October on UKHS… 31 Days of Horror !

HalloweenOctober on UKHS… 31 Days of Horror!

Tomorrow, be sure to join UK Horror Scene as we kick off our special Halloween season with 31 DAYS OF HORROR; your bitesized daily guide to the movies that we think you scare lovers should be checking out this month. With everything from the Samhain essentials like Halloween and Trick’r Treat, to some lesser known curios, we’ve handpicked a diverse selection of our favourite festive fright flicks for you guys to devour.

And, hopefully, you’ll gorge on them with us too: Are you watching it? Do you agree with what we say? Or are you damned opposed to every word we’ve wrote? Heck, are you just screening any old shocker in general?! Then please, let us know and we’ll talk some terror together on Twitter. Simply tag us @UKHorrorScene or use #UKHS31.

Oh, and one more thing: Keep your eyes peeled for some very cool live tweet-alongs of a couple of our selections too. The schedule will be up real soon…

Let the party begin…

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A horror fan for as far back as I can remember . The first things that scared me were Doctor Who and the BBC ghost stories . As an early teen the video revolution came along and with it the Video Nasty campaign , and through all that I immersed myself in all things nasty. I love Slashers, Haunted House Stories and Devil Worshipping/Panic Films . I watch too much horror , listen to loud Heavy Metal and enjoy the odd tattoo \m/\m/

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