London Film and Comic Con 2015 Preview

loncomicconLondon Film and Comic Con 2015 Preview

lonc3To let you in on a little secret, I got into my love of all things cinema from a late 90’s TV show called Dawson’s Creek. The main character of Dawson was obsessed with one director in particular, the one and only Steven Spielberg. I connected with the character and his love of film. Once the series finished and I had broadened my scope of films I started to collect memorabilia, posters, film cells etc and I ended up working in a cinema. I never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought I would meet any of the people saw on the big screen in my cinema. One day looking through that particular months Empire magazine I saw an article for Comic Con event being held in London. It piqued my interests what it was all about and I decided to have a deeper look.

lonc1One of my all time favourite films is E.T – The Extra Terrestrial from 1982. When I was small I used to watch the film and when ET leaves at the end I would cry myself to sleep, this happened for years. One day I stopped, I just couldn’t take the upset anymore. A few years later I revisited the material, around my Dawson’s Creek days and although I didn’t cry at the end the material resonated with me even more. Between my last viewing and my re-evaluating of the film I had gone through a lot, I ended up as a child of divorce. Looking at the film with more mature eyes, it resonated with me so much more. Now you may be reading this thinking “what the hell does this have to do with Comic Con?” Well in the summer of 2013 I got to meet some of the cast. I got to meet Dee Wallace Stone who played Mary ,Elliott’s mom in the film (Wallace Stone was also in The Howling, Critters and Cujo to name a few horror films) and also Robert McNaughton who played Michael, Elliott’s brother. When I met them I told them my ET story and how the material deeply moved me. It took all my will power to hold myself together. I was hugging and hand shaking members of the ET cast, I couldn’t quite believe it! So whenever anyone turns their nose up at my hobby I tell them this story to give them a better understanding of why I do this.

lonc2This years London Comic Con is the biggest ever. I have been going since 2009 and every year bigger and better guests have been announced. With this being the 30th anniversary of the first film, there is a massive Back To The Future cast reunion including Michael J. Fox. Now to meet the guy himself, this would set you back a mere £445, but if this guy is your ET cast, you wont mind paying!

Other guests announced are Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Micheal Gambon, all first time attendees to a London event, these guests will surely bring in the crowds as last years guest of honour did, that being Stan Lee. As an attendee last year I can say Showmasters were not prepared for the amount of walk up punters on the Saturday. After a bit of miscalculation on my part I queued from 10.45am until 16.15 before I got in. This year is a lot better prepared. For one, attendance tickets have been capped and as of the writing of this article, Saturday and Sunday tickets are now sold out. I am attending only Friday so am hopeful that I will miss most of the queues.

lonc4I will be writing further articles on my travels over the Comic – Con weekend, I hope you’ll join me on my travels!

Buy Fridays tickets from the Showmasters Eventbrite website

London Film and Comic Con is held on July 17 – 19 at London Olympia

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