May I Kill U? (2012) Review


mayikillyoudvdMay I Kill U ? (2012) Review

Starring Kevin Bishop, Jack Doolan, Frances Barber, Hayley-Marie Axe, Kasia Koleczek, Rosemary Leach, Ali Craig, Rachael Evelyn, Tyson Oba, Jessica Jackson-Smith

Directed by Stuart Urban

UK Distribution – Cyclops Vision

Baz (Kevin Bishop) is a new style Police Officer. He patrols the streets of London with his partner Val (Hayley-Marie Axe) on his mountain bike. One day after a very hostile local community surgery Baz sets off to leave when a local youth puts a stick in the spokes of Baz’s bike causing him to fly over the handlebars and land on his head . Luckily Baz was wearing his trusty cycle helmet but is still left with a rather nasty bang to the noggin and some concussion.

After the accident Baz changes , he starts answering back to his dominant alcoholic mother (played by the wonderful Frances Barber who he still lives with) and he decides that maybe it is time for a little bit of his own style of justice.

So Baz has a camera attached to his helmet and he films himself killing what he sees as legitimate targets (ie criminals) . He starts with the lad who put him in hospital when he discovers him stealing a plasma TV during a riot, and Baz uses the TV to full effect.


But far from being a psychotic serial killer Baz always asks his victims first for permission to kill them (hence the name of the film) . The film is almost like a social commentary , it starts with a re-creation of the London riots of 2011 and then has Baz taking the law into his own hands and posting videos of the executions on various social networking sites under the name @N4cethelaw .

This is a great black comedy that features some very funny moments and some hilarious real dark moments. Bishop is very good as Baz and plays the role of a serial killer (sorry he is not a serial killer but in his own words a death facilitator) with great relish.

May I Kill U? Is a very British black comedy that worked for me on many levels . The fact that Baz is a Policeman that spends almost all his day cycling round the streets of London looking for out of date car tax discs , says as much about modern day Britain as the earlier rioting scenes.

A great modern comic horror , that has much in common with the great Man Bites Dog as well as The Bill .

An original idea , that is sharp, witty and in the end a damn good watch. 7/10 .




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