Devil Riders (aka Poker Run) (2009) DVD Review


Devil Riders (aka Poker Run)  2009

Dir. Julian Higgins  –  97 minutes

101 Films UK DVD

Allan (J.D. Rudometkin) and Robert (Bertie Higgins) are two suburban lawyers who are bored with their everyday normalcy and are seeking something more.

Whilst out at a local bar they run into a couple of bikers – Billy (Jay Wisell) and Ray (Robert Thorne) who agree to sell them a couple of bikes so our lawyers can live their fantasy of doing the *Poker Run* and having the freedom for them and their wives of the open road.

Little do they know that Billy and Ray are a pair of psychotic bikers who will stop at nothing to play a life and death game with their now kidnapped wives across the desolate Mojave landscape.

Well this film really is all over the place, there is no character development or any real back stories. It is almost like the writer had an idea of some crazy bikers who take some RUBs (Rich Urban Bikers) wives hostage in the desert and set them some grisly tasks so they can get their spouses back. And just built a story around that without much thought to detail for the start or finish of the films.

It is a shame as there are some very good elements to this , some great deaths and real nasty turns along the way. A great performance by Robert Thorne as the enigmatic biker Ray who really is a psychopath , unfortunately this is not the same with the rest of the cast.

The scenery and isolation of the Mojave really adds to the film as Allan and Robert’s increasingly desperate attempts to find their wives leads them to commit all types of crimes while under the puppet master guidance of Ray.

A decent attempt at a biker road film , but lack of decent script, actors and story ultimately let this down and it ends up just being another biker film.

Lots of potential, but really ends up a mess – a shame 5/10

Released in the UK by 101 Films – please take time to check out a great UK company –


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