Jack the Reaper (aka The Reaper) (2011) DVD Review

reaper1Jack The Reaper (aka The Reaper) (2011)

Dir. Kimberly Seilhamer.

Starring – Tony Todd, Sally Kirkland, Douglas Tait.


UK DVD Release – Safecracker Pictures 23rd September 2013


A group of misfit teens have to go on a school trip on a Saturday as they failed to complete a school assignment on the industrial revolution. They are accompanied by their teacher Mr Smith (David Beeler) and visit a local railroad museum. While at the museum a guide Mr Steele (Tony Todd) tells the kids stories of railroad disasters and of Railroad Jack who is a grim reaper type figure who picks souls from a stretch of local road known as Death’s Door .The school bus travels this road on the way home and when Jesse (Alexandra Holder) sees a figure in the distance she screams causing the bus to crash.


When the kids come round the driver and the teacher have disappeared and in the distance they spot a carnival. The kids (except Jesse & Casper) decide to go to the fairground and try to get help.


reaper2When they arrive at the fairground it is completely deserted but all the rides and attractions are switched on and fully functioning.As the kids play around on the empty rides they start to get picked off one by one , and soon they are fighting for their lives as a deranged killer hunts them down.


Jack The Reaper is a good, fun old-school slasher that hits all the right notes. You have a group of outcast teens , a deserted carnival, a seemingly supernatural killer (with a pick-axe) so what more does a slasher need? Well it always needs the usual teens and here we have them – the jock, the nerd, the slut, the deaf girl, the black guy, the fat kid , the erm albino . Yes it certainly is an entertaining and eclectic mix of teens.


Yes this has been done before and Jack The Reaper doesn’t really bring much new to the table , but it is a great watch and highly recommended. Director Kimberly Seilhamer keeps it all flowing at a really good pace and what I will say is that Douglas Tait who plays Jack brings a great killer to the screen. His black holed eyes and disgusting teeth add a macabre frightening quality to this good addition to Slasher madmen.


Safecracker Pictures who release this in the UK must be applauded on continuing to release quality horror films and are really becoming a company to look out for.


reaper3Jack The Reaper won’t stretch you as a viewer, it won’t scare the living hell out of you and won’t make you hide behind a cushion. But it brings a lot of fun, blood and good old slice & dice with it that will please the more mature horror fan looking for that 80′s vibe with a modern twist.



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