Hooked Up (2013) DVD Review

hudvd1Hooked Up (2013)

Director: Pablo Larcuen

Writers: Pablo Larcuen, Eduard Sola

Starring: Jona Ehrenreich, Stephen Ohl

Run time: 78mins

UK DVD Release – 27th April 2015 from Signature Entertainment

After being dumped by the love of his life, Peter (Ohl) along with his best friend Tonio (Ehrenreich), decide to take a trip to Barcelona to party, drink copious amounts of booze and most importantly, find themselves some girls! What they do find there however turns out to be much more terrifying and deadly.

When I first read that Hooked Up was filmed entirely on an iPhone I rolled my eyes and let out a rather large sigh. But upon watching the film it’s not as bad as I had anticipated, its not all that great either but it certainly isn’t awful and there are some parts I found quite entertaining.

hudvd2The story here is standard fare, two young guys go abroad to party and end up trapped in an old building whilst being stalked by a seemingly unkillable knife-wielding maniac. It’s been done before and that sort of describes the film in a nutshell “it’s been done before”, we see the same found-footage clichés, the same jump scares, the same twists and turns and so on and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, I think the director has tried to put a unique spin on things but everything just feels familiar.

It also has to be said that both main characters are pretty unlikeable; they’re both obnoxious, loud and incredibly stupid. They make stupid decisions all the way throughout. I never once found myself rooting for them to survive, even when one of the guys has an odd personality transplant about halfway through. It didn’t feel like natural character progression for me and I was still hoping that he got a knife to the head.

Not all is bad, I never found myself bored, it is actually a fun movie to watch, the special effects are excellent for such a low-budget film, there are some genuinely creepy moments and at times and some incredibly funny ones too. Whether those were intentional or not, I don’t know, but I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions.

hudvd3The found-footage gimmick works, for the most part, and the fact that they are “filming their holiday shenanigans” is the perfect answer to the age old question “Why are they filming everything?!” Like I said it doesn’t work all the way through Hooked Up and by the end I was screaming at my laptop “JUST PUT THE CAMERA DOWN!”

Hooked Up doesn’t re-invent the wheel and I don’t suspect it was aiming to. The film is fun, brainless but also pretty scary at times. If you have 78 minutes to kill and have seen all the classics then I think there are worse ways to spend your time and you should give this a shot.


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