Hardware Wars (1978) DVD Review


hardware warsHardware Wars 1978

Written & Directed – Ernie Fosselius – 13 minutes with over 60 Minutes DVD Extras

UK Distribution – Wienerworld

Hardware Wars was released in 1978 just 8 months after Star Wars and is a 13 minute spoof film featuring spaceships that are irons and toasters and lots of various different household objects.

Starring Fluke Starbucker , Princess Anne-Droid , Augie ‘Ben’ Doggie , Ham Salad , Wookie Monster, Arty Deco and 4Q2 . This is a hilarious spoof that 35 years later still is brilliant , the hammy acting , the dreadful effects and the use of great everyday objects makes this a must see especially for Star Wars fans.

This DVD is distributed by Wienerworld and comes with approx 60 minutes of extras –

Bonus Material:
Director’s Commentary
Creature Features interviews with Bob Wilkins
Directors Cut
Unauthorized foreign remake

Now these extras are fantastic and really add to the release.

Super stuff 7.5/10

Wienerworld is a leading UK publisher and distributor . Please check out their site which features some great CD and DVD releases.



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