Doctor Mordrid (1992) DVD Review

drm1Doctor Mordrid (1992)

Directors – Albert Band, Charles Band.

Starring – Jeffrey Combs, Yvette Nipar, Brian Thompson, Jay Acovone, Keith Coulouris, Julie Michaels.


Released in the UK on DVD by 88 Films on 17th Feb 2014.


Whenever I hear certain things to do with Horror I get goosebumps. Now when I received Doctor Mordrid (which I haven’t seen since the mid-nineties) I immediately got them there goosebumps.

Why? I hear you ask. Well Doctor Mordrid features many things which moulded me as a horror fan as I grew into the genre. Firstly it is from Full Moon Entertainment, directed by Charles AND Albert Band (I think this was there first together?) , stars the legend that is Jeffrey Combs and has a cameo (naked) from the lovely Julie Michaels.


Doctor Anton Mordrid (Jeffrey Combs- Reanimator , From Beyond) has been on earth for 100 years. He is in fact a sorcerer from the 4th dimension and is here as a guardian . He is awaiting the return of Kabal (Brian Thompson – Terminator, Cobra) who is his arch enemy and another sorcerer.


drm2Mordrid and Kabal had been childhood friends , happily playing with their powers until Kabal became power-hungry and evil . Thus started a 100 year war which ended when Mordrid locked Kabal up in a prison.


But Kabal has escaped and is on Earth to enact his revenge on Mordrid and make the planet his slave and plaything. But with the help from a new friend Samantha (Yvette Nipar – Robobcop TV Series) Mordrid sets about protecting the earth and also trying to keep alive while under attack from Kabal. Can Mordrid save himself and all of mankind?


Doctor Mordrid is a huge amount of fun, there is very little violence and no gore whatsoever but it is a hugely enjoyable piece of cinema. Jeffrey Combs is in fantastic form as Mordrid who is an intergalatic sorceror, he lives in an apartment block (which he owns) and then befriends his neighbour Samantha who just happens to be a special police advisor on cults and demonology (of course) , and this is very lucky for Mordrid as he later gets arrested for a murder.


The sets on Doctor Mordrid are brilliant, I just loved his huge and tardis like apartment which is just so much roomier on the inside. And Jeffrey Combs looks stunning in his later scenes as he wears his official high waisted sorcerer’s jump suit, very tasty indeed.


This is a great piece of early 1990’s low-budget filmmaking, admire how Mordrid watches a bank of TV screens showing the news, so he can see if anything points to a return of Kabal. And when he finds something he records it on long-lasting VHS tapes and even writes on the spine what is on the tape. I just hope he has removed the tab so he doesn’t tape over it!  Oh what retro lovliness.


Doctor Mordrid is a little confusing at the start , it basically just kicks straight into the story and tells the backstory as we go along. But once everything kicks into gear then Doctor Mordrid goes along at a great pace , is just the right length and is an enjoyable gem of a film.


drm3The ending is a little disappointing with a crappy dinosaur skeleton fight , but all in all this is a great addition to the 88 Films collection and will look great on your shelf.


So the last line must go to Kabal “ Before this is over I will drink your blood and eat your flesh, and it will taste sweet”!





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