A Life in Blood – Genoveva Rossi Interviews Robert Mukes

genrossibannerHorror Queen Genoveva Rossi interviews the Great Robert Mukes from House of 1000 Corpses and Westworld

This horror queen recently had the pleasure of being a guest with horror legend Robert Mukes at two spooktacular horror conventions: Scare-a-con and Monsters and Robots. While at these incredibly busy events we managed to find a few moments to sit down and discuss Robert Mukes’ exciting acting career both in horror and in the mainstream acting world.

rmGenoveva: 1. You are an actor with an impressive background, but fans know you the most for House of 1000 Corpses. How did you come to meet Rob Zombie and to work on the film?

Mukes: I booked the role Rufus Jr, of House of 1000 corpses through the auditioning process, after I got the role I met Rob Zombie during the wardrobe fitting.

rm1Genoveva: 2. What was it like working with Rob Zombie? Any interesting stories?

Mukes: It was awesome working with Rob Zombie on House of 1000 Corpses. First of all it was a Universal Studios movie. Rob Zombie picked an amazing cast and he was extremely laid-back and professional to work with.

Genoveva: 3. Recently you acted in an episode of the new TV series Westworld? Tell readers a bit about your character and your time on set.

Mukes: Westworld was an amazing experience! From the cast, crew, catering service, and the actual seen that I participated in was amazing! I played a Behemoth Robot and I’ve got my fingers crossed to return for next season.


Robert Mukes panel moderated by Genoveva Rossi at Monsters and Robots. Pic by Todd Staruch

Genoveva: 4. In addition to Westworld you’ve acted in Weeds, Justified, and Bone Tomahawk. Tell us a bit about what it was like being in these spectacular projects.

Mukes: I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on some big budget projects, and I’ve done some smaller budget projects as well that were just as amazing.

I just really enjoy acting! The excitement of hearing the director say action and then cut, that is such a thrill for me.

Genoveva: 5. Horror fans know and love you. In fact you travel the world going to horror conventions. It was an honor to be a guest with you at four conventions so far. What appearances do you have coming up? Where can fans go to follow your work?

Mukes: It was a pleasure seeing you at the conventions as well Genoveva. It was also lots of fun having you moderate a panel with me at Monsters and Robots recently. I anticipate my popularity in the convention scene increasing. My website is very user-friendly and is always current. – robertmukes.com

rm2Genoveva: 6. What upcoming horror films can readers look for you in?

Mukes: Coffin 2 and Valentine DayZ, are the only two at the current moment, but I anticipate many more as I continue my journey with health, fitness, and professionalism.

Genoveva: 7. Any final words to leave our horror readers with on you amazing career and your status as a legend of horror?

Mukes: I really enjoy being a part of the horror scene and I’m looking forward to meeting more fans and adding to my resume. Happy holidays everyone, and thank you for your time!


Robert Mukes panel moderated by Genoveva Rossi at Monsters and Robots. Pic by Todd Staruch

Genoveva: Thank you all for reading another installment of A Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen! I hope you ghouls had as much fun as I did and stayed tuned for next month. Happy holidays!


Robert Mukes panel moderated by Genoveva Rossi at Monsters and Robots. Pic by Todd Staruch



Yours in screams, Genoveva Rossi
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A Life in Blood – Tales of a Horror Queen #8 – Nov 2016

genrossibannerA Life in Blood – Tales of a Horror Queen #8 – Nov 2016

Traveling horror queen: Genoveva Rossi meets Sergio Stivaletti in Rome, Italy and is a guest at Fantasia in Montreal, Canada!

Genoveva Rossi is at café in Rome with the great Sergio Stivaletti

When recently on a beautiful trip to Rome, Italy this horror queen had the honor of meeting up with the great Sergio Stivaletti, whom lives in the ancient city. We met up twice to discuss his life in horror. It was a pleasure to meet up for pizza and espresso with a film legend.

Sergio Stivaletti is an Italian director, producer, make-up artist and one of the greatest European special effects experts. He is considered one of the pioneers in introducing computer effects to the silver screen. During the rich 30-year career on film, television and theatre, he worked on more than 50 movies with some of the biggest names of Italian cinematography, like Dario Argento, Michele Soavi, Lamberto Bava, Roberto Benigni and Gabriele Salvatores. He also runs  Fantastic Forge: Special Effects and Applied Arts School.

Sergio said Dario Argento’s Creepers was really his starting point and his first important work. He got to really create and experiment to create the amazing special effects in the film. Jennifer Connelly was very young and very nice to work with. Looking back Sergio wished that they had been able to connect more on set, but he was so deeply involved in his consuming work on the film.

genrosnov2Also working on Demons and Demons 2 were great experiences. He recalls Demons as being a wonderful challenge for him at the time. He started doing more difficult effects in this film and using animatronics. Argento’s Opera really stands out for him too. He worked on some amazing digital effects with Asia Argento that were really unique for films in Italy at that time. In a short time his career became very rich and diverse.

Wax Mask is the first film Sergio Stivaletti directed and Dario Argento produced. Originally Lucia Fulci had been chosen to direct the film, but he sadly died before he could direct the film. It was intended to be a team of Argento and Fulci, but Fulci died. It was a tough film to direct, but Sergio put a lot of himself into it. In fact much of it was shot in his home and workshop. It was an important film for Stivaletti because it was the start of something new in his career; directing.

With his extensive experience, Stivaletti still has his heart very much in horror and he has a a unique project currently in development. He wants to remake Bela Lugosi’s Devil Bat from 1940. He wants to bring new life to this classic film. Also Sergio is working on an artistic horror film called The Muse. He is trying to do something very different and exciting in the horror genre. He believes in using both the digital effects and practical effects to create the best of both worlds.

genrosnov3We often forget that horror movies are art. This is especially true with the special effects.  It is like a cross between being an artist and a mad scientist. –Sergio Stivaletti

For many years I have been a huge fan of Dario Argento and Italian horror. In fact years ago I had been in the audience at the Italian Horror Panel at the Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey. Sergio Stivaletti was part of that panel. Now years later  it was spectacular to get to meet up and speak with him in Italy. Bellissimo!

Fantasia 2016

This year was my second year as a guest at Fantasia in Montreal, Canada. For those of you who don’t know of this two week long film festival it is accurate to say it is the “Sundance of horror film festivals”. It is an opportunity for me to see some of the best and brightest new films of the genre. Here are some reviews of the films I saw.

genrosnov5Kaijyu Mono
This film clearly was intended to pay homage  to classic Japanese monster movie. Think Godzilla. I grew up on Godzilla so I found this film a fun reminder of my childhood. I loved that it was virtually untouched by modern special effects and that the monster was obviously just a guy in a monster suit stepping on a train set. If you love camp and this genre the film will be monsterous fun to watch.

Train to Busan
This was one of the strongest films I saw at Fantasia. Just when I thought the zombie genre was getting a bit overdone I see this film and I am captivated once again. This film falls under the category of dramatic horror. The characters are very well developed and this is a tearjerker of a zombie film. The story reminded me so much of an old film starring Sophia Loren called Cassandra’s Crossing, which is about a person carrying a deadly virus and getting on a train. I would be shocked if that writer hadn’t seen that film since they are essentially the same film, but with zombies.

genrosnov6The Unseen
This was an interesting family drama with the focus on a man and his daughter. Things get a bit odd when we realize that they are both quickly becoming transparent and that this is actually a modern interpretation of The  Invisible Man. The acting was solid and the special effects amazing. Some of my favorite moments has to do with an Asian herbalism as a pliable cure. My eyes I need to start taking herbal remedies.

A dark, Gothic tale of exactly how far a childless couple will go to have a baby. Perhaps to hell and back. This film  is reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby and packs a bunch. A rich, peculiar couple pays their immigrant maid to carry their child. The maid is badly in need of money to provide for her family back home and to be reunited with her child. It’s an offer she cannot pass up, but has she made a deal with the Devil?

Set in the future a virus has infected the world and everyone exposed to it has lost their long and short term memory. Human history has essentially been wiped out and people now have as much memory as my of goldfish. All new experiences are fleeting since no one can remember much from one day to another. The film focuses on a young couple trying to figure out what they may have been to each other before the virus; siblings, friends, lovers, spouses? What are their names? Who are they? Thee only people unaffected are a father and daughter in an underground bunker and they seem the sole historians of human history and culture. This film seem to ask: even  without memory, does love still find a way to blossom in the human soul?

Man Underground
A eccentric man decides to film an  autobiographical film about his work with UFOs and government conspiracy. He casts his best friend and a local waitress as leads then starts shooting. He tells these extraordinary stories of coming face to face with aliens and spaceships. He believes the government wants him dead for what he’s seen and what he knows this the film is needed to release this secret information to the public. The audience is left wondering until the end if he is a paranoid nut or a man on a quest to reveal the truth.

genrosnov8Let Me Make You A Martyr
As I approached the theater I couldn’t help, but notice the line around the corner of Marilyn Manson fans costumed in black  waiting to see this film. And Manson’s performance didn’t disappoint. Evidently this film was a labor of love and took years of work to get it pulled together and Manson was brought in as supporting cast a mere  two days before they shot his scenes. With a short amount of time to prepare for the role this Antichrist Superstar rose to the occasion and nailed a cleverly unstated performance as a hired assassin. It was a unique film with great style and  with a host of interesting characters. Afterwards filmgoers described Marilyn Manson as their favorite part of the film and only wished he had more screen time.

The Greasy Strangler
This was a really, really wacky horror comedy about a guy that absolutely loves to eat super greasy food then strangle people. Yeah, pretty wacky. The style seems to be very 1970s. If a prize was awarded for the most bizarre comedic nude scenes in a film this movie  would win it for the full frontal nudity of men. If you like penises and your like silly movies this is your film.

I had another great year at Fantasia. The people, the films, and the festival are always great. I look forward to next year! Save some Poutine for me eh?

Yours in screams, Genoveva Rossi
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A Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen – A Tribute to Herschell Gordon Lewis

genrossibannerA Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen – A Tribute to Herschell Gordon Lewis

A true legend of the horror genre has left us. I am saddened to hear of the passing of the “Godfather of Gore”, Herschell Gordon Lewis. I was assured that he left this world peacefully at the age of 87. This horror queen is honored to have acted in his upcoming final film, “Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania”. Today we speak with the producer of his final film, James Saito. Saito isn’t simply a producer though; he is also the Vice President of Development/Production for Diabolique Films, the film division of Diabolique Magazine, a lifelong horror fan, and was a close friend of Lewis.

Interview with Producer James Saito

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5297304/?ref_=ttfc_fc_wr3

grhgl11. What was the first Herschell Gordon Lewis’ film you saw and how old were you?

My Uncle took me to a drive-in where I saw, “The Wizard of Gore”. I would have been ten years old, but the film opened my eyes to a new kind of horror – very bloody horror! It was an epiphany for me, and provided me with an affection for splatter which has stuck with me all these years later.

2. How did you come to meet and end up working with Lewis on “Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania”?

I was volunteering as a guest booker and head of marketing and promotion for a horror convention, and I received an email wondering if we would be interested in having Herschell attend. I was stunned. I stood looking at my phone trying to digest what I was reading, my hand began shaking. I called and spoke to Herschell about arrangements, and we ended up chatting for quite some time. I told him of my lifelong love of his films (he could listen to that sort of thing all day)…

grhgl5He then proposed that we make a film together. We decided that we would produce a script he had written some years earlier entitled, “Mr. Bruce and the Gore Machine” A.K.A. “The Stainless Steel Butcher”. Things progressed, we had found investors but some interference from an outside source made these investors nervous. It was back to the drawing board. I thought I would let things settle for a few months, and approach it again.

One evening I was at a theatre for a Raven Banner one night screening of a film. They showed a short horror film before the feature, and it was not very good at all. “A guy has to be able to do better than that”, I remember thinking to myself – that was when the idea for an anthology film took hold.

3. How has knowing Lewis so closely affected your life? What wisdom has he given you?

Where does one start? From a business and marketing standpoint he was a wealth of knowledge. Herschell had a saying, “it’s called show BUSINESS, we are here to make money”. That may or may not be my own stance on the matter, but he is entirely correct.



During production I was guilty of watching his every move, trying to burn the experience into my memory. The man was being accurate when he stated in interviews, “Two words that you will never hear on my set – Take two”. He knew the shots he wanted, and he was usually satisfied with one take. By today’s standards this means no extra coverage which is an editor’s nightmare. You are left with very linear storytelling, but I wasn’t overly concerned, fans expect this, and indeed treasure this about his work.

I am writing this a day after his passing, so I am heartbroken and probably still in shock somewhat. There are so many wonderful memories for me to take to the grave with me:

Listening to Herschell recite a selection from, “A Shropshire Lad” by English poet Alfred Edward Housman:

“When I was one-and-twenty
I heard a wise man say,
Give crowns and pounds and guineas
But not your heart away;
Give pearls away and rubies
But keep your fancy free.
But I was one-and-twenty,
No use to talk to me.
When I was one-and-twenty
I heard him say again,
The heart out of the bosom
Was never given in vain;
‘Tis paid with sighs a plenty
And sold for endless rue.
And I am two-and-twenty
And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true”.

So moved was he that he wept during his recitation.



Herschell was a gentleman of the kind that this society rarely produces anymore. He was a kind and gentle soul. I always smiled when I was in his room late at night looking at dailies, before bed he would call his wife Margo and do that thing all of us guys do. At the end of the call he would lower his voice and say, “I love you” to her hoping that no one else would hear.

He told me about a time when he was around the age I am now. He was in a bad way, as men our age can be sometimes. He considered his film career over, there was no place to harness his creativity. He was working a job he didn’t particularly care for, and was admittedly at the lowest point in his life. Thoughts of suicide had even crossed his mind briefly, but he said he couldn’t do that to his children.

Then one day out of the blue a woman walked into the office where he worked and changed his life forever. He went on to marry this young woman Margo, and he said she was the best thing that ever happened to him. They shared everything together.

One day Herschell sat beside me, put his arm around me and said, “Jim, what I want most for you is to find a woman who can be your partner in life and in business just like Margo and I have”. He knew of a deep and abiding love that I had for a woman of our mutual acquaintance, and that we had recently gone our separate ways. He wanted so badly to play Cupid, but I kept telling him to leave it alone. Two days before his passing he was still inquiring about her and hoping for good news.

I recall a time that he asked me, “Do you know what made me want to work with you”? I told him I had no idea, but his reply was, “Because you have a command of the English language”. My response was, “Really, that’s all it took”?

Recording the opening theme to BloodMania which Herschell wrote entitled, “Gory Story” was an unbelievable thrill. I got to sing some backup vocals on the chorus. When we walked into the studio a band was waiting to record, we had lyrics and only an idea of the kind of arrangement we were looking for. 90 minutes later the song was in the can. The amazing part was watching Herschell sitting at a piano and basically writing the song on the spot.

grhgl2He was an exceptional piano player, and believed that a home wasn’t a home without a piano in it. He made me promise to buy one, even if I never learned to play. I will honor this promise when I move into the home where I will spend the rest of my days’

Sometimes a situation or scene would have to be reworked for any number of reasons. One day an entire scene had to be scrapped and a new one written. The two of us wrote four pages in half an hour. The creative flow that we shared that day is something I will always treasure.

The last time I saw him in person he was in a wheel chair at the airport because his knee was giving him grief. The last words he spoke to me were, “I love you Jim”. I told him I loved him too, bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

Herschell once said to me, “Occasionally a person comes into your life, and they are an “Architect of Destiny”. He went on to explain that some people have a direct impact on a person, shaping and altering the rest of their existence. He has certainly been such an architect with me.

There were still so many things left unsaid. I hope he knew how much gratitude I had for the privilege of spending so much time with him, the difference he made in my personal outlook on many levels, and that for too brief a time I was able to be that ten year old boy again watching one of my heroes in action.

4. What can you tell fans about Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania, the legend’s final film? Any idea when to look for it? Where can fans find updates?

Diabolique Films stance on this is that we were never in any rush to just get the film released ASAP. Behind the scenes there are a great many projects and planning that has been taking place. We are looking at becoming a horror film distributor ourselves. I think though that the decision about release has become moot with Mr. Lewis’ passing. I have been deluged by emails from interested parties all day, and we will make a formal announcement as soon as I sign the paperwork.

Updates on the film can be found at:

Official Website: www.bloodmania.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloodManiaMovie/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BloodMania

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3995464/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

grhgl45. Any experiences on set you’d like to share with readers?

A great many, but they are going to have to wait until the release of the Special Edition Blu-Ray for those. We are getting ready to shoot new interviews, commentaries, and put together some behind the scenes footage that will blow fans minds. I promise every fan of Herschell’s work that this will be one bonus feature packed disc for the ages!

6. Any final thoughts on Herschell Gordon Lewis and the legacy he leaves behind?

As Herschell always said, “the crystal ball is murky”, it would be hard for me to predict how he will be remembered in generations to come. He did invent the “Splatter Film”, and is “The Godfather of Gore” no one can ever take that away from him. For those who knew him he will be remembered for his sagacity and his humanity. The world needs many more men like Herschell Gordon Lewis, not one less.

I want to say it was a huge honor to be an actress in “Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania”. Thank you James for your time and words. May Lewis’ legacy and memory live on through us, the horror fans!

Also tune in next month for another chilling installment of A Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen and hear more about my life in horror!

Yours in screams, Genoveva Rossi
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A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #7 – Walker Stalker & an Exclusive Interview with Elvira

genrossibannerA Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #7 – Walker Stalker and an Exclusive Interview with Elvira

grws4As I approached the location of the New Jersey Walker Stalker Convention I was a bit taken aback by the the line of cars down the road anxiously waiting to get inside. I knew horror fans all over the world loved The Walking Dead, but I didn’t realize quite how much evidently. After parking a long walk away from the convention center I then noticed the line to get in and was thankful The Digital Dead got me a press pass.

Inside fans were waiting on long lines for hours to meet Walking Dead star Norman Reedas. Last year while in New Jersey Reedas was bitten by an eager or perhaps hungry female fan. It amazes me that women happily wait on line 6 or 8 hours to meet him as though they will climax once they are face to face with him.

grws2All press was forbidden to interview any current members of the cast due to The Walking Dead’s fear of any spoilers accidentally going to print so my interviews with cast mostly focused on those that has died on the show. I found that every actor felt very differently about their character being killed. Walker Stalker was a fun filled weekend for fans of The Walking Dead and zombie enthusiasts. It was a great event.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and horror icon (aka. Cassandra Peterson). I just want to say as a horror actress and genre fan, Elvira has always been a true inspiration for me; a unique and amazing woman in horror.

Genoveva: Great meeting you and thank you for your time. Elvira or Cassandra Peterson? What do you prefer to be called?

Elvira: Well yesterday Elvira and today Cassandra. It depends on what color my hair is.

grws1Genoveva: Depending on how you are dressed. Do you ever get tired of dressing as Elvira? Do you wish you could be yourself more?

Elvira: I like being Elvira because it makes people happy. They love the character. The only bad part is the two hours of make-up, clothes and wig and that can get a little old.

Genoveva: How long have you been Elvira?

Elvira: This year it’s 35 years.

Genoveva: Where do you see Elvira going in the future?

Elvira: I see her going home to bed and eating dinner. (haha) I don’t mean to brag, but I see Elvira has reached this iconic status. That Elvira is a strong image that can carry on without me with merchandising and such.

grws3Genoveva: So what are the plans for Cassandra?

Elvira: Oh me! Like I said sleeping and eating; all those things. Going on lots of vacations. I imagine I will be doing this for a few more years. As long as I can fit in my dress.

Genoveva: Would you ever want to do a movie about your life or autobiography?

Elvira: I am in the middle of my autobiography. I have been writing it forever. It’s going to be as thick as the bible. Just to mention I have a coffee table book coming out Oct 1st of 35 years of all my photographs. From the first day to present. Awesome book; like an autobiography in photos. That will be this Oct and my biography who knows; when I get time to finish writing it.

grws6Genoveva: I am a big fan of your films both Elvira Mistress of the Dark and Haunted Hills. Any plans to do more films?

Elvira: Plans for an Elvira animated television show. Animation is the way to go; I don’t have to look good. Don’t have to dress up and I read the dialogue; I love it!

Genoveva: Any final thoughts to leave us with?

grws5Elvira: Well yeah go to Elvira.com and check out everything I am up to. And I have a lot of merchandising. You can find out where I am, what I’m doing, be my friend on Facebook. Be awesome; at The Real Elvira. Also on Twitter and Instagram. That would be awesome.

All pictures kindly from Stas Pix !!

A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #6 – Apocalypse Kiss Exclusive!

apock1A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #6 – Apocalypse Kiss Exclusive!

Apocalypse Kiss was just re-released and it now available online on Amazon Prime so I thought it would be a great time to talk about the film, interview the star D.C. Douglas and director Christian Jude Grillo. Apocalypse Kiss is a different kind of film for me; it encompasses the sci-fi, suspense and horror genres.

It was not only a chance for me to play a part completely different that anything I had done before, but it was also a chance to be in a film with such talents as Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Tom Atkins (Lethal Weapon), and D. C. Douglas (Resident Evil). I play Clara, a very pregnant hippie working at a café the main characters have some important scenes at. It was a challenging role that included me giving birth on film.

I remember walking onto the set and seeing D. C. Douglas for the first time. I have to admit he looked rather striking as his serial killer character Adrian. For the role, Douglas has his hair dyed a gorgeous shade of blonde and he was bronzed with a luminous fake tan over his whole body. On set, I decided to go over and introduce myself to Douglas. At first, he thought we had already met because I looked so familiar to him. Then it hit him, he had seen me before! He’d seen the footage of my birth scene. He told me that I did a great job and that “no one gives birth like you Genoveva.” I was very flattered that such an accomplished actor was impressed by my work.

apock7It was such an fantastic experience working with the entire cast and crew of this film. Christian Jude Grillo is a great director. His wife Carmela Hayslett Grillo and Tammy Jean were wonderful as the lesbian murderers that add a lot of spice to the film. Their scenes are very edgy, and disturbing.

“It was one of the best experiences I ever had working on a film. Everyone on the cast and crew were so in sync with each other. We all supported each other and helped each other. We were like one, big, creative, happy family,” recalled Carmela Hayslett Grillo.

“Well, it was cold! lol I swear it was colder inside than outside. But those are the sacrifices you make on a small budget film. We had heaters but they made so much noise you couldn’t use them when you were filming. I remember the coldest night was the sex scene with Plex and it was daylight savings time so by the time we left that night it was like 4 am. And everyone kept asking me between takes if I was OK, and I just kept saying, I’m fine, just keep shooting. But you couldn’t have picked a better set to fit the movie. That old mill was perfect and they completed transformed parts of the inside at times for different scenes. I was flattered Christian took a chance on me because it was my first major speaking role. It definitely will always be remembered as the kick off acting wise for any roles to come for me in the future,” remembers Tammy Jean.


Tom Atkins

An Interview with D.C. Douglas

Genoveva – How did you come to get involved in the film Apocalypse Kiss?

D.C.: I got an offer to be in it via my agent. Out of the blue! Turned out it was due to Carmela Hayslett who was a fan of my work as a voice over actor in the “Resident Evil” franchise. I voice the villain Albert Wesker. They offered me the choice of two roles and I opted for the delicious role of Adrian.

Genoveva – This was a really unique role for you and you give a powerful performance. A serial killer with OCD and you do have a sexy scene or two in the film. You looked fabulous as Adrian. Tell us a bit about how you prepared for the role?

D.C.: Well shucks! Thank you. Well, knowing my butt would be seen on camera I immediatly set up a training schedule in the gym and got my middle-aged body into something film-able over the 6 months prior. Closer to the production dates I mentioned to the director that since the film is futuristic and the only reason I’m in it is because they loved me as Albert Wesker – why not have me blonde like him? They were stoked so I went VERY blonde and tanned up, as well. I was going to change my eye color but one of the contacts didn’t fit right so I said, “cool! He’s like David Bowie, but he hates his ugly brown eye!”

The director, Christian Grillo, was very cool to work with and gave me freedom with my dialogue (I had a lot of long lines, etc) so I was able to explore Adrian’s quirks and desires even deeper. And having the couple months with the final script helped out a lot. Very different than my TV gigs and especially voice overs.


DC Douglas

Genoveva – What were some highlights of working on the film?

D.C.: Having the costumer from the film “Tommy” dress me?! That was cool. To be honest, I loved every bit of it. The whole crew and cast were great to hang with and Christian’s ingenuity with camera and sets is astounding. And so damn smart. They rented an abandoned mill and converted it into a multi-level film studio!

Genoveva – I was recently on a date with a Resident Evil fan and he was a big fan of yours. Can you tell us a bit about your amazing career? Perhaps some of the things you are most proud of.

D.C.: You’re very kind, but I think of my career as your average unknown actor career in LA! Aside from AK, I really am excited to see “Isle of the Dead” on SyFy later this year. I play the main antagonist in this and had a blast being rather neurotic and dangerous. I also am very proud of my film short, “The Crooked Eye,” which is narrated by Academy Award winner Linda Hunt. You can find it on iTunes. TV wise there’s Boston Common – a sitcom in the 90’s where I played “DC” in 11 episodes. In voice over, I always have to tip my hat to “Resident Evil” and “Mass Effect” since they brought me so many fans. And, of course, my first and only series regular role as Chase on “Transformers: Rescue Bots!”


Tammy Jean and Carmela Hayslett Grillo

Genoveva – Also let us know what to look for you in and how to follow you. What are some of your current projects and where are you appearing?

D.C. I mentioned “Isle of the Dead” with Joey Lawrence, Maryse MIzanin and myself. I have a small disturbing cameo in “Smartass” with Joey King. I can also be seen in the recently released “KILD TV” as Milton/Dr Preseco. That’s a fun one for horror fans. You find out more about upcoming projects at www.dcdouglas.com, on twitter @DC_Douglas and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mrdcdouglas

An Interview With Director Christian Jude Grillo

Genoveva – Why is your background in filmmaking? How did you get started?

Christian: I started with a background in music. When not in a band, the music that I composed in the earliest days of computer recording sounded most like soundtracks to a film. I always loved the way that music played an integral part of telling a story. Wanting to do a film score wasn’t enough. I needed a film to score. So I wrote and produced my first feature film “Belial”. This was the beginning of my film career.


Michael Berryman

Genoveva – Can you tell us about about how the original idea for the script was born? What was your creative process?

Christian: We had finished Deer Crossing, our film with Doug Bradley and Ernie Hudson. As happy as I was with this movie, I felt that I hadn’t reached for the stars yet (mind the pun) and I felt that as a director/writer I was ready to go big or stop trying. My favorite genre has always been Sci-Fi, but “dark” Sci-Fi. I have always been utterly impressed by Richard Stanley’s film HARDWARE. This was a low budget concept that honestly is amazing visually and creates a distopian world with small sets and a perfect soundtrack. It’s a metal head’s sci-fi. But doing another “Hardware” kind of film would not be enough at this point in time, I wanted the BIG PICTURE feel.

I wanted BLADE RUNNER. So I began to write a pre-apocalypse film with the heart of Hardware and the Look of a “poor man’s” Blade Runner. The only problem with was, there isn’t as much of an outlet for free press for indie Sci-Fi as there is for horror, so… I had to write in a horror element, that’s where the battling serial killers came into play. I have an odd way of writing… I come up with a name first and build the story from it. With a name like Apocalypse Kiss, the story had to be “end world”, “sexy” and and stylish.

Genoveva – One of the most striking things about this film is how visually stunning it is. Tell us a bit about the construction of sets, art direction, and wardrobe design.

Christian: Well, if I was gonna go big… I had to really give it everything I had. This means that using the world around me would not be enough. There had to be completely fabricated locations in this movie that set it apart from the normal everyday. The sets in Apocalypse Kiss are characters in themselves. In the entire film we constructed nine sets, two of these sets were over 40 feet long. Here’s the problem, we only had about three thousand dollars to build all of these sets. The majority of the sets were built out of cheap construction materials. I scheduled the shooting days so that we could tare down a set and use it’s pieces to construct new ones during production.

The art design was that of an aged world that lost it’s infrastructure. I wanted the sets of Apocalypse Kiss to feel used, rusted and held together like a flea market vending area. This look and design also works well when you have no money.

As far as the wardrobe goes, I felt that I can’t build a new world without creating the look and fashion of it’s people. I hired a local well known wardrobe designer Leonard Pollack to handle the fabrication of some of the special pieces like “The Wizard’s Robe”. Leonard was also responsible for wardrobe management on each shooting date based off of a wardrobe chart that I put together for him. One of the other notable things about Apocalypse Kiss is that every person in the movie was in a wardrobe that either I or Leonard put together. There were 35 extras and over 20 cast members in Apocalypse Kiss so that was no small task.


Genoveva Rossi

Genoveva – You assembled a truly amazing cast including: Michael Berryman, Tom Atkins and D. C. Douglas. What was the casting process like? Any fun stories you’d like to share from set?

Christian: Well as you can imagine we didn’t have a lot of budget for big names, but I wanted some recognizable faces in the film to help it sell. We decided in true Apocalypse Kiss fashion to go for many small genre names instead of a couple bigger names. The Name Genre cast was made up of D.C. Douglas (a video game voice over legend), Lloyd Kaufman (The godfather of indie film making and my personal hero), Michael Berryman (Horror Icon/Sci-Fi legend), Tom Atkins (Hollywood Cop), and Steven Blum (another great cartoon and video game name). I figured with this ensemble of genre players I had a better chance of spreading the word at conventions than any other in my league. As far as funny stories….Lloyd Kaufman came onto set shooting his own behind the scenes short film for Troma about the level of our low budget set building. You can see this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAzCqAwCEg4

Genoveva –  What do you think makes Apocalypse Kiss unique in the world of indie film?

Christian: I like to believe that the story is unique, most people get distracted trying to judge the film against the likes of multi million dollar films like Blade Runner, Equilibrium, Star wars, and so on. I heard comparisons of all kinds. But the fact is, the world that we created in AK is the backdrop. The characters of Apocalypse Kiss and the story they tell are what I think are unique. Future killers with different agendas fighting for their own piece of a dying world and a broken cop caught in the middle. Tie in the fact that the entire budget of Apocalypse Kiss was $35,000 and that makes it the most unique movie on the planet. Show me a film made for that budget that’s as ambitious.

Genoveva – Where can film fans see Apocalypse Kiss?

Christian: Well with our New Distributor SGL Entertainment, Apocalypse Kiss is now available on AMAZON Prime. It will also be available for purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD this January.


Pregnant Genoveva with some of cast

Genoveva –  Tell us a bit about your creative collaborations with your wife Carmela Hayslett-Grillo and the future of Potent Media.

Christian: Carmela and I have always taken on many different roles on each others projects. Sometimes we co-write, sometimes we co-direct. She plays different roles in my films that I direct and I shoot her short films and web series.

As far as what is coming in the future, I am beginning production of my first TV Series, LAW OF PERDITION that will be going direct to Amazon Prime through our distributor SGL Entertainment. Carmela is beginning production simultaneously on ROXSY’s HOUSE OF HORRORS, her new web series that is a docu-comedy in the style of Modern family and the office with the Horror/Comedy antics of the Roxsy Tyler team.


A Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen Death House Exclusive: an interview with Writer and Director Harrison Smith

genrossibannerA Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen

Death House Exclusive: an interview with Writer and Director Harrison Smith.

This horror queen recently had the honor to have a great cameo as an evil nurse in the soon to be legendary Death House. In last month’s instalment of A Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen I discussed my role, and spoke to stars Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, and Bill Oberst Jr. This month I give you an exclusive interview with writer and director of Death House: Harrison Smith.

Hi Harrison, Thank you so much for letting me send you a few questions. I am sure our readers want to hear more about Death House.

dhgen5Genoveva: 1. How did you get started in horror? And how did you come to direct and write Death House?

Harrison: *My grandmother watched a lot of horror. When I was a kid I grew up watching Dr. Shock and Creature Feature and Chiller Theater and the CBS Late Night Movie with her. So between the old Universal Monsters and Hammer and then 70s horror like Shockwaves, I got right into it. By the time I was 8 years old I knew who Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi were. I saw “Jaws” when I was 8 as well and I knew leaving the theater that’s what I wanted to do: make movies. “Jaws” is the movie that made me want to make movies. These PC, over protective helicopter parent times draw shock when I say this. How could my mother take me to see “Jaws” when I was just 8 years old. Aside from the fact that “Jaws” was X-rated for anyone over 30 at that time, my reply is how do you let your kids watch Disney which allows the body shaming sale of sex to pre teens on much of its content disguised as “family” programming.*

*”Death House” was brought to me by Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase of Entertainment Factory. They were brought to a sceening of my film “Zombie Killers” in Los Angeles. From there we discussed the project. They introduced me to Gunnar Hansen and here we are.*

dhgen3Genoveva: 2. What will horror fans love about Death House? Where did the idea for the story of Death House come from?

Harrison: *Real fans will appreciate the Easter Egg hunt in the film. There are so many visual and verbal references to horror. I am very proud of one involving Cody Longo, Barbara Crampton and Sean Whalen. They will also appreciate that we really did something fresh. This isn’t taking all the horror icons and putting them in cameos and slashing up a bunch of college kids. They will appreciate we gave a fresh story, no reboot, remake or regurgitation. We gave them a smart story too. They’ll appreciate the GREAT practical effects: plenty of blood and gore in this. Plenty. There is also a lot of action. This has the pace of a roller coaster. It builds up to the drop and then it rides up and down straight to the end. On top of it, I think fans are gonna have a slew more to talk about to their icons at the cons. It’s a great film.*

*Gunnar had the original story which involved a documentary film crew going into the bowels of a supposedly abandoned asylum. As you guessed, the place isn’t empty and hijinks ensue. He had this around 2010 and tried to get
into production. He felt the story needed work and someone else did a rewrite that took it in the opposite direction and basically made it torture porn. Gunnar wasn’t happy with that and the project dragged on. When it came to me, Gunnar said he wanted the concept of the “Four Horsemen” to remain and the title had to stay. I used zero from the rewrite that came before me. However Gunnar’s original script had this whole concept of what exactly is good and evil. I took that thread and weaved it into the present film. I was out working on the treatment one afternoon and
the preview for Jurassic World came on and then it hit me. Why does it have to be an asylum? We’ve been there and done that. What if Death House was a prison? Like an Area 51 of prisons? The place where the worst of the worst
were kept. What if some young cadets were on a tour and the ride broke down? So instead of “The Expendables of Horror” (a term we did not coin and one I think is inaccurate) we had “Jurassic Park Without the Dinosaurs?”*

dhgen1Genoveva: 3. What inspired you to bring together the biggest names in horror?

Harrison: *I did not bring them together. That was Gunnar who did all of that. It was simply handed off to me.*

Genoveva: 4. When can fans expect to see Death House and where? What are your plans after finishing this film?

Harrison: *The release date will depend on the distributor. I won’t give any firm date however I can tell you the film is in post production and moving ahead of schedule. My plans? Keep making movies, but I can say that 5 sequels are planned for this film.*

dhgen2Genoveva: 5. Are there any great moments on set you’d like to share with our readers?

Harrison: *There were a lot of great moments. I think one of the best was was watching Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman do a harmonizing Three Stooges “Hello….hello….hello…!” while on set. I turned to my AD and said, “we are seeing something pretty cool here.” Horror actors are some of the nicest people. They really are. There’s this kind of camaraderie and they are easy to work with. Felissa Rose who appears in the film as well as associate produced always is a fun time and brought along a number of names that were equally as fun and I am so glad were a part of this film. Lloyd Kaufman provided a lot of laughs and smiles on our last day of East Coast shooting. Such a gentleman and a legend. That word is thrown around a lot, but Lloyd is one of the last of his kind, a filmmaker who came from the ground up in the beginning of the guerilla film movement along with Carpenter, Arkoff and Corman. It was a great experience to have Lloyd make a came in this film for all he has done for the medium.*

dhgen4Genoveva: 6. Do you have any fond memories of Gunnar Hanson you’d like to share with his mourning fans?

Harrison: *Gunnar was a gentle giant. It’s odd that he’s iconic for Leatherface when in a parallel universe he could have been Santa Claus. An artist, thinker and a man who loved the genre that gave him a career. He told me so many
stories of being on set, the experiences that have shaped and changed horror filmmaking and most of all was just so accessible and open. I met with him in person several times for long story meetings and talked often by phone. Horror lost a good person last fall. *

Genoveva: 7. Any final thoughts on DeathHouse?

Harrison: *My “Cynema” series published here http://zombieapocalypse.net/author/harrison/ makes it clear horror fans need to step up their game. Horror is more than blood and gore. It’s more than tired franchises and their seemingly endless reboots. They need to think independently more. For example, back in 1978 Michael Myers appeared. While he was clearly a little boy, he could somehow take bullets to the chest, fall from second story balconies and somehow survive this and a number of other physical onslaughts through a number of sequels. Hell, he
even, somehow, survived two shots to the head and an inferno in the mediocre “Halloween II.” Yet the audience never had to have “why” explained. it just was. Pleasance offers the only explanation, the guy was evil. That’s it. There was no “Midichlorian” type explanation for this evil force. You accepted it, because evil is pretty open and liquid.

There may be rules but they’re broken all the time. Freddy didn’t need explanation for how he could enter dreams. Were there others who could do it too? Other killers entering dreams? Jason Vorhees was clearly a frail, mentally
incapacitated kid when he DROWNED to death at Camp Crystal Lake. Yet in the second film he returned as some giant, hulking guy that not only cheated death, but discovered a shitload of body building cheats to boot. We never
find out why the guy regenerates, why you can’t kill him. Didn’t Corey Feldman chop his head off in Part IV? How did it get back on his shoulders in Part VI? The AUDIENCE is supposed to fill in those gaps and suspend their disbelief and not be so literal. Space ships don’t explode in space, nor do they belch fire when they do or smoke for that matter. But we accept it.

dhgen6So now here is my point: Kane Hodder’s character, Sieg, in “Death House” can heal physical trauma quickly. He is able to heal his body. Our one 20 something editor watched the rough cut and said “How can he do that? Why don’t you explain it?” I asked him if he saw any of the “Friday the 13th” films. he replied yes, he’d seen them all and loved them. So I asked, “How does Jason keep coming back? How does he heal?” And he looked at me and said, “You know, I never really thought about it.” So in other words, because Kane is without a mask here, you question it. But not once in all those films did you ever question Jason’s healing and resurrection abilities? This is my point. We give plenty of information that Sieg studied the occult,. He found something. Do we have to spoon feed it and dumb it down for the audience? if so, then stop calling “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” classics. *

*Horror is more than “The Walking Dead” and zombie films. It’s more than the latest “Paranormal Activity” instalment. It means a lot of different things to people, but it shouldn’t be stupid and expect it’s audience to be morons and just blindly wait for the food to be forced down their throats. Expect more of your entertainment and you’ll see originality return to the screen.*

Genoveva: It was great meeting you on set in Philadelphia and thank you. As luck would have it I am now being managed by Matt Chassin, Bill Oberst Jr’s manager. I am a huge fan of Oberst so this is a huge honor.

Harrison: *Bill was a joy to work with. I am so happy to have had him in this film and his cameo is a stand out. I
would love to work with again. He’s brilliant.*

Stay tuned for next updates and news on Death House! Also tune in next month for another chilling instalment of A Life In Blood: Tales Of A Horror Queen and here more about my life in horror!

Yours in screams, Genoveva Rossi
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A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #5 – A Death House Special

A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #5 – A Death House Special


gendh5Shock and sadness ran threw the horror community in November 2015 when Gunnar Hansen died of pancreatic cancer. Horror fans all over the world mourned the passing of Leatherface, but Hansen was able to leave loyal fans with a parting gift: Death House.

What is Death House? It is an incredibly ambitious horror film written by Gunnar Hansen and director Harrison Smith. This film has been called “The Expendables of Horror” due to it’s spectacular casting choices: Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Sid Haig, Michael Berryman, Tony Todd, Barbara Crampton, Dee Wallace, Tom Savini, Bill Oberst Jr and more. Directed by Harrison Smith.

gendh1I am truly honored to have a cameo among such a talented cast and crew. It was great to spend some time on set with horror icon Kane Hodder. We have both been guests at the same cons a few times, but Death House is our first film together. While on set, Hodder said, “It is truly an honor to be in Death House. This is an amazing film.”

Michael Berryman and I previously worked together on a Sci-Fi thriller called Apocalypse Kiss and it was great to be in a film with him again.

“I was very proud to be a part of this film. Gunner was a good friend and the story is solid with a cast that includes many friends and the best actors in our genre. Harrison is a keen director with an editor’s eye as the scenes are composed. I know that this film will be well received.” -Michael Berryman

gendh3“Harrison Smith is an actor’s director with affection for our genre’s past and a real vision for its future. Gunnar Hansen would be very, very proud of what Harrison has done with DEATH HOUSE, and speaking as a life-long fan of classic horror, so am I.”
-Bill Oberst Jr.

A big thank you to “Scary” Sheri Fairchild and her husband Frank Nicosia. I have worked with both actors on a few film projects in the Buffalo area and Sheri reached out to tell me Death House was looking for more actors.

gendh4I was going through my own spiritual upheaval at the time. I had found my poor mother passed away of a sudden heart attack on Easter Sunday. That huge loss had left me shaken, but not beaten. My mother always said, “My daughter is tough” and lately I have been challenged to continue to prove her words right no matter the obstacle; even losing her so tragically. But God only gives us what he knows we can bear.

So I got in touch with the casting director of Death House and ended up on set in Philadelphia at the beautifully grotesque and haunting Holmesburg Prison. I had the good fortune of being in a scene with screen legends Barbara Crampton and Dee Wallace.

gendh2While on the set of Death House I was able to sit down and talk with producer Rick Finkelstein. He explained, “This film was started by Gunnar Hansen. It has really come together better than we ever imagined. We have the best locations, best cast, horror icons, and an amazing script.”

Even the location was perfect, Holmesburg Prison, which is part of the Philadelphia prison system. It’s history already sounds like a horror movie. For thirty years chemical companies tested on inmates with sometimes horrific results. Also the prison warden and assistant were murdered mere steps from where we conducted our interview.

gendh6Watch for Death House for it’s amazing cast, horrific special effects, and to see Gunnar Hansen’s last blood splattering performance. This film was Leatherface’s baby, it was Gunnar’s dying wish that Death House be finished, and made into a huge success in the genre. Horror fans are sure to enjoy this truly epic film. Finkelstein promises, “When you leave this film you will be questioning your own thought processes and concepts of good and evil.”

gendh7This article is dedicated to the memory of Gunnar Hansen and my mother.

A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #4 – May 2016

genrossibannerA Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #4 – May 2016


Felix Silla and I at Amazicon

Welcome ghouls and boys to another chilling chapter of A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen. Horror truly is more than a genre, it is a lifestyle. This month things went in a really amazing direction! I was invited to be a guest at Amazicon, a pop culture convention in Delaware and my directorial debut, Attack of the Killer Chickens is getting a lot of attention at film festivals!

At Amazicon I had the honor of being a featured guest along side so many legends of pop culture: Lee Meriwether, Felix Silla, Priscilla Barnes, Jim Krut, Sharon Ceccatti, Mike Christopher, Leonard Lies, Jeremy Ambler, etc.

It was amazing getting to chat with the great Felix Silla, who has appeared in classics such as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Brood, Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979), Demon Seed, The Kentucky Fried Movie, The Addams Family, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and more! Silla has a great sense of humor and is a really great all around guy. This horror queen is a huge fan of his work.


getting attacked by the Dawn of the Dead zombies

I spent some time with the zombies from Dawn of the Dead: Jim Krut (helicopter zombie), Sharon Ceccatti (nurse zombie), Mike Christopher (Hari Krishna Zombie), and Leonard Lies (Machete Zombie). I have known Jim Krut for awhile since we’ve been guests at a bunch of fun horror conventions in the past and he is a always a great person to see. Speaking of zombies, Jeremy Ambler, a zombie from The Walking Dead was there too. I recently shot Running Away From the Unknown with him in Virginia, which is a film we are both actors in.


at film fest with K. J. Hopkins, Edward X. Young and one of Rocco George’s Killer Chickens. Pic by Dario Valdivia

It was a great honor being a guest at Amazicon and meeting so many fans of my work. I an deeply grateful to everyone that came to see me and to Amazicon for having me there.

This horror queen decided to step outside of her comfort zone and direct her first short film! So I recently wrote, directed and starred in a crazy comedy/horror film lovingly titled Attack Of The Killer Chickens! My cast and crew included some of the most creative people I know: Edward X. Young, Rocco George, K.J. Hopkins, Nick Petito, and Pamela Martin! Each person brought a unique talent to the film and I am so thankful for their work.


With Ming Chen of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men, who hosted Hang Onto Yours Shorts Film Fest

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Attackofthekillerchickens/

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4942096/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_30

I am so grateful for all the support for this film! At this point I am screening it at film festivals and conventions plus I have a limited number of copies available for fans. So far the film was nominated for Best Screenplay at The Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest in Teaneck, NJ, came in second place for Best Concept at The Brightside Tavern Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ and nominated for Best Concept at the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park, NJ!

“It’s the dawn of a new age. A chicken age! Attack Of The Killer Chicken! It’s the Citizen Kane of crazy chicken films!”
-Genoveva Rossi

genomaychickensThank you my ghoulish horror friends and tune in next months for more tales from my life in horror! Blood and gore awaits!

Yours in screams,
Genoveva Rossi

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A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #3

genrossibannerA Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #3


With James Balsamo

Welcome ghouls and boys to another chilling chapter of A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen. Horror truly is more than a genre, it is a lifestyle.

I recently had a fun time shooting a cameo for Killer Waves with the great James Balsamo of Acid Bath Productions then it was off to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, voodoo, and to shoot I Was a Teenage Alien Mutant Cyborg.

I recently go to meet up with James Balsamo of Acid Bath Productions and work on his newest film Killer Waves. Balsamo and I first teamed up for I Spill Your Guts in 2012 and we have become great horror pals and frequent collaborators. Fans can look for me in I Spill Yours Guts, Cool As Hell, Catch of the Day, Bite School and now Killer Waves!

killerwavesKiller Waves is about: A slasher is killing surfers to make a surfboard out of human flesh. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5241508/) This is a super fun horror comedy that fans of director James Balsamo are sure to love. Starring James Balsamo, Phil Anselmo, Chris Mulkey, Robert Maillet, Frank Mullen, Jake Hunter, Bob Socci, Robert Youngren, Robert Arensen, James Cullen Bressack, Chloe Berman, Mary C. Russell, Swan Olivera, Bryan Stumpf, Nadia White, Nicolie Blair, Natalie Henriquez, Brad Twigg, Timothy Beal, Theresa Ireland, Shawn C. Phillips, Brendan Mitchell, Gabiel Mercado, and Tatiana Sokolova.

To find out about other Acid Bath Productions’ films and merchandise check out: http://www.acidbathproductions.com/


With Cinnamon Black

Then it was off to New Orleans for some warm weather and b-rated adventures. When I arrived I realized I had come during Mardi Gras! There were literally a few parades everyday and parties in the streets. While in the big easy I spent some time checking out the local voodoo. My first stop was The Voodoo Museum, where Cinnamon Black told me, ” I had a lot of love” and remembered me from my last trip. The museum has some really great displays and sells some very helpful products. If you are in New Orleans you need to stop by the Voodoo Museum. I also visited Marie Laveau’s tomb at Saint Louis 1 Cemetery, and stopped by the Voodoo Temple. I guess I had magic on my mind.

I was lucky to meet an artist, writer, actor, and horror fan named David Storm from an art shop in the French Quarter. Through him I met Benjamin Wood, Omar Manuel Peinado, and our director Lancelot Jean Mallia. We shot a really fun scene for I Was a Teenage Alien Mutant Cyborg in the historic Lafayette Cemetery. This is the same cemetary they filmed Double Jeopardy and Interview with a Vampire. With Omar as my cameraman, we were ready to shoot some great moments for the film.


With David Storm

I Was a Teenage Alien Mutant Cyborg: it’s 1954. Mad Scientists. Hostile aliens, an escaped cyborg, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Directed by Kevin Bingham, and Lancelot Jean Mallia. The cast includes Drew Rin Varick of American Horror Story, Serena Salieri, Benjamin Wood, Johnny Rock, Scott Carroll, Ladson Deyne, Lex ‘Machete’ McMahon, Gideon Hodge, Mel Mack, Nicholas J. Wright, Asia Strong, and Ronnie Landfair Jr. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5299890/)

“Today we make a film and so we are all linked for so many tomorrows. The creative bonds in film are unique, occult, and lasting.” -Genoveva Rossi

iwatmcThank you my ghoulish horror friends and tune in next months for more tales from my life in horror! Blood and gore awaits!

Yours in screams,

Genoveva Rossi
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A Life In Blood – Tales of A Horror Queen by Genoveva Rossi #2

genrossibannerWelcome ghouls and boys to the second chilling chapter of A Life in Blood: Tales of a Horror Queen. Horror truly is more than a genre, it is a lifestyle. I recently had a fun time at a horror convention in Virginia, and shooting some great films!


Genoveva Rossi & Linnea Quigley


Genoveva Rossi & Kane Hodder

I was honored to be invited to be an official guest at Martinsville Horrorfest in Martinsville, Virginia. It was a real scream being among such horror icons as Kane Hodder, Linnea Quigley, and Robert Mukes! I had a lot of fun meeting some truly dedicated horror fans while in Virginia and I am so thankful for the love and support.

I recently starred in two films with Linnea Quigley; Adam Ahlbrandt’s Hunters and The Sadist. It was my first time being a guest with Linnea and it was great to see Kane and Robert again. Kane is such a jokester and Robert is surprisingly mellow and sweet. It’s always fantastic being a guest at a con with these two gentle giants since I am a huge fan of both of their work.




Genoveva Rossi & Robert Mukes


Genoveva Rossi and Mark Torgl

While in Virginia, I got to act in Running Away From The Unknown, a film by Dominck Calvitto, who played Skippy in The Toxic Avenger. It was a thrill acting with Walking Dead actors Santiago Cirilo, Jeremy Ambler, and Amber Dawn Fox. I also got to meet and eat tacos with the Toxic Avenger himself Mark Torgl.

I must of had The Toxic Avenger on my mind because when I returned to the New York City area later I got to shoot with Joe Nardelli for his film Toxic Tutu, a mockumentary of The Toxic Avenger. I am not allowed to say much, but I can assure you it was a tantalizing shoot! Look for Troma stars Mark Torgl and Lloyd Kaufman in this fun flick! www.toxictutu.com




On set of Running Away From The Unknown


On Set of 100 Acres of Hell

TOXIC TUTU is the almost true story of what became of MARK TORGL, Melvin the “MopBoy” and star of the original cult-classic, horror comedy “The Toxic Avenger” and the truth of what really happened behind the scenes on the set of that film. This mockumentary feature film reveals for the first time ever why MARK TORGL went into public obscurity shortly following the release of the TROMA ENTERTAINMENT classic. (from the Toxic Tutu Facebook page)


100 Acres of Hell

Then it was off to Pennsyvania to work on former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky’s 100 Acres of Hell and meet director Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers). This highly anticipated horror film from Walking Dead Films has amazing stunts and special effects. It is written by Jason L. Koerner, Jay Lee, Ed McKeever, and Gene Snitsky. http://www.100acresofhell.com/ I was lucky enough to watch one of the fight scenes for the film and it was spectacular! I have a sexy cameo in this upcoming film that fans need to watch for!

“When ex pro wrestler Buck Severs travels to an abandoned wildlife preserve with his friends for ‘Bro’s Weekend’, they become the targets of a deadly manhunt and Buck must find the fighter in himself before it’s too late.” (from 100 Acres of Hell IMDb) Check out the teaser trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwdv0UL-HuI

Thank you my ghoulish horror friends and tune in next month for more tales from my life in horror! Blood and gore awaits!

Yours in screams,

Genoveva Rossi
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