Misogynist (2013) Review

misog1Misogynist (2013)

Director: Michael Matteo Rossi

Starring: Jonathon Bennett, Jon Briddell, Danielle Lozeau, Tracey E. Bregman, Alia Raelynn, Eve Mauro

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“You better keep your voice close to your vest…”

Trevor (Biddell), male chauvinist and the films titular misogynist, finds stray puppy Harrison (Bennett) on the sidewalk one day. Trevor promises that if Harrison follows him home he will teach Harrison how to never get taken advantage of by women again. Three years later Harrison is Trevor’s golden boy, helping conduct Trevor’s dubious “seminars”, which involve a lot of unwarranted fisticuffs for no discernible reason (the script needed tension?). Harrison, on the verge of his greatest conquest, marrying the virginal April (Lozeau), is beginning to wonder what sort of man he really wants to be.

The movie doesn’t really live up to the film poster. The bar set by the synopsis and even the tagline are pretty high. It looks like an early 90’s sexual thriller in the vein of Basic Instinct. Instead it’s a low budget thriller without the thrills. Or boobs. Judging by the film poster I was fully expecting nudity. And BDSM. None of which were present. There are a couple of sex scenes sans nudity, one of which is kind of rapey, and some dirty talk. But that’s all.

misog2But that doesn’t mean the film is terrible. What it accomplishes is a small scale fairly decent character study of Trevor and Harrison. Trevor is unrepentant and repellant. Biddell oozes gross charm and gleeful hate. In fact all the actors in Misogynist are giving 110%. A few scenes cross the border into melodrama, but with a better script those scenes would have worked. April has one of the most dramatic scenes in the movie and Lozeau handles it with skill and vulnerability.

The main problem is one of pacing. A long, long, long time is spent in one of Trevor’s “seminars”- is it really a seminar with only three people? We get it, Trevor is an asshole. Trevor hates women. Give Trevor thirty days and you too can learn to use and abuse women. The entire seminar complete with multiple punches takes an eternity. An eternity that could have been better used developing Harrison, his fiancé April, and April’s mother. The pacing together with a weak script the movie feels smaller than it could have.

There are long conversations which obviously serve only to set up the climax. The end comes suddenly and the twist has already been telegraphed. Then there’s a text wrap-up and brief call back to the seminar that occupies almost the first third of the film. And the final shocker at the end could have, and should have been a real shocker but the movie ends with no warning and no time for the characters to absorb the impact of what just happened.

misog3Misogynist’s budget, or lack thereof, shows again and again like an unzipped fly. From having to film only inside people’s apartments and houses because someone couldn’t afford the permits to film on the streets of LA(I’m guessing). Though I will say they accomplished a very nice wedding without actually showing it, so props. A few obvious money saving shots and awkward transitions bring down the overall production value and feels plain cheap.

Kudos for: Fuck yeah April!

Final lesson: Fuck yeah April!


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