Axe Massacre (2008) Slasher Short Review


Axe Massacre (2008)

Dir Chris R Notarile   –   12 Minutes

It is Christmas Eve and Kevin And his son Tommy are getting ready for the big day. As the pair settle down with a couple of family members for food and drinks Kevin’s estranged wife Ellie phones to tell him she is on her way over to take Tommy back with her for Christmas.

When Ellie arrives at Kevin’s house she is met on the drive by a figure dressed as Santa. The rest is carnage!

Axe Massacre is a good little short from the ever prolific Chris R Notarile (many genre shorts and the Deadpool webseries). It is well acted and despite the Christmas setting there is no jolly goings one here, just bloodshed.

The music is excellent especially a brutal scene played out to Jingle Bell Rock that is fantastic. The is a perfect seasonal watch (in July) !

Verdict 6/10

You can watch Axe Massacre on Blinky500’s youtube channel along with a lot of Chris’s other works.

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