Interviews A-Z

As we expand at UK Horror Scene we have been receiving more interviews and we realised that there wasn’t anywhere to see who we have interviewed other than to search a specific name.

So here is a full list of every interview and the list will run A-Z starting with the first letter of the surname. Just click on the name to be taken to that interview.

Susan Adriensen

Desmond Askew

Adrienne Barbeau

Rudy Barrow

Bobby Boermans

Victoria Broom

Marilyn Burns

Jessica Cameron

Nicole Elise Cinaglia

Jasper Cole 1 (SA)

Jasper Cole 2 (DS)

Damien Colletti

Ivet Corvea

Drew Cullingham

David V G Davies

Kate Marie Davies

Steve Davis

Hayley Derryberry

Sabrina Dickens

M J Dixon

Danielle Donahue

Matt Drake

Carlos Dunn

Andy Edwards

Blair Erickson

Shawn Ewert

Luciana Faulhaber

Nicola Fiore

Paul Flannery

Diane Foster

Robert Noel Gifford

Andrew Gilbert

Luke Goss

Robin Hardy

Nathan Head

Mel Helfin

Amy Hesketh

Anthony Hickox

Cindy Hinds

Jacqui Holland

Paul Hough

Dave Jay

Andrew Jones

Brian Thomas Jones

Bo Keister

Adam Lamas

Brooke Lewis

Lex Lybrand

Dick Maas

Shaub Miah

Pollyanna McIntosh & Lee Williams

Antoni McVay

David Mun

David Munoz

Pamela Jean Noble

Luigi Pastore

Devanny Pinn

John Portanova

Damon Rickard

Tristan Risk

Mindy Robinson

Chanel Ryan

Wayne Simmons

Richard Stanley & Simon Boswell

Neil Stevens & Gary Rogers

Paul Stevenson

Bradley Scott Sullivan

Blaize-Alix Szanto

Dani Thompson

Kaylee Williams 

Nicholas Winter

Paul Winters

Jason Wright

Lord Zion

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