Biotherapy (1986) Review

bio1Biotherapy (1986)

Director – Akihiro Kashima     36 Minutes

Starring – Jun’ichi Haruta, Yumiko Ishikawa, Hirohisa Nakata.



Biotherapy is a strange creature, part Kaiju-movie part stalk and slash horror obscurity it is J-Splatter at its core filled with cheaply done special effects and the almost obligatory eye gouging scene. The eyeball scene is among the best I’ve seen of its era and it’s a pleasure to watch in all its bloody glory. The practical effects are a highlight in this movie and are worth checking out for these alone the team have done a fantastic job which is highlighted on a short extra after the movie.

This low budget movie features a threadbare plot in which a group of scientist are stalked and murdered by a space creature/mutant with a top hat.

The films has never had an official DVD release but VHS bootleg transfers litter the internet and although they don’t feature subtitles don’t let this fact put you off viewing this oddity.

bio2Like many movies of the era (this was released in Japan in 1986) it features a gaudy amount of gore and kills that would make Jason Vorhees green with envy.

The creature in question wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of mystery science theatre 3000; in fact I’m surprised that they haven’t used this movie before.

The First grisly death is the previously mentioned eyeball pluck which is shown in full view leaving nothing to the imagination this 35 min short film pulls no punches in delivering from the get go.

80s horror musical flares are used throughout all the cues and score choices ripping off every other 80s horror which came before it and some awesome traditional glam metal and electronica feature predominantly making this movie filled with awesome.

A particularly nasty scene featuring our as of now masked monster slashing and stabbing a helpless female scientist with a test tube and the obligatory blood splurge from the tube is awesome; although the blood looks a little to pink to be overly realistic.

The main gripe about this movie is there is no Dub/Sub available and a fair bit of talking in-between all of the bloodshed, not a problem if you are native of the language but for the majority of people reading this review it will be a minor hindrance, but shouldn’t take too much away from this viewing experience.

The gore flows freely and the science lab setting adds to the fun complete with terribly dated computer technology and lab equipment which makes the original star trek look like the best thing since sliced bread.

There is an exceptionally well done effect where the space rams a gun hilt into a scientists mouth knocking all of his teeth out that looked spectacular making you want to rewind and re-watch.

bio3Why the main alien villain wears some crazy type of hooded cloak and mask for the majority of the movie is beyond me but it makes the monster reveal more fun. Would’ve liked to have seen the monster in its all its glory but the end sequence more than makes up for it with an awesome grand finale set piece which is adorned with some outstanding practical effects for what would be a reasonably small budget.

Grab this DVD watch with an open mind and just enjoy the visual treat that Biotherapy is.

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