Interview with Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) by Dean Sills

MB-1Interview with Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) by Dean Sills

UKHS – It’s a great honour and privilege for me to be here today to talk to such a legendary scream queen,the lovely Marilyn Burns, star of such horror films as Tobe Hooper’s classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and Helter Skelter (1976).

Welcome Marilyn and thank you for giving UKHS this wonderful opportunity to speak to you. I would also like to thank Shawn Ewert for making this possible.



UKHS – The ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ remains one of the most terrifying and disturbing horror movies ever made, the pure tension this movie generates is overwhelming at times, I love the fact the gore is left to our imaginations. Your performance was outstanding, a great piece of Cinematic history which makes the viewer feel the madness and terror your character goes through, along with your awesome scream.
Marilyn, we can’t even tell you are acting because you look so terrified especially during the dinner scene. Well done.

MB – Thank you for all the lovely words!


MB2UKHS – It’s hard to believe the movie is almost 40 years old. How did you land the part of Sally Hardesty and did you stay in character during the shoot, making the intensity come to life?

MB – Auditions were held in Austin, Texas. Sally was always in flight or fight mode so it wasn’t hard to stay in the moment.



UKHS – Is it true you hurt your ankle when you jumped out of the window to the ground and your limping away from Leatherface was totally real?

MB – The crew built a special platform 6 or 7 feet above the ground for my final jump from the window. I injured my right ankle and we had the ending to finish. Tobe Hooper, the director told Ed and Gunnar to chase me willy-nilly down the road, it created a surreal and humorous end.



UKHS – What was your favourite moment during the filming?

MB – My favorite moment was the ending in the truck! Something went wrong in the lab the first time we shot it so I was called back again to reshoot. I was getting a bit hysterical toward the end of that day.



MB3UKHS – Today horror movies are much more gory but most lack the terror, what would you consider to be the three main ingredients that you need to make a classic horror movie like ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’?

MB – For Texas Chainsaw, it took lots of blood, plenty of sweat, and lots of tears!!!



UKHS – Finally, can you please tell us a little about your new movies ‘Sacrament’ and ‘In a Madman’s World’ ?

MB – ‘Sacrament’ opens some dark doors that will put you on the edge of your seats. Shawn Ewert made sure it won’t disappoint, it is packed with twists and turns along with deadly surprises. Shawn and his crew were a delight to work with.

After ‘Helter Skelter’ it is only fitting that I was in the movie ‘In a Madman’s World’, serial killers are always fascinating!



sacrament1UKHS – It’s been a true pleasure talking to you Marilyn, thank you!


Well done on your amazing career and good luck with ‘Sacrament’ and ‘In a Madman’s World’

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