Freckles (2016) Short Film Review

freckles1Freckles (Short 2016)

Writer/Director/Producer: Denise Papas Meechan

Starring: Jenn Halweil, Jane Dashow and Antonio E. Silva

Runtime: 15min

Website: &

Synopsis (from IMDb): “Freckles is a short psychological drama that follows a super-freckled thirty year-old virginal, self-hating woman’s descent into a dark, depressive, lethal insanity.”

Freckles takes us on a journey through the warped eyes of Lizzie (Jenn Halweil), told as an inner monologue. Lizzie opens explaining to us why she hates her freckles, that they are the reason why she is a 30 year old virgin (though still not as bad as a 40 year old virgin). Taking us about her day to day routine, Lizzie lives a humble and simple life, yet happiness is nowhere to be seen, the freckles are to blame for everything!

freckles2Her colleague Margo (Jane Dashow) is a hilarious, larger than life woman, boasting on a constant basis about her sexcapades and the fun she has with men met over the internet, despite being a more mature and over-weight woman, this leaves Lizzie seething, further strengthening her belief it’s all because of the freckles take men don’t find her attractive.

This short is a great insight into very topical issues in modern urban life and the age of the internet. The grand loneliness in the crowd, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, sexual frustration and self-loathing all justified with the excuse of freckles, that freckles are to blame for all of Lizzie’s problems. It is an interesting dynamic, as Lizzie is quite a pretty character but it is how she physically presents herself in anticipation of being rejected is the true cause of her problems, and this is conveyed brilliantly in scenes out in public. Is there hope for Lizzie to get out of this dark and depressive hole she finds herself in? Will there be an enlightening moment for her to move on? All will be revealed in the end.

freckles3Overall Freckles was a great social commentary on peoples place in the world, with a superb host of personalities. This is solid feature début for Denise Papas Meechan, with clear focus and precise execution. Every frame tells us more about the trials and tribulations of the protagonist, edging us further along to a rather exciting conclusion. We were given an entertaining and engaging piece from start to finish. A must watch.

Verdict: Insanity is only Skin Deep


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