Creepozoids (1987) DVD Review


Creepozoids (1987) DVD

Dir David DeCoteau  –  69 Minutes

UK release 88Films

Starring Linnea Quigley, Ken Abraham, Michael Aranda.

UK Based label 88 Films have released several Grindhouse classics on DVD even numbering them to fishhook the completist’s among us, the DVDs are jam packed full of extra trailers bonus materials and so much more The title in question here is 1987’s Creepozoids starring everyone’s favourite horror starlet Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons) and directed by David DeCoteau (Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge).

This sci-fi horror mash up has the viewer in the futuristic year of 1998, a bunch of rag tag survivors looking to escape the ravages of world war III stumble on a presumably abandoned research facility to avoid the deadly acid rain, as the group set to make camp they realise they are not alone.

No sooner than the group are in the research facility does the lovely *ahem* acting presence of Miss Quigley come to light in a hot soapy shower scene (the food is scarce but hot water and soap is aplenty?) which will no doubt be of delight to male viewers of a certain age. While Bianca (Linnea Quigley) and Butch (Ken Abraham) are otherwise preoccupied, the group’s nerdy scientist character Jesse is digging into the previous occupants of the base. When Jesse pulls up the computer file take a close look at the itinerary to see some rather familiar names as the missing scientists.

Filmed as an Alien knockoff/Homage; Creepazoids has some entertaining practical effects and a decent prosthetic for the “creepazoid” making this a worthwhile purchase, it doesn’t take long before the group starts to get picked off one by one.


Giant rats, Laser Pistols and a killer mutant baby, what more can any Grindhouse aficionado ask for; Creepozoids isn’t going to win any Oscars but who cares? It has its heart is in the right place. A lot of people will give Creepozoids hate and to be honest these people have no soul, this is a fun way to spend a perfect run time of 69 minutes doing exactly what it says on the tin, catering to people who love their movies gory and cheesy. So Grab some friends, some popcorn and have fun which is exactly what 88 films want with this excellently priced release.

Guy Moon lends a typical 80s Synth soundtrack which while not dire does get a little bit repetitive, the 80s keyboards will let most horror fans fondly recall some of the better score work out there.

The picture quality is perfectly fine for a release of this ilk and the sound is just as good if not better than any previous release of this movie, 88 Films care for these movies and with a working partnership with Full Moon pictures fans are set to be treated to some gems.

A trailer reel on the extras is set up in an inventive manner, each trailer numbered and set against a digital drive in theatre; on offer are trailers for Sorority babes in the slime bowl O’rama, The excellent Puppet Master I and II, the sci fi sex comedy Dr Alien and the underrated, creepy and downright awesome Tourist Trap are among the highlights of this extensive trailer reel that proves 88 films has a whole lot more for genre fans planned.

If that wasn’t enough for you the original trailer for Creepozoids is included, production stills gallery and an entire second feature Filmgore (1983).


Filmgore is an excellent collection of Drive in exploitation clips from genres classics like Driller Killer, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Blood Feast and beyond, all set to a gloriously delirious Surf rock intro. Produced by Forrest J Ackerman and presented by Elvira Mistress of the Dark this is an interesting little film for genre fans combining clips and interesting side facts and quips by Elvira herself on films such as Blood Feast, Snuff, Driller Killer and many more. On an interesting aside this is a rare occurrence for Elvira as in the latter stages of her career she avoided the more extreme of horror cinema.

This extra is actually more promising than the main feature and is a very welcome addition and would hold up as a standalone release.

DVD Verdict 7/10

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