Devil Makes Work (2014) Short Film Review

dmw1Devil Makes Work (2014)

Director: Guy Soulsby

Starring: Shaun Dooley, Duncan Meadows, Sebastian Canciglia, Michael English, Georgina Morrell, Wreh-Asha Walton

Running time: 7 minutes

“They say we all have a story.”

A scruffy devil(?) sits on a throne of used tires and tells us there are winners and losers, power and demons, and asks what the viewer is willing to sacrifice to gain everything they want.

There are lots of beautiful shots. In fact the short is nothing but beautiful shots strung together. Slow motion crucifixes falling, burning Bibles, Sisyphus pushing his boulder up a burning hill in Hell, slow motion blood (which I swear is either acrylic or tempera paint), roses, Jesus carrying his cross, the list goes on. It’s all very lovely to look at and Soulsby’s background directing commercials shows. The imagery has a lot of punch packed into a very short span. He knows how to grab an audience in the first seconds and pull their attention along.

dmw2But as for an actually story arc… well, there isn’t one. It’s just really, really pretty. A sort of gothic visual poem. The production value is high, as in ‘more movies should look like this’ kind of high. The special effects are beautiful. Every shot is heavy with mood and threatening ambiance. It’s no wonder that poking around the Facebook page, the film has won numerous awards from film fests. At the same time though it would have been nice if there was more meat on such attractive bones.

Kudos for: So pretty. So, so pretty.

Lesson learned: Find a better throne than one made of tires.


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