Getting Gory with the Blaze of Gory Horror Anthology!

Getting Gory with the Blaze of Gory Horror Anthology!

newbog3The “Blaze of Gory” horror anthology will be packed with plenty of gore in ten unique and disturbing tales! Highly talented actors, actresses, and directors come together from around the world to bring these horrifying stories to life on the screen! Each episode is directed by a different director. The series is written by Blaize-Alix Szanto who also directed the episode “Beer Cellar”. David V.G. Davies was the screenwriter and producer of the series. David also directed the episode “Snow”. When I first heard the idea of bringing so many talented people together for one common cause (to create an incredible horror series for fans!) it reminded me of the “Masters of Horror” TV series. That series included a who’s who of horror director kingpins such as: John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento, and many more!

Since I knew it couldn’t be an easy task, I asked David V.G. Davis how he started the process of putting the project together. David’s response was, “I chose the directors for their particular strengths as well as designating them a script that would both grasp what they were familiar with but also something that could further their skills as filmmakers. Many said it was too sick! There was me thinking TOO SICK that’s great! I have been amazed at how much determination the cast and crew have had, we have all worked very hard and have continued to do so well in to post production.”

When I asked writer Blaize-Alix Szanto how she first got involved with the “Blaze of Gory” horror series she said, “I started writing from a young age and got into horror. My mum met David through work and told him about my stories and he asked to read them. At first I didn’t send them. When I eventually did he told me he wanted to make them into films and I was totally over the moon!”

newbog5I (Damien Colletti) was really excited to be asked by director Robert Noel Gifford to be a part of the series playing Victor in the episode “Masque of the Red Rape”. The episode also co-stars the beautiful Brazilian actress Vania Bezerra. Robert also makes an appearance in the opening segment. We filmed our twisted tale in Long Island, New York making it the only episode filmed in the United States with the majority of the episodes being filmed in the United Kingdom.

“Masque of the Red Rape” is about a troubled man named Victor who after the death of his wife still feels the need to obey her every wish which includes removing demons from people’s bodies in hopes for forgiveness for his wife’s death. As you can imagine, most people are reluctant to allow Victor to cut them open, but he feels he is doing the right thing and at the same time helping them rid themselves of the evil that is in them.

When word of the series first broke, BBC News in the UK aired a 2 minute interview on TV with Blazie-Alix Szanto and David V.G. Davies. You can view the video online here.

With each episode now complete and the editing process almost finished “Blaze of Gory” will soon be hitting film festivals all over the world!

newbog1Stars of the Series: Susan Adriensen (“Snow”), Elle Alexandra (“Sick Little Boy”), Rudy Barrow (“Exorcist”), Mark Ivan Benfield (“Sick Little Boy”), Vania Bezerra (“Masque of the Red Rape”), Emily Booth (“Precious”), Victoria Broom (“Monster”), Damien Colletti (“Masque of the Red Rape”), Craig Cottingham (Beer Cellar”), Kate Marie Davies (“Beer Cellar”), Sabrina Dickens (“Beer Cellar”), Martin Hancock (“Monster”), Nathan Head (“Beer Cellar”), Ryan Hunter (“Abort”), Dean Sills (“Young and Naive”), Jade Wallis (“If You Were Here”), Carley Watts (“Sick Little Boy”), Sandra Wer (“Monster”), and Lord Zion (“Snow”).

Directors of the Series: David V.G. Davies (“Snow”), Mj Dixon (“If You Were Here”), Andy Edwards (“Monster”), Simon P. Edwards (“Sick Little Boy”), Yana Kolesnyk (“Abort”), Antoni McVay (“Young and Naive”), Robert Noel Gifford (“Masque of the Red Rape”), Blaize-Alix Szanto (“Beer Cellar”), Jason Wright (“Precious”), and Zion (“Spawn of the Devil”).

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Article by: Damien Colletti

Photo credits: Enna Cooper, David VG Davies, Ted D’Ottavio, Duff Eynon, Robert Noel Gifford, Olga Maya Matkovska, Craig Matthews, Gary Stratmann, and Lord Zion.




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