios alone. What C. William Giles also has is talent and in abundance, he writes freely and with an obvious passion that just screams “READ ME” on very page. He also has a hell of a story to tell (quite literally) and with an old fashioned good vs evil backdrop but set in modern England , OTFS brings something I have not seen in a long time – a world-class debut novel !


……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers is a wondrous journey filled with religion, demons, heavy metal, love, torture, hope and the odd succubi . Along the way Seth meets a number of great colourful characters and the with the fine line of his sanity becoming more blurred the journey is a wonderful ride on the dark side!

When I decided to start UKHS one of the main reasons was I had met so many talented people from the UK and I wanted to not only review films BUT also give space for talented UK artists. With this in mind to come across such a talented writer who I knew absolutely nothing about is wonderful, and one must remember that C. William Giles is self published through Authorhouse . So without his persistence then Faustian would not exist, and while I am on the subject – the physical book is a thing of beauty. From the wonderful dark cover of an angel slaying a demon to the remarkable quality of the print and book itself.

A quite remarkable debut and UK horror fiction could have a new favourite son . Keep an eye out for C. William Giles is the future as he is already on his second book. But in the meantime ……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers is an absolute MUST READ 9/10

Please support independent artists , remember most authors hold down full or part-time jobs in order for them to continue to write. There is very little money out there and every purchase does help and will mean people like C. William Giles can continue to create wonderful art !

Please check out http://www.cwilliamgiles.com/ for more details and you can buy ……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers from Amazon HERE 

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