Hazard Jack (2014) DVD Review

Hazard1Hazard Jack (DVD Review, 2014)

Director – David Worth

Starring – Quincy Taylor, Amanda Maddox, Alison Lani

Run Time – 77 minutes

Release Date – October 25th from High Fliers Films

We see a woman tied to a chair as a gigantic, masked man taunts her with a machete. Security patrolling the area receive a complaint about screaming at an abandoned hospital (Railroad hospital) and they send out a squad car to the building. It is the same place where the woman is held hostage. The unknown man appears in a corridor and disposes of the police officer by forcing a power drill into the side of his head.

After this the plot goes back in time to see the story of James – the unknown man of earlier. He is a former Vietnam vet with mental health issues and anger problems. While in a meeting with the boss of the building firm he works for he is sacked due to violent outbursts on the construction site.

The narrative shifts again, back to the present. A group of teen students are planning a huge party. Not only that but they will play paintball and need a big venue for their fun. They decide on the closed down Railroad hospital, which just so happens to be the same hospital at the start of the movie.

Clearly lending aspects of multiple stalk and slash horror films, Hazard Jack is a simple but entertaining movie regardless. The hulking masked killer is intriguing and will tick a lot of boxes for fans of classic slashers.

hazard3There is an effective use of footage from news reports on wars and street riots inter-cut with footage of James killing people in gory ways. It is assumed that this is the directors attempts to show the viewer what is going through the characters head, to illustrate that he cannot stop thinking of murder. When he hears the teens in the hospital we see him have flashbacks to ‘Nam and see how it startles him. He sets off to kill them as a result. Them pathetically waving their paintball guns at him must invoke his ‘Nam flashbacks even more. It’s a good technique to explain the killers actions without having him speak or setting up a frivolous way of ‘discovering’ his back-story.

There is a lot of unflinching violence throughout, gorehounds will be glad to know. Drills to heads, pulled out hearts and blood-spurting stumps are some of the crimson soaked delights on offer. James doesn’t hold back and the allegory between his acts and what he has experienced in Vietnam is an interesting device for a slasher.

Hazard Jack is not without its faults, the main one being its cast. They aren’t dreadful actors it is just that they all look way too old to be playing teenagers. One female character looks old enough to be classified as a cougar. Another fault is the dumb way in which most of the female cast gladly get naked after having a sip of beer. Their massive breast implants only highlighting further that they are not young teens. One guy tells a girl he has the hots for he is a casting director and her stripping, while he films on his phone, will win her a ‘big part’ (get it?). Of course she does the typical horror movie bimbo thing and rips her clothes off. She has boobs full of silicone, too. All of them come across as obnoxious and you will welcome the murders when they begin. But isn’t that the point of boozed up, permissive teens in this genre of movie?

hazard4There is one genuine laugh-out-loud moment when one female character opens up to her boyfriend about ‘not feeling right’. He responds by asking “Are you on your period?” If this is intentional of the director/script writer then it works at showing the man as a total douche. If no then it’s just a great bit of unintentional humour. Funny in a cringe worthy manner, either way.

A must see for fans of slashers that want gratuitous sex, bimbo’s and lots of blood. It may not be to everyone’s liking but Hazard Jack is fun and gory which is no doubt what the director wanted. A fantastic gorefest.

7 out of 10.

On sale October 25th from High Fliers Films.

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