Him Indoors (2012)


him-indoors-2Him Indoors

Kesslerboy Productions – 11 minutes

I saw this at the Grimmfest film festival in Manchester in October 2012 . I remember looking through the listings and seeing this and it really just stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb .

Firstly it stars Reece Shearsmith ,who is an absolute idol in my eyes , from League of Gentlemen to Catterick to Shaun of the Dead to Psychoville – he just is a wonderful dark comic actor .

Secondly it also stars Pollyanna McIntosh who was just sublime in The Woman and the best thing in Burke & Hare .

So to the film (well short) – Reece Shearsmith plays Gregory Brewster an agoraphobic serial killer whose new next door neighbour Lizzie (Pollyanna McIntosh) turns up unannounced for a cup of tea (or a shag) . And what follows is 11 minutes of hilarious , dark and very British horror.

So much praise must go to director Paul Davis ( who I also saw starring in another great short – The Other Side) who catches this one perfectly from the great camera angles to the décor and collectables on show around the house .

him-indoors-1You will laugh and wince at the same time with the kooky Lizzie and also love the way that Reece Shearsmith just owns the character Gregory – he is polite , well mannered and socially awkward but also hides a dark side while seeming so normal .

And all this in 11 minutes .

A real hidden gem so if you can track this down or get a chance to see this at a festival please do so as you cannot be disappointed .

It is as if Ronnie Corbett in Sorry was crossed with Ted Bundy !

Insane – Inept – Indoors

Wonderful 9/10


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