Ghostline (2015) Review

ghostline-movie-poster-thumbGhostline (2015) Review

Dir. Dean Whitney

85 mins

Starring: Rachel Alig, Zack Gold, Burt Culver, Mark Benjamin, Pia Thrasher and Raquel Elizabeth Ames.

‘Ghostline’ is a supernatural thriller/horror feature written and directed by Dean Whitney (who I interviewed HERE). The story begins 8 years ago when we see a body being buried out in the countryside on a dark lonely night. Quickly moving from the past to the present we follow a young couple in their car making their way to their new home, along with the titles and a nice title song called ‘Trouble On The Line’ sung by The Hitman Blues Band.

The young couple, Chelsea Watkins (Rachel Alig) and Tyler Jantzen (Zack Gold) are struggling actors hoping to make a new start in their new home but after installing a recycled landline things take a very terrifying and unpredictable turn for them when they begin to receive menacing phone calls from a seemingly unstable woman who insists that Tyler’s her ex-boyfriend. The couple report this to the phone company who inform them that the calls are coming from a ghostline. The couple enlist the help of Nick Tanner, a police detective and get issued a new number but the terrifying calls continue and the caller turns out to be a deadly evil spirit called Ellen. She is out for revenge and finally makes her way inside Chelsea and Tyler’s new home.

rachel_phone‘Ghostline’ is a film that delivers on all levels and I loved the superb chemistry between the two main actors especially Zack who is outstanding as Tyler. His performance keeps you glued to the screen along with Rachel who does a great job as Chelsea. It’s refreshing to see a director like Dean make a horror film that’s totally different from the normal half naked girls running through the woods with the extra slashing of blood and gore, instead Dean gives us a unique supernatural story with some nice scare scenes and really cool special effects. I was impressed with his directing skills and how he moves the film along at a decent pace and what an ending! Which was really amazing with a nice twist.

The cast all do a fantastic job with the exception of Burt Culver as Det. Nick Tanner could have brought a little more to Ghostline considering the role he played is a big part of the story. One actress who really brought the shivers to  ‘Ghostline’ was Cristyn Chandler as the voice of Ellen. She did a great job (with her voice) helping to scare the hell out of Chelsea and Tyler. Watch out for Dean making an appearance on screen near the start of the film, it was his “Hitchcock” moment. The film gives you many memorable moments and it’s a real joy to watch. At times it feels more like a Television movie due to the quality and outstanding work from everyone at Undaunted Films.

slide10‘Ghostline’ is a superb supernatural horror that will leave you hanging in suspense, just remember to take your phone off the hook because you never know who might call!

8 out of 10

You can also catch my interview with director Dean Whitney (HERE)


And to whet your appetites here is the Ghostline trailer .

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