Dead Souls (2012) DVD Review


Dead Souls 2012

Dir. Colin Theys   –   92 minutes

UK Distribution – 101 Films

Dead Souls starts in a fairly brutal manner ,it doesn’t pull any punches here. A preacher living at a farmhouse with his wife , teenage daughter, young son and baby boy goes berserk. He kills his wife , daughter and son , and then crucifies them in the barn along with himself , and getting that last nail in is a doozy. But before he died the young son hid the baby boy in the basement and the film then moves forward 17 years to the modern day.

Johnny Petrie (Jesse James) is a mild mannered young man living in New York , he has a very strictly religious mother who keeps Johnny strictly under her thumb. Just after his 18th birthday he finds out he has inherited a farmhouse in Maine, when he questions his mother she collapses and is kept in hospital for observation.

John takes this opportunity to go to Maine and check out his new property . On arriving , he is met by three young men who threaten him and tell him to leave as he is not wanted. Ignoring their advice John meets up with the solicitor and makes his way to the farmhouse.


When they arrive the solicitor explains to John he is adopted and his family died in an accident when he was tiny , and that the woman he calls mother is in fact his Father’s sister. John then decides he would like to spend some time in the empty (but still fully furnished with photos etc all still intact after 17 years) farmhouse. He hears a few noises and finds that Emma (Magda Apanowicz) is squatting there. They make an unlikely partnership as she helps John find out the truth of his deceased family and the reasons behind their tragedy.

Dead Souls is a well above par haunted house story , the setting of the farmhouse is perfect and the sets are superbly staged. The old creaking floorboards and dated decor lead to a really atmospheric feeling . It is dark , gloomy and when you watch keep your eyes peeled for things lurking in the corners and the background.

The acting is well above par (for the main) and with Bill Moseley & Geraldine Hughes in the cast then you know it is going to be a fun film. The score is continually interesting and keeps the film flowing flawlessly, and the lighting is great throughout.

The film does have a few flaws , especially with some of the storylines (like why was Emma in the house and what is her story?) BUT on the whole this is a good spooky horror film that has more invention than your average flick , it is not just a jump scare type horror but has a good back story and genuinely interesting characters and towards the end things do take some really interesting twists.


Dead Souls is a genuinely creepy ghost story that will scare , shock and reel you in. A must for all haunted house fans and a really good intro into the genre for the new horror fan , as there are plenty of jumps and scares but very little blood and gore.

A unique and intriguing story that really packs a heavyweight supernatural punch 7/10

Dead Souls is released in the UK by 101films on the 8th July 2013 – well worth checking out!!

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