A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #1

genrossibannerWelcome ghouls and boys to the first tantalizing instalment of A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen. This horror queen is truly honored to be writing for UK Horror Scene. Things have been very busy in my dark world! Horror truly is more than a genre, it is a lifestyle. Going from film shoots to public appearances at conventions to film festivals! I recently took a stab at writing and directing my own film and that was a scream! It’s enough to make your head spin all the way around!


On the Women of Horror Panel at Macabre Faire Film Festival ((pic by Robert Jackson)

I was recently honored to attend the Macabre Faire Film Festival in New York where I represented Ukhorrorscene! http://www.macabrefairefilmfest.com/ It was fun watching all the amazing films and being on The Women of Horror Panel! The panel consisted of wide variety of women occupying various roles in the horror genre: Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Heather Drew (actress and acting teacher), Christina Raia (director of Summit), and Jodi Draigie (The House on Sorority Row). Some of the high points of the festival included special effects lectures from Beatrice Sniper and GutRot Effects, which both worked on a number of the films I appear in.

Some of my favorite films from the weekend were director John Portanova’s feature The Valley of the Sasquatch starring Jason Vail and Bill Oberst Jr. and Jeremiah Kipp’s short The Minions.


With Jeremiah Kipp, director of The Minions (pic by Robert Jackson)

Jason Vail and I both worked closely together in Adam Ahlbrandt’s Hunters so I was really excited to see his performance in Valley of the Sasquatch. Vail recalls working on the film, “Talented, hardest working crew I’ve met and they all had a great sense of humor. They kept it light even during the most stressful times. I appreciated that as an actor. John Portanova directed his first feature and knocked it out of the park. No east feat. And I have to thank my good friend Elias, director of Gut for being the link.” The film is currently circulating at film festivals and is not yet available to the general public.

The Minions is a beautifully haunting art-house horror short that transports the viewer into a visually stunning yet frightening world that is all too familiar. Kipp is an accomplished director of the genre; I have acted in a few of his films in the past including Theresa and Allison, Black Wake, and Fear of Blindness. He explains, “The Minions is based on a true story. We like telling people its about witches. The main character is on his way home and then two drunk girls appear to lure him in. We wanted to capture that vulnerable late at night urban encounter, which can turn bad really fast.” Watch The Minions on VOD here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theminions

At Four States Slasher Con with actors Matt Burns and Edward X. Young

At Four States Slasher Con with actors Matt Burns and Edward X. Young

In my life recently I had a lot of traveling to conventions and filming. I traveled to Four State Slasher Con in Winchester, Virginia to be an official guest at this horror convention that focused both on films and music. It was an honor to be an official guest with so many talented people in the horror genre including the cast of The Lost Boys and Creepshow 2! I am so thankful for the opportunity to EAT all the fans. Whoops I mean MEET the fans. I was honored to be part of a Scream Queen Panel hosted by Amy Humphries and with other scream queens: Mel Heflin, Jessica Felice, Jenny Jannetty, and Renee Gambrel.

“You need to make more chicken films”, one group of horror fans exclaimed. My film, Attack of the Killer Chickens, which I directed, wrote, produced and starred in, screened as part of the shorts block. This film also stars a great cast: Edward X. Young, Rocco George, Nick Petito, Pamela Martin, and K. J. Hopkins. The screening room was full and the audience really enjoyed the film. I am thankful to the cast and crew who did an amazing job on this film.


Dead Men Tell No Tales, directed by Dusty W. Fleischman

While in West Virginia and just a few weeks after Gunnar Hansen’s tragic death I was asked to take on the role of a chainsaw wielding killer in Dead Men Tell No Tales, a horror/comedy by Creepy Crawl Entertainment. It was my first time working with director Dusty W. Fleischman and actor Matt Burns, but we had lots of fun on set. It was my first time handling a chainsaw, but I was a quick learner. I put on my animal print bra and panty set, grabbed the chainsaw and I was ready to put the hot in psychotic. After the shoot I had a strange graving for a nice bloody steak! http://creepycrawlcce.wix.com/creepycrawl


With Larry Rosen at Northeast Film Festival Horrorfest

Speaking of chickens, my short film Attack of the Killer Chickens was an official selection for the Northeast Film Festival Horrorfest in New Jersey. It was a great honor to be selected for the film fest and to walk away with a nomination for best screenplay. I had two films in the fest: my film Attack of the Killer Chickens and a short called The Abducted directed by Larry Rosen. I attended the film festival with my actors AND our infamous chicken puppets. http://www.neffhorrorfest.com/

I recently did a photoshoot with Swav Jusis photography. The theme was blood and I spent the day covered in blood and having a gory time. http://swavjusis.com/blog/

Thank you my ghoulish horror friends and tune in on the 1st of each month for more tales from my life in horror! Blood and glory awaits!

Yours in screams,
Genoveva Rossi x


Swav Jusis Photography

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