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First Trailer for Saudi Horror Film He Belongs To Us released from Director Gigi Hozimah!

rsz_hbtu1First Trailer for Saudi Horror Film He Belongs To Us released from Director Gigi Hozimah

Saudi Arabian Filmmaker Gigi Hozimah has just released the trailer to her first feature film He Belongs To Us. To coincide with the release of the trailer , the official poster illustrated by Sam Wolfe Connelly has also been released.

He Belongs To Us is a psychological horror drama about Remy an isolated young man haunted by vivid nightmares about his Mother’s death, his neglected childhood and his spiralling depression. These same nightmares however begin seeping into his waking moments taking a sinister hold over the shattered remains of his life.

A Saudi/US co-production , this is the first feature directed by Saudi independent filmmaker Gigi Hozimah , and is the first film of it’s kind to come from Saudi Arabia. He Belongs To Us is an existential horror founded on nightmares and surrealism.

Gigi was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and was never aware that her cinematic vison would one day find it’s way on to the global stage. Coming from a nation that has held back the progress of women she refused to accept her traditionalist surrounding and when 19 she left for England and has as yet never returned.

He Belongs To Us is currently being entered into film festivals worldwide!!

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