Interview With Actress Nicole Elise Cinaglia by Dean Sills.

nec1Interview With  Actress Nicole Elise Cinaglia by Dean Sills.


This interview is extra special because I get to interview my favourite actress, the lovely Indie Horror actress, Nicole Elise Cinaglia


Q1) You are beautiful, have gorgeous brown eyes and a stunning figure plus you have a pure natural talent as an actress, expressing great emotion in the characters you play. How hard is it being a professional actress in Los Angeles and do you feel you’ve changed as an actress since you first started acting?


Well thank you Dean for the kind words and compliments. I appreciate it. And thank you so much for wanting to interview me, this is absolutely wonderful and extremely flattering.

Since moving to LA it’s been exciting, as well as, challenging. It’s a lot different from Philadelphia. It’s hard to have access to larger roles without good representation. I’ve learned fast that a lot of it has to do with who you know. The most I can do is do my best, give it my all, and let the chips fall where they may.


Q2) How did you get into acting?


I’ve been acting since I was little. I took part in my first grade play “The Popcorn Parade” where I was a featured kernel. I did two musicals in the 4th grade “The Piano Man” and “The Artful Dodgers.” And from that point on I did two musicals a year until I graduated from high school. College was where I discovered musical theater was not the route I wanted to take. I only made a couple small projects which at the time was very discouraging. So I dabbled in student films and fell in love. If you take the home videos I used to make and the pretending every mirror was a camera focused always on me, you could say I got into acting right out of the womb and acted any chance I could.


Q3) What actor or actress inspires you the most?


Well I think Meryl Streep is absolutely phenomenal. I aspire to the careers of Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anna Kendrick.



Q4) Your film credits include “You’ll Know My Name”,”Alpha Girls”,”Six

Degrees of Hell” plus many more. Which movie have you enjoyed working on

the most and why?


Well “Six Degrees of Hell”, “You’ll Know My Name”, and “Dead TV” were all very enjoyable and special to me mostly because I got to work with close talented friends of mine. Over the course of 4-5 years we accomplished 3 feature films, and that is quite remarkable. We are a family and we grew together.

“Alpha Girls” was one of the most efficient and tightly run sets I’ve ever been on; everyone was extremely wonderful to work with and very professional. I can honestly say that every set I’ve been on has been unique and enjoyable in its own way. I have made tons of memories and lasting friendships from each experience. I am extremely lucky!

nec2Q5) You are absolutely awesome as Adrienne in “Dead TV”.What can you

tell us about this film and the character you play?


Well thank you! Adrienne was fun to play. She was very different from previous characters I’ve played. She has many layers and they all unravel one at a time. I can’t say much more then that, you’ll just have to wait and see! “Dead TV” is a fun mystery thriller! I think everyone will really enjoy it!


Q6) “Six Degrees of Hell” comes out to buy on DVD in September in the UK. I can’t wait to see you in this. How much fun did you have working on this one?


I had waaaay too much fun working on “Six Degrees of Hell”. You should already know, and if you don’t, you’re in for quite a surprise, because we filmed in a real haunted house. The Hotel of Horror has so much history; it’s fascinating. If you check out the website you’ll find a little back story on the property. It was fun getting to know the cast and crew that work at the hotel too; they are wonderful people. Each has their own tale to tell about the strange occurrences that have happened to them while inside the Hotel of Horror. We had a lot of night shoots inside that hotel, and I have to say once it hit the witching hour, things got a little creepy. I will confess, I didn’t go anywhere by myself while inside the hotel (laugh).


Q7) You recently moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia. What do you love most About L.A. and what do you miss most about Philadelphia?


Hands down, the weather. It is absolutely beautiful out here in LA. I love when I talk to my family, they always ask how the weather is and I respond the same way, “oh you know…bright, beautiful and sunny, I’m in shorts, its disgusting! Lol.” And it’ll be snowing there or raining. Yeah I rub it in a little. And the most missed thing about Philadelphia, aside from my family, is the food. I miss cheese steaks, pizza, and Water Ice. Mmm, mmm, mm!


Q8) If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?

Water. Sunblock. And a giant hoagie!

nicnicQ9) You are a true scream queen of Indie Horror films, are you currently working on any new horror movies or any other projects which you can tell us about?


Besides waiting for “Dead TV ” to be released this fall I recently shot an episode of “Wicked Attractions” for the Discovery ID channel. I’m super excited about it! The series is based on true stories of real couples who go on killing sprees. The role itself was challenging due to the wide range of emotions I got to play. It was interesting to learn about the cases and fun to re-enact them. Other than that I’m submitting and auditioning and awaiting the next opportunity! Feel free to follow my fan page for what’s next on the agenda!


10) Finally, Where do you see yourself in five years from now and is your future just in acting, doing model work and film producing or would you love to direct?


It was an honour to get an associate producer credit on “Dead TV” for helping out behind the scenes; so producing is already in the works for me.

Down the road I see myself wanting to try the whole directing thing but I still have a lot to learn yet. And right now I am so in love with the art of acting that this is what I want to focus all of my time and energy on. I love the training and the homework, and the development of my craft. It’s so rewarding and challenging all at the same time. It is indeed my passion. I see myself doing this a long, long time.


Thank you Nicole, I really appreciate your time and effort. You are a true star.


Thank you Dean! My pleasure.


Picture courtesy: Nicole Elise Cinaglia.

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