Evening Class (1993) Short Film Review


Evening Class (1993) Short

Dir. Michael Haney – 29 minutes


Sometimes you come across things and you wonder where the hell did that come from. This is one of those things.

Just a plain DVD with Evening Class 1993 written on it, in my writing ?

This was a 30 minute short that aired on Showtime on 28th May 1993 at 10pm and is described as a polished mini-thriller. There is very little else to find out about it other than a mention and 1 review on IMDB and can’t find any pics of this anywhere – so you will have to make do with Michael Beach’s lovely face.

The film starts with Martha (Mariangelo Pina) being dropped off by her husband in front of what I believe is a community college to attend an (yep you’ve guessed it) evening class.

The day students are emptying as she arrives and when she gets to her classroom it is in darkness and she is alone. Shortly after she is joined by another adult student Rick (Michael Beach – True Romance, Stargate Atlantis and more recently Sons of Anarchy).

Rick is friendly and chatty but soon decides to leave as he can’t be bothered to wait for the teacher, he leaves then almost immediately returns but his mood has seriously changed and he is now aggressive and very manipulating.

The acting from the pair is very good and considering it is just set (mainly) in the one room the pace is quick and the script keeps the pace flowing nicely.

But my main problem was that I knew the entire plot from around 5 minutes in and the poor ending confirmed my fears to be true. And also the score throughout was really annoying but being from 1993 this is totally of its time.

A poor ending for what was a decent premise that had a lot of promise but ended mundane and in fact boring and far too predictable.

Worth a watch if you find it mysteriously sat amongst your DVD collection and you have 30 mins spare.


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