Chained (2012) Review


Chained (2012)

Dir. Jennifer Lynch – 95 minutes

Anchor Bay DVD


9 year old Tim and his Mum Sarah (Julia Ormond) are dropped off at the local multiplex by Dad , and here Mum lets Tim see the latest horror film .

On leaving the cinema they jump in a yellow cab to go home, but this isn’t an ordinary taxi it is in fact driven by Bob who is a prolific serial killer. On the journey home Bob locks the doors and takes a detour instead going to his very remote house.

When safely parked in his garage Bob grabs Sarah and drags her into the adjoining house while leaving Tim locked in the cab but he can hear his Mums screams.

Much later Bob returns to let Tim out of the taxi, he is informed that his Mum is dead and that he will be living with him from now on and has several rules he must obey in order to avoid severe beatings.

The story then moves forward about 8 years or so and Tim (renamed Rabbit by Bob) is still living with Bob but is on a long ankle chain and Bob over the years has been slowly grooming him as maybe a successor to his legacy.

So what will Rabbit do? Has he any normality left after such a shocking and deranged upbringing or is he another killer coming to age?

I must say I loved this film , it is mainly filmed in the one open-plan room but the acting is of such quality that the 95 minutes just flew by.

Vincent D’Onofrio (from Men in Black, Ed Wood and of course his unforgettable role in Full Metal Jacket) is superb, he plays the part of a serial killer with no humanity and is just fantastic.

Rabbit played by Eamon Farren is also top class, playing the part of a young man who has been hugely traumatised by the death of his mother then living and helping out with a psychotic killer and being slowly drawn into Bob’s world.

The only bad point I have with this film is part of the ending , it seems to have wanted to tie up all loose ends and in doing so really spoilt what was a dark, nasty and horrible film that was almost hypnotic to watch.

I almost felt cheated at the end.

That aside this is a great film foe 80 minutes and a must watch especially for serial fans (of which I definitely am).

A 7/10 that could have been way higher .


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