Halloween Special: The Jessica Cameron Interview by Dean Sills.

js1Halloween Special: Jessica Cameron Interview by Dean Sills.

With Halloween in the air, here at UKHS we don’t want to bring you interviews with ghosts, ghouls or goblins just gorgeous, gifted and glamorous scream queens and this one I promise you is a real nice treat with no tricks just pure magic. Please welcome the very stunning, beautiful Jessica Cameron to our interview chair.

UKHS – Welcome to UK Horror Scene, Jessica. It’s a real honour interviewing you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us.

Before we begin UKHS would just like to congratulate you on your directorial debut ‘Truth or Dare’ which won Best Horror Feature at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, well done!

JC – THANK YOU so very much for the kind words! I really appreciate your support!



js3UKHS – Ok, let’s get started with the questions.

JC – Sweet – lets DO THIS.




UKHS – Jessica you are one beautiful Scream Queen and a superb actress, how did you get involved in acting?

JC – Well, first thank you so very much for the compliments!

Its actually an interesting story, as a child I had dismissed a career in acting since I did not have perfect teeth and everyone I saw on tv did. I was not aware of dentists being able to perfect your teeth, but I am now.

So I went to University for fashion design and really loved it, and as soon as I graduated I got hired in the U.S. (I am Canadian) at a major fashion company. Then on my three month review my boss informed me that her bosses felt that I spoke too quickly and that I needed to take classes to correct it. After looking for “speaking” classes and being unable to find any my immediate boss suggested I try an acting class and then talk slower around the stupid people. So thats what I did. It was actually perfectly timed because after a month of working within the fashion world I realized it was not what I wanted to do with my life. It’s just not creative in the real world. When I started taking acting classes I found this wonderful, challenging creative outlet that would change my life. For years I suffered through that job and took acting classes in all my spare time. Then when I had run out of classes I started acting in local films, commercials, pretty much anything and everything I could find. I then planned my escape from what had become a “day job” to a full time career. I made that jump in 2010 and haven’t looked back since!




js2UKHS-You shot ‘Truth or Dare’ in just 9 days, well done! What were the greatest challenges of directing your first feature film?

JC – The hardest part for me was trying to be both behind the camera and in front of it. It was literally like trying to be in two different places at once. I was really lucky and had some very talented people surrounding me who helped me through it. In order to meet our days (stay on schedule) there were times when I had to ask my DP if we got the shot as we had discussed earlier and trust his judgement while I was in the scene since getting up to watch the play back would have caused us to have to reset. I was very thankful that we had a solid pre-production phase and really utilized our time prior to getting on set so that my crew and cast were all majority on the same page. It wasn’t easy and to be honest I don’t recommend it.




UKHS – You also star in ‘Truth or Dare’ and co-wrote the movie with Jonathan Higgins. Can you please tell us a little about the story and your wonderful cast?

JC – The story revolves around a group of friends who get internet fame with their online channel in which they play truth or dare. Unfortunately for the group their number one fan decides he wants to play.

My cast is literally made up of the most talented friends that I have been blessed to accumulate throughout my acting career.

js7I worked with Ryan Kiser and Brandon Van Vliet on a film called Potpourri (now available on Netflix) and was not only impressed with their talent but also just loved hanging out with them (this is especially crucial when all your cast and crew are staying in the same location !).

Devanny Pinn I had worked with on Brandon Slagle’s film The Black Dahlia Haunting (available everywhere Oct.14th 2013) and just loved her as a person, she’s actually one of the few friends I go to for spiritual guidance to this day!

I had the pleasure of working with Heather Dorff earlier in the year when we shot Brian Troxell’s film Intrusive Behavior in Florida, with Heather I had an instant connection. She was my sister and WOW, her acting just blew me away. I can not wait to work with her again!

Shelby Stehlin had attended an acting class in LA together and I was impressed with his acting skills, for me he is a modern day James Dean.

That left a crucial spot in my cast to fill, the role of John Moore was the classic all American type and to my dismay the actors I knew were not interested in doing a horror film (yup – some actors have the nerve to feel that they are better then certain types of films…which is fine, they can continue to tell themselves that while they get me my coffee at Starbucks. I was having a meeting with my crew and mentioned that this role was being difficult to cast and luckily for me my AD Joshua Lou Friedman came to the rescue. He told me he had just worked with the perfect actor for this role, and he was right. We auditioned him and he was perfect!

Something that is interesting is that I wrote the roles specifically for Brandon, Ryan, and Devanny. Once I met Heather we further went back and tailored the role for her. So I never auditioned them or anyone else for the roles.




js4UKHS –The British fans love you and you do have a big fan base here. Do you have any plans in the future to shoot a movie here in the UK?

JC – Can I just take a moment to say how much I love the horror fans of the UK! Seriously – they are some of the most passionate and intelligent people I have the pleasure of chatting with online!

There has been some talk of me coming to act in a few different projects but nothing finalized yet. But feel free to send any castings my way as I would LOVE TO SHOOT IN THE UK! So I think we should just make it happen!

My film is an official selection of the Misty Moon film festival (http://mistymoon.net/) which means that it will screen for the screamqueen panel in Oct in London and then if it wins it will screen for a larger audience. Its an honor to be selected and I have agreed to be a judge at next years festival so I will be there.




js5UKHS – Wow! That’s fantastic news. We are thrilled to hear you will be at the event next year. I hope you can meet up with the UKHS team during your visit. If any casting director’s are reading this about Jessica filming in the UK then please help make it happen. Good luck with the Misty Moon International film festival Jessica.

OK, Since it’s almost Halloween I would just like to ask you a couple of questions on Halloween. What is the most outrageous costume you have worn for Halloween?


Lets see I was Jem from the 80’s cartoon one year, and ironically her tag line on the show was “truly outrageous” . That particular Halloween I ended up riding a mechanical bull at a bar we went to in my costume. I was so determined to not fall off that my leg slid and was cut by something and I would still not fall off. They eventually stopped the bull when I was at a 90 degree angle and bleeding, I had to flash half the crowd to get off and then bandage up my bleeding thigh. But it was so worth it! I know I have photos somewhere…..




jshalloweenUKHS – And finally, what is your favourite Halloween memory? (holiday, not movie)

JC – One year I dressed up as Medusa and met up with one of my dearest friends Beth K. We were at this party that just went on forever. We were still having a great time as the party was winding down and others were leaving. Beth then explained to me what “hoofing” someone was, and I decided to test it out. “Hoofing” is where you use duct tape to make a person’s hands into a hoof when they are passed out drunk (its real easy just close their hands into a fist and cover in a ridiculous amount of duct tape). Then you can put tape over their mouth and around their knees and elbows so that when they wake up they have to inch worm to get out. It’s really funny if you (as we were) are in the corner watching the drunk person wake up still drunk and try to figure out what to do. Keep in mind when your hands are “hoofed” you can’t open a door or work a cell phone.

We did eventually free our passed out friend, but was it ever entertaining. I have a picture of earlier in that night for you! (see above)



****IMPORTANT – HOOFING CAN BE DANGEROUS, I do not recommend it and it is something that should not be done without supervision of your drunk friend (after all they could hurt themselves).


js6UKHS – Jessica, please remind me never to get drunk at a party with you!

Thanks again Jessica, I really appreciate your time and this opportunity to interview you for UKHS. Keep up the great work and good luck with your movie and your superb career. Have a wonderful Halloween without the hoofing.

JC – THANK YOU so very much for your continued support – I really appreciate it!


Image courtesy: Jessica Cameron


Twitter: jessicacameron_

Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSGYKlmXboY&feature=share

IMDb Page: http://www.imdb.me/jessicacameron

Become a fan: facebook.com/ActressJessicaCameron


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