New giallo Sonno Profondo released on VOD and DVD/VHS in USA & Canada from BrinkVision

sonno1BrinkVision announces the release of the award winning giallo “Sonno Profondo” on VOD and Limited Special Edition DVD and VHS.

BrinkVision announces the release of the critically acclaimed film, SONNO PROFONDO for U.S. and Canada. Since its world premiere at SITGES Film Festival, “Sonno Profondo” has been screened at film festivals around the world, winning awards including best music soundtrack and several best film awards.

sonno2Critics have called it “a demented piece of art; a fascinating cinematic experience”, “hypnotic, unsettling, disturbing” and “Sonno Profondo resurrects Giallo”.

The movie is set in the 1970s, so costumes, vehicles, locations and telephones from that time were used. Post-production stage was also very important, since special effects were used to achieve the “seventies” look of the film.

The soundtrack, essential element of the “Giallo” genre, was composed by Luciano Onetti (the Director) true to the style of Ennio Morricone and Goblin, composers of the most renowned films of this genre in the 1970s decade.

sonno3After murdering a woman, a killer that is traumatized from his childhood memories, gets a mysterious envelope slipped under his door.The hunter becomes the prey when he finds out that the envelope contains photos that show him killing the young woman.

Official Selections:


Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata 2013

Mórbido 2013, Mexico

Gérardmer 2014, Francia

Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival 2013

Horror-On-Sea 2014, Reino Unido

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2013, Argentina

Montevideo Fantástico 2013, Uruguay

Hemoglozine 2013, España

HorrorQuest Film Festival 2013, Estados Unidos

Aurora 2014, Mexico


WINNER “BEST FILM”, Hemoglozine, España

WINNER “BEST FOREIGN FILM”, HorrorQuest Film Festival, Estados Unidos

WINNER “BEST MUSIC SOUNDTRACK”, Tabloid Witch Awards, Hollywood Investigator, Estados Unidos


WINNER “SPECIAL MENTION”, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, Argentina

Sonno Profondo`s





New UK DVD & BluRay releases 14th April 2014

Hello and welcome to the new UK DVD & Blu Ray releases for the week commencing Monday April 14th 2014. The new releases are those that are genre releases, so anything from anime through sci-fi and horror with much more inbetween.

Lots of steelbooks and re-releases this week but not a huge amount of new genre films out.

Release of the week goes to The Alphabet Killer which finally sees it get a UK DVD release from Warwick Films . Starring Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes, Timothy Hutton, Michael Ironside, Bill Moseley and many more, it is based on the true story of the double initial killings in Rochester, NY.

alphabetkillerThe Alphabet Killer (DVD) Warwick Films




orphanblackOrphan Black (DVD & BluRay) 2Entertain




Startrekseason4bluStar Trek Enterprise Season 4 (BluRay) Paramount Home Entertainment




violet&daisyViolet & Daisy (DVD) House




brittasThe Brittas Empire – Complete Collection (DVD) Eureka




pompokoPom Poko (BluRay) studiocanal




aliensteelAlien – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment




girlsandpanzerGirls & Panzer Collection (DVD) Mvm Entertainment




descentsteelThe Descent – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment




hunchbackThe Hunchback of Notre Dame (DVD) Odeon Entertainment




fantasticfoursteelFantastic Four – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment




poseidonsteelThe Poseidon Adventure – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment




alien3steelAlien 3 – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment




omensteelThe Omen – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment




revengeforjollyRevenge For Jolly (DVD & BluRay) Anchor Bay Entertainment




airwolfbluAirwolf – Complete Collection (DVD & BluRay) Fabulous Films




13assassinssteel13 Assassins – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) Artificial Eye




zatoichisteelZatoichi – Ltd Edition Steelbook (BluRay) Artificial Eye




kenichicompleteKenichi – Mightiest Disciple Complete Collection (DVD) Manga Entertainment




antisocialAntisocial (DVD) Monster Pictures




orcaOrca – The Killer Whale (DVD) Studiocanal




skyhookSkyhook (DVD) Point Blank




scopersScopers (DVD) Signature Entertainment




broniesBronies – The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (DVD) Wienerworld





MEET ME THERE (2014) Thoughts on the Festival Cut by Matty Budrewicz

meetmethere1MEET ME THERE (2014)

Thoughts on the Festival Cut by Matty Budrewicz

Back in January, I had the pleasure of engaging in a little online back and forth with director Lex Lybrand, the focus of which being his sophomore feature Meet Me There. In the subsequent article I pieced together from it (which you can read HITHER), I tipped Meet Me There to be one of best up n’ coming American indies of this year. Now, having just been one of the first British scare flick scribes to witness Lybrand’s currently on-the-rounds festival cut, I can very happily say it is. It really, really is.

I must say, I was a little hesitant to write any sort of critique or response to the film for you guys, truth be told. Based upon my pre-existing relationship with Lybrand, because of said interview, and because I do, in fact, firmly believe in the idea of journalistic integrity (for now anyway. I’m sure I can be bought if the price is right though. Best offers, people!), I felt anything of the sort would be improper.

I don’t want to misguide or- even worse- be accused of being anymore gushy and sycophantic than I probably already am. I guess what it is that I’m trying to say is, well, this is NOT a review; this piece you are perusing is merely my immediate response to a neat little picture I feel very passionately about. If you want the full critical sha-boodle, get your arses back here in a few days when UKHS’ human reviewing machine, the right honourable Dave Wain casts his analytical gaze upon it.

meetmethere2Meet Me There is imbued with an eerie and hypnotic power. It’s the kind of power that has made me want to write, scream or do whatever the hell I could to get my thoughts out straight away. It’s a sexually charged Gothic by way of mumblecore; a creepy, dream-like yet all too human character driven horror drama. Think Phantasm as seen through the artistic eye of John Cassavetes, or The Wicker Man by way of Two Lane Black Top. It is both familiar in its use of genre lore and convention, yet completely unlike anything else all at the same time. It’s a bizarre paradox for sure, yet one that somehow makes perfect sense within the confines of the films own inner logic and rich, but only hinted at, mythology.

Meet Me There draws you in, slowly piling on the dread and a near hallucinatory haze with long, lingering handheld shots. It’s gorgeous to look at and study; weirdly steady but prone to the staccato bursts of violent juddering as per the verite-ish technique. It’s an uncomfortable blend that seems to make the whole damn movie feel like something you’d see during your last dying moments. It’s apt really, considering how much death hangs over the film.

Meet Me There is anchored by a trio of strong performances: Lisa Friedrich and Micheal Foulk shine as Ada and Calvin, the young couple whose sexual dysfunction leads them to the weird Oklahoma town of Sheol. They’re the heart, and it’s wonderful to see such a genuine and naturalistic couple. Meanwhile, Dustin Runnels- aka Dustin Rhodes, pro wrestler Goldust by trade- exudes a captivating presence every second he is on screen. Towering but hang-dog; his complex and important turn is a real highlight.

meetmethere3Sure, there’s a few minor quibbles. Meet Me There is not perfect. The mid point, after a nice measured build up, is a little slap-dash and the music is, for my tastes anyway, a little too on the nose at times; as if it were screaming “Be scared! You’re watching a horror movie!”. Frankly, such boo-type cues aren’t needed in this type of slowburn skincrawler. Meet Me There is a state of mind, a feeling, an emotion; not a quick, jolt n’ giggle, tease n’ jump kind of thing. There’s images and moods contained within- lovingly sewn into the movies fabric- that’ll linger long after the credits roll. It’s the same disquieting and goose-pimpling squeeze I got when I watched Strange Behaviour and the original Carnival of Souls for the first time.

There’s something special about Meet Me There, I think.
I can’t wait to see it again.
And I hope you lot can’t wait to check it out either.


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Zack Parker’s latest film Proxy – watch the first 4 Minutes HERE !!

proxyProxy is the latest film from director Zack Parker and gets it official release in selected US theatres and on VOD on April 18th. This has been causing some major waves in the horror viewing community and here is the first 4 minutes of the film for you viewing pleasure.

Please be warned this is VERY graphic stuff but really gives a taste of what the film is all about.

Synopsis – A very pregnant Esther Woodhouse (Rasmussen) is walking home after her latest OB appointment, when she is brutally attacked and disfigured by a hooded assailant. When Esther seeks consolation in a support group, she finds friendship and empathy in Melanie (Havins), another mother scarred with tragedy. Esther soon begins to believe that the horrific event might be a bittersweet act of fate. However, friendship and empathy can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people. 

Starring Esther Woodhouse, Joe Swanberg, Alexa Havins & Kristina Klebe , Proxy certainly looks one to check out . Unfortunately there is no UK DVD release date (as yet) but lets hope!

And I will leave the last words to Scott Weinberg from Fearnet – “And to those who may be skeptical or hesitant after hearing that Proxy runs over 125 minutes, as I certainly was, you can rest easy. Mr. Parker and his team have created a frank and sometimes devastating thriller about the nature of mental illness, the ironic dangers in lying to people who trust you, and the freakish lunacy that may lie beneath the surface of even the mostly normal-looking people. This is a great horror film. ” (you can read the full review here )

Enjoy !!


Submissions for Grimmfest, 2-5 October 2014 now OPEN!

gf1Submissions for Grimmfest, 2-5 October 2014 now OPEN!

Ever dreamed of getting your movie shown at one of the UK’s leading Horror
Film Festivals as well as in cinemas, on DVD and VOD platforms all around
the world? We’ll here’s your chance! Submissions are open and we’re looking
for the best in Horror, Cult, Weird, and Fantastic movies for our early
October festival. If you think this applies to your very own cinematic
offspring, then we’d love to hear from you.

This year, for the first time, Grimm Up North, in partnership with Raven
Banner Entertainment will be offering a very special competition for all
submitted feature and short films.

gf3When you submit your film for festival consideration, you will also have
the option of entering our Grand Jury Competition. The feature film winner
will be afforded the incredible and unique opportunity of having their film
distributed in the UK by Grimm Entertainment and sold internationally by
esteemed genre specialist sales company, Raven Banner. We will also create
a Grimmfest 2014 compilation of the best shorts for UK distribution.

*EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: 14th Feb – 25th April (Cost: Short £12.50. Feature

*NORMAL DEADLINE: 25th April – 15th Aug (Cost: Short £15.00. Feature

*EXTENDED DEADLINE: 15th Aug – 29th Aug (Cost: Short £20.00. Feature

gf2*For more information on submissions for Grimmfest 2014 head to our
website.’ or visit HERE .

New UK DVD & BluRay releases 7th April 2014

Hello and welcome to the new UK DVD & Blu Ray releases for the week commencing Monday April 7th 2014. The new releases are those that are genre releases, so anything from anime through sci-fi and horror with much more inbetween.

Not a lot being released probably due to the fact that The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug will be everywhere but a few nice gems in here.

But release of the week is The Borderlands from director Elliot Goldner. A wonderful British horror with huge religious tones, great scares and an ending that is amazing. With Mark Kermode saying the last 15 minutes creeped him out so much he wanted to leave the cinema, and our own Dave Wain giving it a 9/10 and saying The Borderlands was “Startling and Unforgettable” (review HERE) then it really is a MUST SEE!

BorderlandsdvdThe Borderlands (DVD) Metrodome Distribution




hobbit2The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (DVD, BluRay, 3D) Warner Home Video




oldboydvdOldboy (DVD & BluRay) Universal Pictures UK




spidermantrilogysteelSpiderman Trilogy Steelbook (BluRay) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment




sparksbluSparks (DVD & BluRay) Image Entertainment




pitstopbluPit Stop (Dual Format) Arrow Video




hemanHe-Man and The Masters of The Universe Series 1 & 2 (DVD) Uca




thelodgebluThe Lodge (BluRay) 101 Films




thehauntingofbatesmotelThe Haunting of Bates Motel (DVD) New Horizon Films




frombeneathdvdFrom Beneath (DVD) New Horizon Films




dexter1-8Dexter: Complete Seasons 1 – 8 (DVD Box Set) Paramount Home Entertainment





Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace 10th Anniversary Event w/ Special Guests + Q&A. Manchester 18th May 2014

Darkplace-Web-724x1024Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace 10th Anniversary Event w/ Special Guests + Q&A

Date:  Sunday May 18th

Time: 15.00 – 20.00

Venue: Gorilla, Manchester


Limited Availability Tickets Available from 10AM 4th April: HERE

Once upon a time in the 1980’s: author, dream weaver and visionary plus actor Garth Marenghi created a television show so profoundly groundbreaking that is was condemned to be ‘too subversive, too dangerous and too damn scary’ for the public’s innocent eyes. In 2004 it found a home, the only outlet courageous enough to screen only 6 of the original 50 or so episodes was televisual trail blazers of the time Channel 4.

Now 10 years later, Grimm Up North & Trof celebrate the historical airing of this boundary pushing piece of television with an 10th anniversary event, breaking new ground and daring to present all 6 of the televised episodes of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace on the big screen.

The show followed Dr. Rick Dagless M.D  (Matthew Holness), as he fights the forces of darkness while simultaneously coping with the pressures of day to day admin; aided by stars and commentators Todd Rivers (Matt Berry), Madeline Wool (Alice Lowe) & Doug Lerner (Richard Ayoade) the show delved into the hidden mystical depths of the real world, so much so that reportedly MI8, two levels above MI6 pulled the plug on the show as this ground breaking ethereal fiction got too close to the truth.

Also in attendance of this grand anniversary will be very special guests Matt Holness & Alice Lowe who will be taking part in a Live Q&A with Empire Magazine’s Chris Hewitt to shed some light on the legacy of Darkplace.

Info on new British feature Rat Catcher and Indiegogo information

rc1Press release for new feature Rat Catcher and Indiegogo funding page

Think Rambo. Think Deerhunter. Think Bourne…

We love making big things happen with small budgets… So we’re back, to make more cinematic magic but we need your help!

Following the successful global sales deal that we secured for our previous feature film Wasteland, we are back for more; producing a more ambitious film, with a slightly more sophisticated budget. We ALREADY have a number of distributors and sales agents lined up for negotiation on this film, so a large part of our battle is done…

We’ve got lots of videos listed in the ‘UPDATES‘ section of the site, that tells you everything you need to know about the budget and the content of the film… But for now, let us tell you all about RAT CATCHER.



The three brothers have a close bond, that has broken in recent years because of their ill-made decisions. Now, after the death of their Dad, they’ve reunited and are making a conscious effort to bond by going away to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere on a testosterone-fuelled hunting trip.

Keen to move on to a new chapter, as a family, one brother want to wipe the slate clean. However, the trouble that the other brothers have caused at home has followed them there… Along with a current girlfriend who’s intentions are not as purely sexual as they appear at face value.

Their mission is to now get through this trip alive, protecting one another but fighting a gang of thugs as they go… It’s a hunting trip like no other, that has certainly taken a terrifying twist… Will they all survive? And how will it end?


We are always inspired by films that get under your skin and make you think; keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. That’s what RAT CATCHER is about…

Three brothers take a hunting trip in a remote woodland. As they arrive for their long weekend away, they discover they are not the only ones on the hunt…

Script, Stunts and Sexual Direction?

With the direction from our very own Universal Studios trained Tom Wadlow and top fight and stunt choreographer Dr Ian Stapleton, RAT CATCHER promises superbly effective action, violence and with award winning scriptwriter Gavin Harrison to compliment the team, the twist in the tale promises to surprise even the most keen film fan.


Why help US?

We are creating 50+ jobs. We are encouraging independent film in the UK. We are developing talent. We are developing British business opportunities. With ambitions this big, what’s there not to love about what we’re doing here?




What We Need & What You Get

We’re well known for producing high ambition films on a very low budget. So why are we needing any money at all? There are plenty of reasons, that we have broken down below, but you will get something back EACH AND EVERY time you contribute… With perks ranging from signed props and signed DVDs to set visits (yep, you will meet celebs!) and personal/company advertising!

  • Our talented cast & crew need to be enticed with a financial reward to get them on board, this isn’t a significant amount however as the opportunity of working on this sort of project is substantial. But they still need a little help covering bills!
  • We will be causing things to ‘blow up’ in RAT CATCHER, whether this is done live or within the confines of a computer, it costs money
  • Our location is somewhat essential to the working of the film, it has a unique description and will therefore cost money
  • Props, guns and vehicles will all have a financial impact on the film; no matter how low budget, these sorts of things have to look right but more importantly need to follow a code of conduct
  • Insurance of the project: public liability, professional indemnity and relevant risk assessments
  • Marketing: We have proven that with the right marketing, a film can get the exposure it deserves. We are fortunate to have an excellent team of marketeers on our crew, but a lot of our efforts cost money.



The Impact

We have seen the incredible success of British films recently (12 Years a Slave and Gravity to name two).. But what does the future hold for British films?

  • Arts Council based funding is incredibly difficult to get and takes an incredibly long time to achieve
  • Your contribution will help give a team of talented artists an opportunity get recognised… You never know where they’ll end up! They could be the next Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Coleman or Martin Freeman!
  • We want you to be proud of what you’ve helped achieve… So that you can use it as an ice breaker in social situations and so that we can work together again!



Can’t contribute? Here’s how you can help anyway…

Do you have access to a social media account? Give us a Facebook or Twitter mention, and help us gain traction and maybe get #RATCATCHERthemovie trending! We are grateful for any help you can give to get us to our target…

Be sure to follow us on our social media pages:
Facebook –
Twitter – @ratcatchermovie


Thank you so much for spending your time reading our campaign! Wish us luck! 🙂


Scream – The TV Show – MTV’s spin-off reveal characters & plot details

screamtv1It has been known for a while that MTV have been working on a TV spin-off for Scream, but yesterday it was announced (by Bloody Disgusting) that the man himself Wes Craven will be directing the pilot episode and also (on TVline) 4 central characters were revealed and are being cast at the moment with auditions currently taking place.

* Harper Duval: A 16-year-old beauty “who’s a little too introverted and intellectual to be a social butterfly” but has nevertheless been anointed by the popular crowd to be one of their own. “She feels guilty that she has drifted away from former best friend Audrey,” but at least she’s got a Gilmore Girls-esque relationship with mom Maggie to keep her sane.

* Audrey Jesen: Harper’s former BFF is described as “the bi-curious daughter of a Lutheran pastor” who’s “more arresting-looking than pretty.” This “artsy loner” dreams of being a film-maker and shares a close bond with tech genius Noah.

* Noah Foster: Audrey’s closest confidante is “creative, brilliant and tech-savvy enough to be the next Steve Jobs.” Lucky for him, he’s got a great sense of humour (“a la John Cusack in his teen prime”) that helps him navigate the halls of his high school. What’s more, Noah possesses “an encyclopaedic knowledge of books, films, TV, apps, etc.”

* Margaret “Maggie” Duval: Harper’s mom, in her early to mid-40s, is the town’s medical examiner, “a grown-up science geek who plays down her beauty.” Maggie spends a lot of her time trying to make up for the fact that Harper’s dad abandoned them. Oh, and she’s harbouring “a dark secret from her past.”


Wow here is hoping that something interesting can come of this, especially with Wes Craven steering things . And it seems that the Horror Genre is flooding TV at the moment what with Walking Dead, Hannibal, Bates Motel, The Following and many more so onwards and upwards and UKHS will keep you informed as the series develops .

Not of This World film night – Manchester 4th April – free entry

Mutant-Girls-Squad-2010-Movie-Image-2This Friday (April 4th 2014) we will be presenting the NOT OF THIS WORLD FILM NIGHT, at the Seven Oaks – Manchester. We will be showcasing the best and most bizarre in genre and exploitation cinema, with screenings of contemporary and recent films along with classics that you may or may never heard of (I use the term classic  loosely). Screening this week is the batshit crazy Japanese flick MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (2010) from the makers of MACHINE GIRL and ROBO GEISHA, followed by NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985) .
Films begin at 7.30pm, free entry, bar downstairs, at Seven Oaks pub in Chinatown,  5 Nicholas St, Manchester M1 4HL
Click on facebook event page link below, and check out IMDB.COM link to the films below and hope to see you at what should be a great night!

Event page-