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Eureka Entertainment to release THE ENTITY on Blu-ray from 15 May 2017

rsz_33057361341_088f7583b8_zA Story So Shocking, So Threatening, It Will Frighten You Beyond All Imagination!

Eureka Entertainment to release THE ENTITY, the ultimate story of supernatural terror starring Barbara Hershey, on Blu-ray from 15 May 2017.

Academy Award nominee Barbara Hershey stars as Carla Moran, a hard-working single mother who, one terrible night is raped in her bedroom by someone – or something – that she cannot see. Met with sceptical psychiatrists, she is repeatedly attacked in her car, in the bath, and in front of her children. Could this be a case of hysteria, a manifestation of childhood sexual trauma, or something even more horrific?

Now, with a group of daring parapsychologists, Carla will attempt an unthinkable experiment: to seduce, trap and ultimately capture the depraved spectral fury that is The Entity. Eureka Entertainment is proud to present this ground-breaking horror on Blu-ray.

BARBARA HERSHEY | RON SILVER | DAVID LABIOSA | GEORGE COLE 1982 | 119 minutes | 2.35:1 OAR | USA | Supernatural / Horror | Colour | 15 May 2017 Certificate 18 | Director SYDNEY FURIE | Language ENGLISH | Subtitles ENGLISH SDH (Optional) Blu-ray Cat. No. EKA70247 | Blu-ray Barcode 5060000702477 | Blu-ray RRP £14.99

Grimm Entertainment sign BED OF THE DEAD and THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY ROAD for the UK from Breakthrough Entertainment

rsz_bedBED OF THE DEAD and THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY ROAD set for Summer 2017 UK home entertainment releases

BED OF THE DEAD marks the directorial debut of award-winning cinematographer Jeff Maher

Acclaimed actor Stu Stone (Donnie Darko) makes his directorial debut with award-winning “stoner horror” THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY ROAD

The UK’s Grimm Entertainment celebrate their signing of two widely lauded genre films from Canada’s Breakthrough Entertainment: Black Fawn Films’ BED OF THE DEAD and Five Seven Film’s THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY ROAD.

Black Fawn Films (Bite, Antisocial 1&2, Let Her Out) are set to unleash another genre favourite with BED OF THE DEAD, the tale of a haunted antique bed which brings whoever lies within to a gruesome end. Starring Colin Price (The Heretics), Samantha Cole (Friends With Benefits TV series) and Dennis Andres (The Strain TV series), BED OF THE DEAD premiered at Fantasia International Film Festival and has since played at Toronto After Dark, FrightFest, Berlin Fantasy Film Fest and Other Worlds in rsz_kirbyAustin, Texas.

In THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY ROAD, a group of stoned, horny teens decide to investigate the famed hauntings on Kirby Road for themselves. Directed by actor Stu Stone (Donnie Darko), the film stars Nina Kiri (Let Her Out), Chris Kapeleris (The Kennedys After Camelot) and Sammi Barber (Precious Cargo). Last year, KIRBY ROAD won Best Horror Feature at the Toronto Independent Film Festival as well as Best Director and Best Cinematography at CineView Film Festival. The film has been released in the US and Canada and sold out within its first week on shelves in Walmart.

See the international trailers here:

BED OF THE DEAD – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrlIC7zACfQ

THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY ROAD – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TusDzBgrmE&t=2s


First Trailer for Saudi Horror Film He Belongs To Us released from Director Gigi Hozimah!

rsz_hbtu1First Trailer for Saudi Horror Film He Belongs To Us released from Director Gigi Hozimah

Saudi Arabian Filmmaker Gigi Hozimah has just released the trailer to her first feature film He Belongs To Us. To coincide with the release of the trailer , the official poster illustrated by Sam Wolfe Connelly has also been released.

He Belongs To Us is a psychological horror drama about Remy an isolated young man haunted by vivid nightmares about his Mother’s death, his neglected childhood and his spiralling depression. These same nightmares however begin seeping into his waking moments taking a sinister hold over the shattered remains of his life.

A Saudi/US co-production , this is the first feature directed by Saudi independent filmmaker Gigi Hozimah , and is the first film of it’s kind to come from Saudi Arabia. He Belongs To Us is an existential horror founded on nightmares and surrealism.

Gigi was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and was never aware that her cinematic vison would one day find it’s way on to the global stage. Coming from a nation that has held back the progress of women she refused to accept her traditionalist surrounding and when 19 she left for England and has as yet never returned.

He Belongs To Us is currently being entered into film festivals worldwide!!

Sally Phillips & Shaun Dooley to star in new short Blood Shed!

rsz_blood_shed_castSALLY PHILLIPS and SHAUN DOOLEY to star in new short BLOOD SHED, directed by James Moran (writer of Severance, Cockneys vs Zombies, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Spooks)! Crowdfunding until 27th March!

rsz_shaun_dooley_to_play_jack_in_blood_shedThe award-winning SHAUN DOOLEY to play the role of Jack!

Shaun Dooley stars in the upcoming BBC One drama Gunpowder alongside Kit Harington and Liv Tyler, just the latest in a hugely impressive list of credits including a Royal Television Society North Award for Best Actor for Mark of Cain. From the heartbreak of Broadchurch and the Red Riding trilogy, to the hit movies The Woman in Black, The Awakening and Eden Lake, Shaun can always be relied upon to deliver a powerhouse performance. He showed a sensitive yet terrifying side in Misfits, as well as a barnstorming singing voice, proving his range, flexibility and fiercely unpredictable edge. He’s also appeared in the TV shows DCI Banks, Ordinary Lies, Cuffs, Great Expectations, The Game, This is England ’90 and Exile. Whenever Shaun appears on screen, you never know what might happen next, but you can guarantee it’ll always be exciting, even when there’s a shed involved…

Shaun said of Blood Shed, “As soon as I read the title it appealed to me. I grew up on horror and schlock movies and to be honest the thought of being covered in blood and entrails from a vomiting murderous shed?  Well, who in their right mind would say no?”

SALLY PHILLIPS rsz_sally_phillips_to_play_helen__-_phototo play the role of Helen!

Sally is a comedy ICON and writer instantly recognisable as one of the forces behind Channel 4’s award-winning comedy sketch show, Smack The Pony. She has also starred in the three smash hit Bridget Jones films and The Decoy Bride, which she co-wrote, and HBO’s Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Sally has been a near-constant presence on British television, from I’m Alan Partridge, to Hippies, Green Wing, Miranda, and Parents. Sally co-starred in the 2016 film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, as Mrs Bennet. Since 2004, she has played the title role in the BBC Radio 4 comedy show, Clare in the Community.

Blood Shed Synopsis:
Jack loves a bargain. And he loves sheds. When he buys suspiciously cheap second-hand parts online to build his very own dream shed, he and long-suffering wife Helen find they’ve got more than they bargained for: a killer shed with an appetite for blood. As the body count rises, and the shed’s ferocious appetite grows, Jack is faced with a horrifying dilemma. A comedy horror about a man’s twisted love for his shed… that eats people.

Crowdfunding campaign notes:
The team need to raise £10K to make this beautiful nightmare a reality, with a Kickstarter campaign live from 27th February – 27th March 2017. Currently 51% funded in just over a week, but full target must be met for the film to be made. Kickstarter link – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamesmoran/blood-shed-comedy-horror-short-about-a-man-eating/description

rsz_blood_shed_flyer_front_artTeam Biographies:
James Moran, co-writer and director, will already be familiar to many fans of the horror and comedy genre through his writing on the movies Severance, Cockneys vs Zombies and Tower Block, and internationally acclaimed TV shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval and Spooks. His other work includes 5-time Streamy Award nominated web series Girl Number 9, and several short films which he wrote and directed, including the award-winning hit Crazy for You (Best Horror/Sci-Fi, Crystal Palace International Film Festival), starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, which screened at huge festivals across the globe and is now part of an anthology feature film.

Moran says, “I’ve always loved 80s horror, and I’m really excited to unleash our evil beast. For years, we’ve seen people getting killed in or near cabins and outhouses, but we’ve never seen a shed itself actually doing the killing – until now Cat Davies, co-writer and producer of the film, has worked professionally in production since 2005 at the BBC, ITV and as a publishing executive at BBC Worldwide managing the release of some of the UK’s biggest comedy titles. Cat is an expert in making the most of every penny and managing productions end-to-end. Cat is also an award-winning filmmaker, with her last short Connie starring Catrin Stewart, playing the international festival circuit and currently nominated for a prestigious iHorror award in the US. Cat is co-founder of Moranic Productions, with James.

Davies says, “We really need your help to make this happen and shoot the film in late April. We cannot wait to share Blood Shed with the world.”
Ben Foster (Torchwood, Thunderbirds Are Go, Happy Valley, Our Girl, Scott & Bailey, Banana), a BAFTA-nominated composer, is on score duties and firing up the synths NOW!

Crowdfunding Dates: 27th February – 27th March 2017 on Kickstarter
Official Website and Links:
#bloodshedfilm #nightofthelivingshed

Population Zero – Available on Digital Download 10th April 2017 from FrightFest Presents

population_zero_webPopulation Zero – Available on Digital Download 10th April 2017 from FrightFest Presents

More shocking than the crime itself, are the bizarre events that followed!

The Blair Witch Project meets Catfish and Making A Murderer, as a filmmaker travels to Yellowstone park to unravel a shocking murder mystery, where a guilty man walked free because of a bizarre legal loophole, in this mix of horror and crime documentary.


In 2009 three young men were killed in a remote part of Yellowstone National Park. Hours after the trio were gunned down, Dwayne Nelson confessed to the crime. Despite this, Nelson was allowed to go free because of an American Constitution loophole.

Documentarian Julian T. Pinder travels to Yellowstone in a chase for truth behind a crime that should have rocked the nation. How did a guilty man go free? In his hunt for answers Pinder risks his own life when he finds evidence that could re-open the case years later – evidence that Nelson is keen shouldn’t come to light.

popTake horror thriller director Adam Levins (Estranged), and team him with acclaimed documentarian Julian T Pinder, and you get the unique and unsettling Population Zero, a part fact, part fiction look at murder, madness and American justice gone wrong. The starting point for the film is the incredible fact that there is a strip of land in the USA where you can literally get away with murder, in Yellowstone National Park – because no one lives there, a jury cannot be made up to try anyone accused of murder in that area.

The film fascinatingly mixes true fact – it was inspired by an article entitled The Perfect Crime, which documents the staggering legal loophole whereby a killer can get away scot free – with a heartstopping crime thriller element, as Pinder closes in on the truth while the deadly Nelson closes in on him; and uses the extraordinary photographic sensation Bison vs Buffalo as a motif for the film. Beautifully filmed against the stunning wilderness, and painstakingly put together to the point where fiction blends into fact and back again, Population Zero is thought-provoking, multi-layered and chilling.

The Belko Experiment hits In UK cinemas 21st April 2017

rsz_belko_one_sheet_r1-lores_interThe Belko Experiment hits In UK cinemas 21st April 2017

In a twisted social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia, and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed in order to survive.

Presented by Orion Pictures, an arm of MGM, The Belko Experiment is directed by Greg McLean (The Darkness, Wolf Creek), written by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and produced by Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Annabelle) and Gunn. The film stars John Gallagher, Jr. (The Newsroom, 10 Cloverfield Lane), Tony Goldwyn (Scandal), Adria Arjona (True Detective), John C. McGinley (Stan Against Evil, Scrubs), Melonie Diaz (Fruitvale Station), Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Sprung from the mind of acclaimed filmmaker James Gunn and directed by Greg McLean, The Belko Experiment raises provocative questions while offering a black-humored thrill-ride that pushes ruthless corporate behavior to terrifying extremes.

When office workers arrive for work at Belko Industries’ isolated high-rise campus outside Bogotá, Colombia, the morning starts much like any other. Mike Pelk (John Gallagher, Jr.) smokes weed in the bathroom and flirts with his beautiful officemate Leandra (Adria Arjona) while new employee Dany Wilkins (Melonie Diaz) settles in for her first day on the job. Everything changes when an anonymous voice comes through the intercom speakers ordering employees to kill two of their colleagues within 30 minutes. Many of the 80 employees assume the order is a sick joke, even when steel-plated doors snap shut sealing off all windows and exits.

rsz_belko2When they fail to comply before the half hour is up, the heads of four randomly chosen office workers explode. Panic reaches a fever pitch when the disembodied voice issues his next command: thirty people must be killed within the next two hours or 60 people will die. Belko COO Barry Norris (Tony Goldwyn), a former Special Forces operative, commandeers a vault filled with guns, assembles an ad-hoc death squad and begins executing elderly and childless employees. In the ensuing melee, ordinary office workers including stoner Marty (Sean Gunn), nerdy Keith (Josh Brener), creepy Wendell (John C. McGinley) and maintenance guy Bud (Michael Rooker) reveal their true colors.

The Railway Carriage / Megan: Gets a special edition DVD release

rsz_ds1The Railway Carriage / Megan: Special edition DVD

The Railway Carriage will be released on DVD this April along with the short film Megan in a special edition DVD which will also feature trailers and interviews with lead actor Dean Sills. Dean Sills (Up North) plays the lead in both shorts and each one is directed by Ross Adgar.

‘The Railway Carriage’ is a psychological horror short film in which the lead character (John) is trapped in a dream like world where there is no easy escape. Throughout he is beset with flashbacks, vague memories that explain why he is trapped in a train carriage again and again. Is someone testing him? Has he done something so bad his mind has trapped itself in a strange repeating labyrinth? Through the memories and objects he finds in the carriage, John tries to find a way out of the nightmare world he has brought on himself!

‘The Railway Carriage’ made its international film premiere at Nightpiece film festival at The Edinburgh Fringe on Saturday 29th August 2015 and since then it has had much success with screening at a number of film festivals including Starburst International Film Festival in Manchester, last year. ‘The Railway Carriage’ was shot on location at Elsecar Heritage Railway in South Yorkshire, England, UK. Sills enjoyed working with the young director Ross Adgar so much that he teamed up with him again last year in the short film ‘Megan.’

John   ………..            Dean Sills
Teenaged Boy  …….  David Chambers
Teenaged Girl ……..  Geri Preston
Ex-Wife     ………..    Tasha Evans
John’s Friend ……..    Mitchell Hone
Newsreader  ……..     Rosanne Priest

dsmegan‘Megan’ In a post apocalyptic world one man embarks on a journey to find his girlfriend, Megan. Megan and her boyfriend Callum get separated during a virus outbreak in the summer of 2016, she pleads with Callum to promise to kill her if she becomes infected with the virus and ends up walking out when he won’t consider killing her if she  becomes infected, the story moves forward 5 years and deals with the impact and consequences of what happened and Callum’s quest to find Megan.

Ross Adgar’s short film boldly creates a parallel Britain living a dystopian reality with a great deal of help from the use of a black and white filter and some really great location shooting.

The film has not had a festival run like ‘The Railway Carriage’ and the only public screening so far was at Cast in Doncaster in the UK, last September. Ross Adgar is growing as a director and this was a much bigger shoot than ‘The Railway Carriage’ which he and  actor Dean Sills both found more challenging due to a number of reasons including the weather. The cast includes many actors from ‘Up North’, the Essex TV show written by Dean Sills and directed by Steve Call. Steve Call even helped out behind the camera in ‘Megan.’

Callum    …….     Dean Sills
Megan     ……..    Carley Motley
Stephen   ………   Ross Marshall
Scavenger ……..   Mitchell Hone
Soldier      ………  Kuljit Singh
Public Announcer  ……..  Samantha Senior

The special Edition DVD contains both short films plus trailers, interviews and the soundtrack to ‘Megan’ along with many stills from the shoot.
Thanks to Adgar Productions, the DVD will be available to buy this April at Amazon.com


and you can follow Dean Sills on Twitter: @dean_sills

Stake Land 2 Hits UK DVD on April 3rd

rsz_sStake Land II hits UK DVD on April 3rd

Death is no escape

A scary, bloody and action-packed follow up to the 2010 horror hit, with Nick Damici returning as Mister, the vampire hunter, roaming a post apocalyptic landscape and delivering bloody justice one sharp stake at a time. Watch the world die with a scream – lots of them.

Nick Damici (Stake Land, Late Phases, Cold In July, We Are What We Are)
Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl, Revenge, Stake Land)
Laura Abramsen (Wolfcop)

Dan Berk, Robert Olsen (The Body)

Executive Producer
Jim Mickle (Stake Land, We Are What We Are)

Larry Fessenden (The Innkeepers, The House of the Devil)

Older and weathered, when New Eden is destroyed, and his wife and child murdered by the revived vampire Brotherhood, Martin (Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl, Stake Land) suddenly finds himself alone in the desolate badlands of America. With only one goal, to avenge the death of his family, Martin must find his mentor and legendary vampire hunter, Mister, to achieve his mission. But in a world ravaged by vampires, once again, he must fight to survive and no-one can be trusted.

Stake Land II is the much anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Stake Land, reuniting the forceful duo in this bloody and spine-chilling gore-fest!

“You’re alive – act like it”

rsz_s3The stakes are raised in this sequel to Jim Mickle’s 2010 horror hit, with original star, and writer, the gruff, gravelly-voiced Nick Damici (who, on any other planet, would be a superstar by now), returning as the no nonsense vampire hunter Mister, and produced by Mickle and horror genre favourite Larry Fessenden (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers) through his Glass Eye Pics studio.

Directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen hit the ground running here, picking up where the final film left of and plunging the viewer into the world of the wheezing, wrathful berserkers, as Martin (Connor Paolo from Gossip Girl, Revenge, Stake Land), sets out to find truly nasty fanged fiend The Mother (Kristina Hughes), and discovers the vampires aren’t his only problem in a world where survivors will do anything to get by. The film also brings back genre hero Mister to dispense killer lines (“You got your whole life to die, kid – no point rushing it”) and carnage the only way he knows how.

Signature Entertainment presents Pet on Digital 6th March and on Blu-ray & DVD 13th March, 2017!


This haunting, psychological horror follows Seth, a lonely man working in an animal shelter. His monotonous routine is broken one day when he bumps into Holly, a girl from school who he soon becomes obsessed with. However, when she rejects his advances, Seth’s obsession reaches a terrifying new level, with Holly hiding secrets of her own.

Helmed by Award Winning director Carles Torrens (Apartment 143, ABCs of Death 2.5) and starring Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings trilogy), Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl, Black Swan) and Jennette McCurdy (Between, Sam & Cat), Pet is a dark and disturbing love story asking how much you could sacrifice in the name of love?

Signature Entertainment presents Pet on Digital 6th March and on Blu-ray & DVD 13th March, 2017

FrightFest & FAB Press launch The FrightFest Guide To Monster Movies!

rsz_monster_book_-_front_cover_artworkFrightFest & FAB Press launch THE FRIGHTFEST GUIDE TO MONSTER MOVIES

FrightFest and FAB Press once again join forces to launch THE FRIGHTFEST GUIDE TO MONSTER MOVIES, which goes exclusively on sale during Horror Channel FrightFest 2017, Aug 24 – Aug 28. Following the success of The FrightFest Guide to Exploitation Movies, this is the second in a planned series of wide appeal books for both the curious spectator and the cult connoisseur,

Written by celebrated writer, editor & critic Michael Gingold, the book contains 200 of the most frightening, fantastical and fun monster film features. Starting in the silent era, it traces the history of the genre all the way through to the present day. The films are given detailed individual reviews, with fascinating facts and critical analysis.

There are the Universal Studios favourites such as Frankenstein’s Monster and the Mummy, the big bugs, atomic mutants and space invaders that terrorised the ’50s. Then there’s the kaiju of Japan, the full-colour fiends from Hammer and the ecological nightmares of the ’70s and ’80s, to the CG creatures and updated favourites of more recent years.

Cult-favourite filmmaker Frank Henenlotter, creator of some of the screen’s most idiosyncratic and bizarre beings, contributes a foreword, and it’s all illustrated with a ghoulish gallery of scary stills and petrifying posters representing the remarkable range of monstrous movies. Do you dare open the cover and confront the beasts within?

The official launch is at Horror Channel FrightFest, Cineworld, Leicester Square (24th to 28th August) The FrightFest exclusive hardcover will be on sale for just £20. The book’s international street date is 18 September 2017. Paperback price: £16.99 (UK) $24.95 (US)