Grimmfest Review – Friday 3rd October 2014

GRIMMFEST-2014-FB-HEADERGrimmfest Review – Friday 3rd October 2014

Well Friday was the day I was looking forward to most. The reason? Well the legendary Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN were playing a live score to Suspiria. But that was later in the evening , first I had plans to visit the Grimmfest Fringe for today was Headfuck day.

After a change of venue , today’s Fringe was at the Odeon Printworks in Manchester. The Odeon is a behemoth of a venue and one that could seem soulless and sterile. However due to the fact that the seats are so comfy, the tech is of the latest and highest quality and it is so central, then to be honest I loved it. I would quite happily do an entire festival here.

I missed the first film of the day The Devil’s Mile as I had already seen it and frankly didn’t care for it at all. So on to…

The Odeon , Printworks, Manchester

LFO_official_poster-716x1024LFO (2013) Swedish 94 Mins Dir – Antonio Tublen Starring – Patrik Karlson, Izabella Jo Tschig, Per Lofberg.

LFO is a Swedish language feature from debut director Antonio Tublen. Robert (Karlson) lives alone and is interested in sound frequencies , then he discovers that if he mixes four different frequencies together it causes the listener to enter a state of hypnosis. He invites his married neighbours round after setting remotely controlled speakers up in his house. When they arrive he nips out of the room, puts headphones on and then presses the remote. The result being that he can now instruct the couple to do his every bid .

But what will Robert do with new found power? Can he control his own selfish urges and where will it all lead?

LFO is a wonderful concept that plays really well, the acting is top notch and the film is set completely in Robert’s house which adds to a feeling of claustrophobia . The only down side is it felt much longer than 94 minutes and the last 20-30 minutes did really drag, that said the ending was genius and is really something worth checking out. Part sci-fi, part drama, part black comedy. 7.5/10

william_zeroThe Reconstruction Of William Zero (2014) USA 98 Mins Dir – Dan Bush Starring – Conal Byrne, Amy Seimetz, Tim Haberger.

William Zero is an ambitious film to say the least. A geneticist awakes from a coma to find his twin brother has come to look after him. He has total amnesia and his brother must teach him about his past life and relationships. However he soon learns that his brother may not be all he seems and sets out on a journey of discovery that leads to some very dark places.

William Zero is more than just a film about cloning , it is about human relationships and how identical copies of a human being can live and become completely different people emotionally. It also lets the viewer come to certain conclusions without being given all the facts. Headfuck indeed.

Again William Zero is slightly too long and in places loses the viewer and itself with over complication. Although I enjoyed the film I came out of the cinema feeling , well nonplussed . In conclusion I suppose I enjoyed what the film did but not necessarily how it delivered it. But it certainly did make me think, and for a film that is a huge plus. 6.5/10

I then missed the next film Sororal an Australian Western , but by all accounts I didn’t miss a lot. But I needed to get home, eat, and out to GOBLIN!!

The Dancehouse, Oxford Road, Manchester

GOBLIN-WEBSuspiria with a LIVE score performed by Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN.

This was a sell-out, I arrived at The Dancehouse and the place was packed (and bloody hot). The whole venue was buzzing with anticipation and also a little trepidation of how Goblin would pull this off.

On taking my seat on the front row, I chatted to a few people and then the lights lowered and Claudio and the band took their places. Claudio was sat in fact about 6 feet in front of me and I had the joy of being able to watch him close up with the film playing in the background.

The whole thing was just an absolute joy. The film just flew by, and I was enthralled. If anyone has seen the Simpson’s episode where Nelson Muntz sees Andy Williams live, that was my expression throughout.


UKHS Editor Andy Deen seen watching Goblin perform Suspiria LIVE!

I can honestly say that the performance was one of the best nights of my life. Total and utter perfection and something that will last a lifetime. I was going to go a little into detail but if I did I could be here for hours, but all I will say is that should Goblin do anything like this near you then you MUST go.

What could be better than a film set in a dance academy having a live score performed in an old art-deco still functioning dance academy? A perfect location for a perfect evening. 10/10

So wow, after that Grimmfest were showing the Argento cut of Dawn of the Dead which features a score by Goblin, but after the Goblin performance I was done in and with tomorrow looking like a 13 hour marathon I went home and crawled into bed.

Just can I say a MASSIVE thanks to Grimmfest for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something like getting Goblin to perform live. It really paid off and was a huge success.

Which brings us to Saturday…….

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