Knock Knock 2 aka 1666 (2011) Review

1666-1Knock Knock 2 aka 1666 (2011)

Director – Chris Sheng

Starring – Aiden Cardei, Jordan Elizabeth, Aleksandar Popovic

UK Release – N/A

IMDB Synopsis
Based on found footage, the story centres on four friends in their early 20s. Last year, on the night before Halloween, they decided to go on a self-made tour of famous Hollywood murders and celebrity haunted houses. The tour led them to a house known as 1666. They have been missing ever since.

So where to start with this ? The concept was intriguing. Four friends decide to make their own little tour of murder sites. In theory the idea is good, but the execution was not. Knock Knock 2 is poorly thought out with painfully bad scenes, for example when the group are together, they recite poorly written Wikipedia entries about the murders in a terribly monotonous tone, then later when they are driving, they repeat the same Wikipedia entry again in a monotonous, child in front of the classroom kind of way.

The scenes shot at the murder sites are brief and feel somewhat pointless. The cast are annoying, antagonistic and there is a frequent feeling that the viewer should have some sympathy and compassion for the main characters, but they are so annoying that I was actually hoping something bad would happen to them and quickly.

1666-2In conclusion, I felt that the whole film was fleshed out with meaningless dialogue. There is a pointless proposal scene shot from around 60 feet away which dragged on and featured no dialogue, and also another scene of around ten minutes where a discussion as to whether or not the group should enter the 1666 house, are just a few examples of how this film could have been condensed to a 15 minute short with some promise, instead of a 80 minute feature film.

I would sum up Knock Knock 2 as being badly thought out, poorly acted and an unnecessary waste of what could have been a good film.


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