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Writer/Director Of Slasher House, Creepsville and Legacy Of Thorn, I've spent my life in love with Horror movies since I saw Halloween at 11 years old. A film that led me on the path to becoming an Filmmaker and Writer and creating Independent production Studio Mycho Entertainment. Currently I spend my days leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that my next leap will be the leap home. http://mycho.co.uk http://iwasateenagefilmmaker.blogspot.com httP://slasherhouse.com http://legacyofthorn.com

A Year In The ‘Knife’ Of A Low Budget Filmmaker: March

ayitkmarch2A Year In The ‘Knife’ Of A Low Budget Filmmaker: March

When you produce low budget movies there’s never really any danger of becoming bored, quite simply because there is always something that needs doing. This month is no exception, in fact, if anything March has been a little more hectic as we entered a cross over period.

With Legacy Of Thorn complete, it’s now that we face the daunting task of finding distribution for the film, which is nothing short of a minefield in regards to making the right decision for the film. At the same time we find ourselves in Pre Production for our next feature Blood On Santa’s Claws, it’s at this point that we have to wear our business heads and creative heads simultaneously on a daily basis and that can be tricky.

ayitkmarch1Running a low budget production company often means that you find yourself short on staff and therefore a large workload is taken on your shoulders. There are certainly upsides, in regards to knowing what stage everything is at and what needs to be done. However downsides include long days with little financial benefit and jobs being delayed or but on the back burner. So March has been about trying to get ready to tie up loose ends so to speak.

Such is the case with my first feature Creepsville, and still waiting for actors to free up sometime to finish the audio dubbing that needs to be done to finish the final cut. On top of that we are currently prepping to finish our segment for the anthology feature Blaze Of Gory ready to shoot mid April.

To top it off, the Lancashire International Film Festival asked us to debut our new show the Mycho Micro-Budget Massacre Master Class on April 5th which will be touring later this year around the UK and looks at our unique way of producing movies on show string budgets. The show is filled with on set horror stories and clips from our old movies, as well as our new ones, hopefully it will be informative whilst remaining a night of entertainment.

ayitkmarch3As we go into April it marks a significant moment for us. It’s been a year since Slasher House hit shelves in the UK and so it seemed the perfect time to announce our next project that’s we’ve been sat on for some time (since 2011 infact). However with it being April Fools Day on the first we decided to disguise the announcement behind a fake film that we dubbed slAyPRIL Fools Day, that by the time you read this will have launched on the Mycho site along with a fake Trailer and Poster, before we announce the real project at midday. Slasher House 2 which begins shooting in January.

It’s a large workload, but ultimately, it’s certainly worth it to do what you love day in and day out, breathing life into these things is great privilege and although it has its downsides, there nothing I’d rather be doing.




A Year in The ‘Knife’ of A Low-Budget Horror Filmmaker: February


February is a strange month for anyone really, it’s your follow through month. All the things you promised yourself you’d change in the New Year are either cast aside or pushed forward with conviction. I think being an indie filmmaker is kind of like that all year round, you need to keep conviction and follow through to make sure that things get done and more importantly, finished.

mjfeb2This month I’ve been working feverishly on making sure that our latest feature Legacy Of Thorn is ready for its cast and crew premiere on February 28th. The film was supposed to be finished in October, however after our sound guy bailed in September with no notice. We spent 2 months trying to replace him, which only wasted more time, before I bit the bullet and took over sound duties myself once again.

This of course knocked the film back by about another 2 months, during this time I made the choice to add a mid credits sequence and that of course set us back a little bit longer, since October I have left the house about 6 times, it took over our Christmas, our New Year and countless other important things, but on Friday the film locked with everything in place and is now ready for its screening only one week before it’s premiere.

mjfeb3I couldn’t have done it without conviction, I had to knuckle down and just push through, it was tough, but that is the difference between a finished movie and an abandoned one. I learned the hard way with my first film that if you don’t take charge then it can slip away too easily and as a result that caused my first film Creepsville a delay of nearly 5 years. My point is that things go wrong, and like with resolutions, when things get tough, it’s easy to push it to the wayside and give up and that’s fine as long as you’re willing to accept defeat.

mjfeb4The price for that, though, is not finishing whatever it is you started. Sometimes you can’t make that an option. You have to have belief in yourself and your abilities in order to succeed in the movie industry, or almost any other industry, and some days that’s tough, especially when you feel like you’ve already given all you’ve got.

Yet in the end you have to remind yourself of one thing. Yeah, some days you work 20 hours and find yourself getting nowhere and some days…Well you get to spend your days pulling people’s heads off and crushing them til their eyes pop out. MJ




http://slasherhouse.com http://legacyofthorn.com

A Year In The ‘Knife’ Of A Low-Budget Horror Filmmaker – January: New Years Evil


So my name is MJ Dixon, I’ve been an indie filmmaker for well over a decade now. Of course my interest has always been in the horror genre, ever since I can remember.

Last year saw my first released feature Slasher House hit the shelves of major UK stores and is currently preparing for its US release in the next few months. On top of that Legacy Of Thorn, one of our dream projects, finally hit production and is due to for its first screening in February before its release on DVD later this year.

Of course that sets us up for a very exciting and interesting year in the low budget horror business and so the idea of these articles for the next 12 months is to follow our progress through our next production and to try to give you guys an idea of exactly how much, Blood (literal and fake), Sweat and Tears (All real) go into movies like ours and the hundreds of others being produced every year by people like ourselves.

January as a filmmaker is the month of ‘New Hope’, its the month when our drive and mjjan2ambition hits the ground running, With plans to keep on top of meetings, scripts, shoots and a whole host of other things. It’s how we set ourselves up here that will carry over for the rest of the year.

This year our ‘Big’ production is a Christmas Slasher in the guise of ‘Blood On Santa’s Claws’. A project that we developed in 2012 whilst we were working on Legacy Of Thorn. As you’ll see by each blog I write, seasonal horror is something of a love of mine and Christmas horror? Well, that’s like my mastermind subject. So where to begin? Well, as is common with film production, we’ve landed in the New Year about a month behind.

Ideally, I would like to have a finished script by now, but I decided to take another draft of it before we send it out to the cast involved. I think it’s important to get your first draft that goes to the talent involved just right, as they’ll need belief in your project to get them through the ‘hell’ that is production.

mjjan1All good horror starts with a great script and then everything goes to shit from there, right?But it’s something I believe has to be absolutely as good as you can get it. This is your foundation and you have to lay it down as best you can to build the rest of your movie on. Being an indie filmmaker in this regard has its pros and its cons. Your pros are, that you are never really answering to anyone, you become the bottom line. No one can tell you what to change if you don’t want to. The cons are, that you are never really answering to anyone, which can make you less objective about your own work.

It’s a fine balance and I try and get as much feedback as I can from various trusted sources to try to be sure I’m on the right track or not. If people have too many questions you probably have more work to do. So I hope you guys will enjoy taking this journey with me. I hope that it will be educational to those who work in the same industry and entertaining to the those who don’t. I guess we’ll see. MJ