Mandroid (1993) DVD Review


mandroiddvdMandroid 1993 – 81 minutes

Full Moon Entertainment

Dir. Jack Ersgard

UK DVD release – 88 Films


I love Full Moon , there is something that I find comforting about sitting down to watch one. But what I enjoy most about Full Moon is that most of their films are fun. They may not have great production values, superb acting and stunning sets but I usually have a lot of fun watching them.

So when my friends at 88 Films sent a copy of Mandroid from their great Grindhouse DVD collection I was very pleased as it is one (of many) that I have still not seen yet.


The film starts with 2 Eastern European (Mandroid is set in Bucharest as were many FM films at the time) scientists . They have created a humanoid robot that can be controlled through a helmet and keyboard. Dr Karl Zimmer (Robert Symonds) has agreed to sell the idea to the CIA to develop whereas his partner Drago (Curt Lowens) wants to use Mandroid for military means , he could be the ultimate soldier.


mandroid2Later Drago attempts to steal Mandroid but is thwarted and suffers hideous burns during the bungled burglary. He then sets up a base in a disused mill and sets out to get Mandroid and develop him to be used just by the power of thought!!


Mandroid is a disjointed film , riddled with plot holes and awful effects. So I totally loved it. It is a fast paced low budget Robocop or Terminator but done with a Full Moon stamp. It takes the tropes from the late 1980’s early 1990’s sci-fi futuristic films and twists them into a fun ride that just kept me enthralled throughout. The script is hilarious at times “Mr. American Scientist. End of the Road! “ , but this is just what you expect from Full Moon and just adds to the warmth and feel good factor .


It is daft, deranged and damn good fun 7.5/10


DVD extras include –

Original Videozone

Full Moon Trailer Park

Original Trailer


You can visit 88 Films 88filmshere


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