Call Girl (2014) Short Film Review

callgirl1.000Call Girl (2014) Review

Dir: Jill Sixx Gevargizian

6 mins

Starring: Laurence R. Harvey, Tristan Risk.

In one man’s attempt to exploit his date night via video-chat, he endsup sharing something far more disturbing.

Call me old fashioned but gone are the days when couples met via traditional routes like in a bar or work place, now more and more people are meeting online. This is fine but some people overstep the line and wander into the dirty
world of voyeurism. Webcam chats and a beautiful hooker give us the perfect formula here along with a tasty setup and a very cool ending delivering a superb twist.

‘Call Girl’ is a delightful little short film which is faultlessly directed by Jill Sixx Gevargizian and totally shot from the web camera’s point of view, drawing us in from the start like you are almost on Skype chatting to someone or in the film!

It’s beautifully written by Eric Havens and he clearly takes the online cam session to the extreme.

callgirl2The film stars Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede 2) and Tristan Risk (American Mary) both are perfectly cast.

Harvey, who is easily recognised by his unique looks especially those bug-eyes, appears more grotesque here due to many close-up facial projection shots from the view of the webcam, like a fisheye lens. He nicely plays the part of a dirty old man called Ed, who hires Mitzy, a sexy Call girl and just before her visit he secretly hooks up with someone online to watch the action take place via a webcam link.

The very talented gorgeous Tristan plays Mitzy and we are treated to some stunning long shots of her stunning figure, which gives us a beauty and the beast feel to the movie. Ed and Mitzy both seem a little uncomfortable when they first meet but both end up having a night to remember.

callgirl3It’s hard trying to review a film that runs just under 6 mins without giving the plot away but it’s also a pleasure seeing something like this work so well on screen in such a short time. Each actor gives a great performance with L
aurence R. Harvey delivering the best lines but I do have a soft spot for Tristan (see my interview with her HERE), she is one hell of an actress and you only need to watch her performance in ‘American Mary’ to know what I am talking about!

Sadly, I was just about to munch on my popcorn when the end credits rolled . ‘Call Girl’ leaves you wanting much more and it’s definitely a film everyone will want to watch!


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