Dr Alien (1989) DVD Review


Dr Alien (1989)

Dir. David DeCoteau – 83 minutes

UK DVD Distribution – 88 Films

Starring Billy Jayne, Judy Landers, Olivia Barash, Stuart Fratkin, Robert Jayne, Linnea Quigley, Ginger Lynn Allen, Troy Donahue.

Wesley (Billy Jayne) is a nerd , he is boring and can’t attract women. His aim in life is to become an accountant and join his father’s firm. But when his biology teacher Dr Ackerman comes to an untimely demise after his car is chased by a spacecraft and the new teacher (the ever-so hot Ms Xenobia – Judy Landers) gets Wesley to take part in a medical test , then things start to change for our young protagonist.

After his first vitamin shot Wesley becomes irresistible to women , especially when his new antenna comes out from the top of his head when he gets aroused. He also has become cool and even talks to the girl of his dreams Leeanne (Olivia Barash) who agrees to go on a date with him.

But why are Xenobia and her sidekick Drax so interested in Wesley , and why is his behaviour becoming ever increasingly strange?


This is pure 1980’s cheese , it features big hair , awful clothes , topless beauties , aliens, heavy metal and much more.

This is a typical film from the time but still holds up really well. Landers is great as Xenobia and really gives it her all , and the rest of the cast work very well together. It is full of the tropes connected to 80’s teen flicks , you have young unrequited love with awkward moments , but also a teenage college student being well erm screwed by his professor. God bless the Eighties.

But this is just fun ,and with small parts from genre faves like Ginger Lynn & Linnea Quigley you could do a lot worse than watch this and reminisce about just how bloody good that decade was!! This is a true nostalgia fest.

Also on the 88 Films DVD there comes a bonus full feature film Auditions (1978) . I didn’t know this was on here until I went to the features section on the DVD. Auditions is a wonderful mock documentary about the putting together and casting of a porno film.


This is a great little softcore effort with plenty of nudity and featuring a very young buck naked Linnea Quigley . A fantastic extra which makes the package a must for any fan of flicks from the late 70’s and 80’s .

Well done to 88 films for this great addition to their Grindhouse Collection and keep up all the good work .

Dr Alien 7/10 and the DVD package all together 8/10

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