Interview with David Mun – Director of The House of Good and Evil (2013) by Andy Deen

davidmunHi David and thank you for taking time to speak to us here at UKHorrorScene.

1) Please can you tell UKHS a little about yourself and how you got into the film industry?

I’ve been interested in making movies since I was very young.  As a boy I’d play with my Dad’s camcorder and would recreate little bits of movies I enjoyed watching with my friends.

I studied film in college and after graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to find work any way I can.  I’ve worked many years as a camera assistant and worked under many great DP’s (director of photography) and learned as much as I could from each one’s different lighting style.



2) House of Good and Evil is your directorial debut how did you come to direct now in your career?

Working in television for many years, I got to see lots of directors and how they would approach shooting scenes with cast and crew.  With each director I would take mental notes on what I thought worked and didn’t work.   Sometimes on set I would imagine if I were to direct the scene, what would I do before I would hear what the director wanted.

Then I got my chance to direct House of Good and Evil and I threw everything I knew from television and threw it all away.  Meaning, all the technical things I have learned is now second nature and dealing with actors is new territory. Overall, I felt like the collaboration between cast and crew worked well together and I was just the ring leader keeping the show together.



housegood13) Please can you tell us a little about what we can expect from House of Good and Evil?

What you can expect from House of Good and Evil is a tragic story of  Chris and Maggie trying to start fresh in their marriage only to find that strange things in the house really affects Maggie as she spends days at a time alone in her new house.



4) The distribution in the UK is with Safecracker Pictures , often one of the most frustrating things to deal with once a film has been made is distribution. How has this been for House?

I think Blu de Golyer (writer/producer) would be better to answer that question since he’s mainly dealt with the distribution side of the movie.  From what I know it’s been quite pleasant.  Phase 4 is handling the North American territories and Acort International is handling all the international sales.

From there, Acort and Safecracker Pictures made a deal and my interactions with Safecracker has been most pleasant.  During my stay in London, I will be meeting them to further discuss what I can do to help and learn more about distribution in the UK.



5) For our UK readers , do you have an official date for DVD release here?

I would double check with Gordon at Safecracker, but I believe its in March 2014.



housegood26) I see on IMDB that you are now directing a film named The Lycanthropist , please can you tell us a little about it?

The Lycanthropist is a different take on the werewolf genre.   Blu de Golyer also wrote the screenplay and will be produced by Blu, Bo Keister and myself.



7) Are you a horror fan? And if so what are your favourite films and what films have influenced you ?

It’s funny because I say I’m not a horror fan but I do find that I have watched quite a few in my day.  Maybe I can say I’m just a fan of movies and not genre specific.

Movies I have been influenced by or more specifically the ones that fucked with my head for a long time are, The Exorcist, The Fly, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), Poltergeist, Friday the 13th, Omen, Shining, Nightmare on Elm St.  Those are just off the top of my head.



housegood38) If any of our readers are wanting to make inroads into the film industry , do you have any hints or tips?

The best advice I got from an established cinematographer when I was in college was, just do it. Go out there and make what ever you can.  Find other filmmakers as hungry as you and do what you love.  Study other movies (not in an academic sense specifically but school doesn’t hurt, I’m mixed about film schools in general), go look at art, paintings, photographs, etc.

Most importantly, hustle and work tirelessly for what you love to do, it’ll pay off.



9) Thank you so much for your time and is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for taking the time doing this interview and go see House of Good and Evil, then tell your friends to go see House of Good and Evil!!


A big thank you to Mr David Mun for taking time on his whistle-stop visit to London to answer a few questions. And I know from watching the trailer (below) and hearing a few reviews that The House of Good and Evil is a definite one for the *must see* list!!


Please check out the wonderful Safecracker Pictures HERE and support a great company!




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