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Dark Web: An Essential Guide To Creepypasta – Part 25: Jeff The Killer Revisited



creepypastaLong term readers of this series of features on the darker side of Internet fiction may remember that the very first feature I wrote was on the dark posterboy of Creepypasta, Jeff the Killer. Based on a decidedly disturbing image of ‘Jeff’s’ nightmarish face, Jeff is one of the oldest and most popular creations among the CP community. However, as big an icon as Jeff has become, his origin has been shrouded in mystery and more than its fair share of controversy. As I wrote before, Jeff’s earliest appearances seem to be as an image posted to the website, newgrounds.com, in August 2008.

The post claims that Jeff is actually summoned through a  ‘Bloody Mary’-style game. Those who wish to call Jeff must switch off the lights, then sit cross-legged in a closet and, while turning their head back and forth, repeat the following saying three times: ‘He’s in here with me.’ Upon doing this, the player is instructed to close their eyes and call out to Jeff. He is then said to appear, his face mere inches from the summoner’s and begin to scream at them. The only way to dismiss Jeff is to compliment him — failure to do so will result in something KillerJeff ominously refers to as ‘a nightmarish field trip’.

Pretty soon a number of ‘backstories’ for the picture sprang up, one of the very first of which was in a comment that accompanied the picture on newgrounds in which, when questioned about why Jeff looks the way he does, KillerJeff replied: ‘I was holding a container full of acid when I slipped on my soapy floor and it spilled all over my face, luckly someone heard my cry for help and took me to a Hospital, the doctors fixed my face up and vola, I’m sexy!’


Jeff The Killer

It was this origin which formed the basis of a video uploaded to YouTube by user Sesseur on 3rd October 2008. Sadly, Sesseur’s YouTube account has since closed, but the video used the popular Jeff the Killer image as well as another, rougher looking draft of the picture along with text accompanied by The Posie’s track, I Guess You’re Right. Once again, the story told of an accident involving a slippery bathroom floor, a bucketful of acid, devastating facial injuries and a subsequent psychological breakdown that lead to Jeff becoming a serial killer. In 2011 another origin story for Jeff was written, one in which his facial injuries were caused by a gang of bullies, a story which has since become the most popular backstory for Jeff.

Yet as popular as this version of events became, the originator of the Jeff the Killer legend seems to have been forgotten. Sesseur has since disappeared from YouTube, but there is a DeviantArt account in that name. Of course, a shared name on the internet means nothing (I’ve seen Catfish, I know the web is full of phonies and fakers) so when I managed to make contact with this Sesseur I remained cautious.

However, KillerJeff still seems to be the oldest source for Jeff the Killer and is notoriously difficult to contact… until now.

After months of looking (and plenty of dead ends) I managed to contact KillerJeff directly who confirmed that he and Sesseur are indeed one and the same. What’s more, he confirmed that the DeviantArt account also belongs to him.
It seems that both Sesseurs, plus KillerJeff are one and the same individual — one Jeff Case, a 22-year-old man from the east United States.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited by this breakthrough, and even more delighted when he agreed to answer my questions about the creation of one of the internet’s most infamous monsters for the readers of UK Horror Scene.

What follows below is an interview with the original creator of Jeff the Killer.

UK HORROR SCENE: The most obvious first – In your own words, tell us a little about Jeff the Killer?

SESSEUR A.K.A. JEFF CASE: He’s a tortured soul, once living a normal life, until a accident turned him into a disfigured freak that society shunned due to his freakish appearance, so he decided to become what they seen him as and tried his best to murder as many people as he deemed wicked.

He and his brother both hide out in a regular suburban New Jersey home with a very dark story behind it. Jeff’s brother Liu makes sure Jeff is hidden (he even managed to convince people that he died in surgery), hiding bodies that Jeff returned to the house hold, alluding police so no one would be suspicious of the Hodek household. Liu doesn’t murder people, he doesn’t want Jeff to be a killer but their bond is very strong so they both end up being crime brother. Jeff does the killing, Liu does the providing.

UKHS: What served as your inspiration for the character?

S(JC): Just sheer boredom, I was 15 years old, and I wanted to make something that would be a meme, I decided to make a short story and the picture I had since late 2006 was a perfect visualization of the main monster for Jeff the killer. In 2008 I made a simple 5 minute video of Jeff’s backstory. I never expanded the story there, because it was meant to be a short urban legend, until 2011 where someone took the story and popularized Jeff, however, vastly changing him from my vision of Jeff.


Jeff fan art

UKHS: Which idea came to you first, the image or the story?

S(JC): The image was made first, then 2 years later a story was made for it.

UKHS: Speaking of the story, there seems to be another very well-known origin story out there, which describes Jeff’s battle with bullies and subsequent disfigurement in a fire. What are your thoughts on this ‘alternative’ take on your character?

S(JC): It helped bring Jeff to fame, but it ultimately turned Jeff into what he wasn’t at all.

UKHS: Are you a fan of Creepypasta? If so, what is your favourite Creepypasta by a creator other than yourself?

S(JC): Back before the teeny boppers made creepypasta wiki to get their pasta fix, there was only a few good pastas on Encyclopedia Dramatica, the real scary stuff, none of that fan stories you’d find all over the pasta wiki.
I wasn’t really a fan of one specific one, but I really enjoyed the urban legend ones, none of the narrative stories that Jeff was turned into, but a story that was told by someone else, in a way that would really make you wonder if it was true or not. Those are the gold stories.

UKHS: Which writers, horror or otherwise, do you consider yourself a fan of?

S(JC): To be honest, I’ve got no horror writer of any that I look up to or can say I’m that big over. I know about Steven King, but I only know him for the movies that are based off his work. I know of H.P Lovecraft only by name and some characters. I am very fond of David Lynch’s style of horror, very surreal, nightmare-like, subtle. Jeff is not David Lynch inspired, if any horror writer/director was to be compared, it would maybe be Wes Craven, since Jeff will be slasher horror once I get to working on a full Jeff story.

UKHS: What work of your own are you most proud of?

S(JC): The ones that were deleted along with my youtube channel, due to people who didn’t agree with me creating Jeff and made it their goal to hide the fact that I’m the creator, so I have my pictures to be proud of, and the saved stories that will be within the Jeff-verse (non-official name) based on my percocet-laced dreams. I’m really eager to get my fictional universe out there to whoever is interested in the mythos that goes beyond Jeff himself, but other characters and events. It’s a really exciting thing for me and I hope that it all comes into full fruition — maybe then Jeff won’t be the only thing people ask from me.

UKHS: I did notice that your YouTube channel had been deleted. What happened there? Is there anywhere else I can send your fans to watch the origin story?

S(JC): People who think I’m a phoney is what happened. Many people tend to disagree with my version of Jeff and all they do is flag their problem away. Sadly there is no other video that I possess, someone might have a copy video somewhere, I do hold on to hope that I get my account back soon.

UKHS: The fans are very passionate about the character. Are there any examples of fan art, such as images, films or readings, in particular that have impressed you?

S(JC): The ones that don’t display him in sexual situations relieve me, and there are the ones that really have a different and cool spin on him — some are impressive that really make me think: “Aw shit, I want to do that with him too!”

UKHS: By the same token, are there any unauthorised attempts to cash in on the popularity of your character that have upset you?

S(JC): Many, but I’ve taken it all in my stride, as my production company (who’re going to help make Jeff more than just a story online) take care of the people who unfairly take the credit and money without any compensation for me. I welcome all the fan works, but when it comes to the monopoly of my creation they should understand how wrong it is to take what I made for themselves. I even get people telling me that on messages that it’s going to be for profit, no joke.

UKHS: Arguably the most popular spin-off is Jane the Killer. What are your thoughts on that character/story?

S(JC): In all honesty, I don’t read any of those fan stories that tend to go against what Jeff is about, so my opinion is pretty much neutral.

UKHS: The Jeff the Killer image is one of the most recognisable in all of Creepypasta. Where did it come from? Did you create the image yourself, and if so, what acted as the base model for your pic? I’ve heard rumours that it could be based on animals or even the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme.

S(JC): When it comes to the Overly Attached girlfriend, it wouldn’t make sense due to the fact that Jeff was around in 2006, and OAG was around like 2010-2012, something like that, so that speculation is rendered null.



UKHS: There has also been some controversy over Jeff the Killer caused by web users who claim the image is of a young lady named Katy Robinson who committed suicide after being bullied by trolls on 4chan. Would you care to address this?

S(JC): Oh yes, those rumors, I know all too well. The Katy Robinson one has become a little in-joke at this point, people speculate that it was a photoshopped version of her, because a person on 4chan said so, and they took the bait because 4chan is known to be creditable. I really wish that one day these rumors of Katy and Jeff would die, but people are people so I expect this to last until 2027 if Jeff is still relevant.

Jeff is a latex mask, that was worn. Three pictures were taken, two made it online. I’m not sure about the 3rd, I think it was sideways in the bathroom instead of the closet. One picture is unedited where the eyes are red around and the mouth is open, the edited one is where the eyes are blackened, and the mouth is smudged a little with Photoshop to make a smile.

The clothes worn during the two pictures were a white T-shirt and blue jeans. That’s the real Jeff a creepy mask.

UKHS: Do you still have the mask or any other pictures of it? Can you remember where you bought it? I’m sure readers would love the chance to own the same mask that inspired Jeff.

S(JC): The mask was purely man-made from latex and I think a little other material to have it cover the whole head, plus a wig ensemble. The pictures taken were long gone, and the mask was put in the closet after use so it’s definitely long gone. If I had that mask with me, there’s no telling how valuable it would be. But I do know that with every success there is merchandise, so I’m sure fans will be getting professionally made masks of Jeff instead of that crudely put together one that was the original.

UKHS: What else can your fans look forward to from you (and Jeff) in the days ahead?

S(JC): Aside from Jeff, I got a truck load of stories that I’ve been saving until the right time. New Characters, even ones that I will be in the process of purchasing from creators that don’t want nothing to do with them, a really rich world that I hope everyone will enjoy!

UKHS: Is there any link you’d like me to send my readers to so they can discover some more of your creations? Or any in particular that you’d like to share?

S(JC): Deviant art (http://sesseur.deviantart.com) is a good place to get the idea, soon I’ll be adding more pictures and story, so stay tuned!

Come back next time, when I’ll be revisiting another classic Creepypasta tale, complete with an interview with the man who created it.

Dark Web: Steven Hickey’s Essential Guide To Creepypasta Part 23 – Smile.jpg


Welcome once again to another to another exploration of the darker side of the Internet.

In the past I’ve looked at some truly iconic Creepypastas — from the posterboy for CP fandom, Jeff the Killer to the otherworldly inhuman Rake, some stories become so big they practically define the genre. When it comes to Creepypasta’s most popular characters and stories, those adopted by fandom as the best that online horror has to offer, this week’s story is up there with Jeff, Slenderman, the Rake and Ben Drowned. It is the story of the insanity-inducing viral image, Smile.jpg, also known as Smile.dog.

The chilling tale of the Smile Dog and smile.jpg, the computer file purported to portray a visual depiction of the entity, is one of the Internet’s older viral horror stories. It’s difficult to ascertain from where exactly the story originated, as it is so widespread around the Internet. However, previous attempts to locate the original post, such as those by the folks over at know your meme (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/smilejpg?full=1) or supernatural phenomenon blog Aether Paranormal (http://www.aetherparanormal.com/blog/the-curious-case-of-smilejpg-by-jml/), posit that the story was first circulated on 4chan’s /X/ board some time in 2008.

smile1This is the time at which the image most synonymous with the story first appeared online. It is an image designed to look like an old Polaroid with bloody fingerprints on it, that depicts a dog, possibly a Siberian husky, staring malevolently into the camera withstand wide, human-like grin. Upon closer inspection it is also possible to discern a human hand, reaching out palm-first on the left side of the image.

Plenty of people find this picture unnerving. The malicious expression on the dog’s face is certainly memorable and pretty unpleasant, even if the image composition isn’t exactly the smoothest display of photoshop skills. Cynophobia (the fear of dogs) is actually a pretty common phobia, with as many as 36% of sufferers of animal phobias reporting that their anxieties were focused on cats or dogs. Dog bites are among the most common animal attacks (no doubt due to the sheer number of dogs living in direct proximity to human beings) and the eponymous nature of dogs in society makes the image that little bit creepier — it’s not entirely unlikely that you’ll cross paths with a husky at some point in your life. The moody lighting (or lack thereof) of the image adds to its horrifying effect, using a murky, shadowy quality that taps into Man’s inherent fear of darkness. Combine that with the uncomfortable juxtaposition of human expressions on a beast, suggesting human levels of intelligence and cruelty mixed with the savage unpredictability of an animal, and It’s certainly unpleasant. However, I’d argue that there are plenty of more frightening Creepypasta pictures out there, from Victor Surge’s Slender Man, to the shocking photographs located by IvySir to accompany his stories The Expressionless and Liars, to the ever-popular Jeff the Killer.

However, it is worth remembering that it is one of the first of these and, while Slenderman has never really had much of a coherent backstory and the Jeff image had multiple shoddily written origin tales attached, Smile.jpg came with a fantastic story.

Due to the sketchy nature of Smile Dog’s origin timeline it’s impossible to know which came first, the story or the image, and different researchers have both discovered evidence which they claim supports either position. The story, titled ‘The Curious Case of Smile.jpg’, has been attributed to a writer known only as JML. You can read it in its entirety at the Creepypasta Wikia here: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Smile_Dog

The story details a young writer, the aforementioned JML, who hears about the story of smile.jpg as a youngster, then located the only person known to have encountered the image — a woman referred to only as Mary E. It seems that Mary came across the file back in 1992 when she worked for a Chicago-based Bulletin Board System (for those too young to remember the infancy of the web as we know it today, a BBS was a server that allowed multiple users to log-on and exchange messages and files).

smile2When a hyperlink to the file was posted on the BBS, Mary was one of the individuals who opened it. Curiously, she is the only person to have ever spoken about viewing the image. However, when JML makes the trip to interview Mary, she abruptly and hysterically changes her mind, locking herself in her bathroom in tears, rambling on instead about the terrible dreams that haunt her each night. After fruitless efforts to coax Mary out, from both JML and Mary’s husband Terrence, JML eventually leaves without hearing her story.

However, after giving us a brief history of the mysterious file, in which JML also stresses that the original legend spawned plenty of hoax images to appear online and claiming that for some unknown reason, Wikipedia admins have consistently deleted any attempts to post information on smile.jpg. It also claims that the file has appeared online multiple times and each time it has caused mass hysteria, anxiety and epilepsy. Following more attempts to locate the file, JML is thrown a lifeline when Mary E emails him once again. In the message she details her own encounter with Smile.dog, claiming that the creature from the image appears to her in dreams every night. The creature talks to her, tormenting her but offering her a way out — all she has to do is ‘spread the word’. Shortly after first discovering smile.jpg, Mary E received a floppy disk through the post with a single file on it. At the point at which she’d backed out of the interview with JML she had finally decided to acquiesce to the creature’s demands and pass the disk to somebody else. However, at the last moment her conscience had gotten the better of her.

Now she is contacting JML one last time to implore him to give up his search. Shortly afterwards Terrence contacts him to inform JML that Mary has committed suicide. But the story doesn’t end there. A year after JML’s failed attempt to interview Mary, he receives an email. It comes with a single attachment — smile.jpg. The story finishes with JML struggling with his own conscience, wondering if he could ‘spread the word’ to save his own life. As the story finishes with a familiar image, we discover his answer…

It’s a fantastic little Creepypasta, combining clever storytelling with a plotline reminiscent of Koji Suzuki’s smash-hit novel, Ring, which in turn went on to spawn Hideo Nakata’s marvellous film adaptation and it’s extremely successful American remake. For those unfamiliar with the story of Sadako/Samara, Ring is the story of a cursed videotape, one that exposes the viewer to a vengeful spirit who will kill them seven days after watching the tape… unless they copy the video and show it to somebody else before their time is up.

Spoilers for Nakata’s film follow below, but even more horrifying than the much ballyhooed scene in which the spectral Sadako emerges from a well onscreen before crawling out of the television set to dispatch a hapless victim, is the climax, in which the heroine Reiko finally decides to show the video to her own father to spare the life of her son Yoichi. It’s a desperate, yet also heartless and cold act, and JML’s own decision to willingly expose us, the audience, to Smile.dog echoes this.

smile3The story of a curse that spreads like a virus has been seen plenty of times in genre fiction in recent years, as well the various ‘J-Horror’ films that followed Nakata’s lead (most notably Takashi Shimizu’s Ju-On AKA The Grudge) it was also the driving plot device in 2014’s critically acclaimed It Follows.

The story also works best at the point at which we realise that, by reading the tale all the way to its chilling conclusion, our morbid curiosity had brought about our own downfall. ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ is one of the most well-known proverbs for good reason, as children we are often told that reckless investigation and exploration comes with risk — that sticking our noses where they don’t belong will end badly for us. As bad as the horror of being stalked and tormented by some otherworldly entity is, somehow it becomes all the more heart wrenching to know that such a fate is your own fault. The fear and helplessness are bad enough, but soak them in regret and they become that little bit more potent.

As I mentioned before, the story cleverly covers its own tracks, claiming that there are multiple fake smile.jpgs and accounts of the story in circulation (meaning that any investigation of your own that fails to drive you insane or summon a demonic entity can merely be written off as due to you finding a fake image) which aids suspension of disbelief, a vital component in successful horror storytelling.

The references to real world websites, such as 4chan, from which the image is genuinely considered to have originated, are excellent touches. The fact these are legitimate internet pages with which the reader are likely to be familiar works to reassure us of the story’s legitimacy — it talks about things that we know to be true, so surely the rest is more likely to be genuine too? It’s touches like this, as well as some technically proficient writing, that make Smile.jpg that rare thing — an early Creepypasta that is genuinely great. This quality undoubtedly played a large role in the rapid and wide spread of the story (and image) throughout the internet.

It popped up in numerous chatrooms and message boards, often prompting users to ponder whether the image it describes is genuine. What’s more, it was during this spread that a new, heavily photoshopped image of the alleged Smile.dog appeared with the story. Resembling a canine Jeff the Killer, this picture is clearly fake but still utterly unnerving, creating a truly horrifying image and monster. More human in appearance than the original husky image, this picture is missing the hand and other extra details described in JML’s story, instead focusing on the horror of the entity itself against a blank, hellish red backdrop.

This has caused some fans, such as those on the always Creepypasta-friendly art community site DeviantArt to differentiate between the two, yet still incorporate both images into the same mythos. To them the Husky is the original image, the gateway for Smile.dog, while the red image has become Nightmare Smile Dog, a visual representation of the beast that appears to victims in their dreams. Both versions have become extremely popular at DeviantArt with thousands of examples of fanart appearing at the site, many of which (like so many of the creations at the site) are quite fantastic and clearly the work of very talented individuals.

By January 2009 the story was so well-known that an Urban Dictionary entry appeared for Smile.jpg (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=smile.jpg). Posted by user smile.dog, it actually takes a surprisingly level-headed approach, not definitively stating the existence of the file as fact, instead claiming that it might be real. Of course, that element of doubt does little to convince those nervous or ghoulishly curious about the story.

There are plenty of examples of anxious web users asking their peers if Smile.dog is genuine, including this Yahoo Answers page (https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111222222423AAkPa9U) amid many, many more (https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111222134109AA76of7 and https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110827233501AAopvgy). The story has been clouded even further by some users claiming that they know for a fact that that Smile.jpg is definitely real. In April 2010 a user named AnonymousEthan created a post on The Lounge forums over at MovieCodec.com, titled The Truth of the Real Smile.jpg (https://www.loungeforums.com/arts/the-truth-of-the-real-smilejpg-84899/).

In the post AnoymousEthan posits that the story re: Smile.jpg has become twisted and corrupted over time. He claims that original image wasn’t of a dog, it was of an unnamed and unrecognisable type of creature. He directly describes the story of the husky and accompanying image as fake, as well as referring to the newer, red Nightmare Smile Dog pic as a hoax as well. He claims to have spoken with people who have seen the true image and goes on to issue a warning to all who would seek it out: ‘If you ever get an email entitled Smile.jpg, DO NOT OPEN IT, delete it immediately. I believe that the image is of Satan itself.’

smile4Elsewhere, yet another version of the image appeared as a part of a video released in November of the same year by YouTuber CAFRex123 that he claimed to be the original picture (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItcYVgjlB8Q) a user of the Unexplained Mysteries forum by the name of Arkitecht created a post asking about Smile.jpg in March 2011 (http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/topic/202015-smilejpg/).

The story has gained a great deal of traction because of this blurring of the lines between fact and fiction, and as such it is one of the most widespread and well-known Creepypastas. As such it is very popular, and like any other popular CP, it has been adapted and elaborated upon in multiple ways. From works of fanart, to the now ubiquitous readings on YouTube (including this one by always excellent Mr Creepypasta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgG9v2HEy5A), to film adaptations (such as these excellent examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZBMK-EYDdw, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxfqToFa5wE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usAdnmbw_9w), to spin off stories that expand upon or reference the original, such as DementedEmperor’s impressive My Face (http://www.creepypasta.com/face-2/), Smile.jpg is a genuine phenomenon.

I was able to talk to Sabooom about his YouTube shortfilm adaptation of the story:

UK HORROR SCENE: First, what was it that drew you to the story?
SABOOOOM: The first time I heard the story was when I was staying at a hotel with the group of friends that I eventually made the movie with. It was late at night when one of the guys read the story and then passed his phone around with the infamous picture up on the screen. I think it spooked a lot of us and that’s why it stuck.

UKHS: Are you a fan of Creepypasta? If so, which is your favourite?
S: These days I don’t keep up with creepypastas too much, but some favourites that come to mind from back in the day are “suicidemouse.avi”, the “banned” and incredibly depressing Mickey Mouse cartoon. I always thought Pokemon Lost Silver was kinda eerie, too. I can hear the Ruins of Alph radio music play in my head when I read that one.

UKHS: Why do you think so many people are Creepypasta fans?
S: I think it’s easy to get spooked by creepypasta, reading it on your laptop, late at night in total silence. It doesn’t rely on jump scares, which I really appreciate. A quality creepypasta takes its time building its story.

UKHS: Why do you think Smile.jpg resonates so well with readers and viewers?
S: I think the appeal of this creepypasta came from the picture associated with it. Not many creepypastas have something tangible to go with it like that. It really inserts you into the story. The character in the story can see the picture in her nightmares, and I think some of us probably could after reading it, too.

UKHS: What challenges arose during your adaptation of the story?
S: The biggest obstacle was the fact that everyone involved with the production was in high school at the time, myself included.  The whole thing was done on literally zero budget. The most difficult scene to film was the suicide scene. We had to make a convincing brain splatter, which was actually someone sitting in the bathtub throwing a handful of red-dyed oatmeal at the wall!

UKHS: Finally, what can your fans look forward to from you in the days ahead? Will there be any more Creepypasta adaptations?
S: I haven’t made many movies in the last few years. It’s something that I’d like to get back into eventually. I did follow up Smile.jpg the next year with december2010 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUO4sY_QcB8 , a found-footage style movie featuring Slenderman. Keep in mind, this was before Slenderman blew up in the mainstream with The Eight Pages and all that.
Thank you for your interest in Smile.jpg. It’s pretty cool to see that it’s still getting attention all these years later.

Like Saboooom’s film, the story remains popular to this day, for a number of perfectly understandable reasons, and it gains new fans daily. With a fanbase as avid as this, there is no shortage of willing disciples to ‘spread the word’. I just hope that after I’ve introduced each of you to the story that you’ll be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

Come back next time for a look at another story of a terrifying entity that stalks its victim after slumber descends.
Sleep tight.

An Interview With Composer Eric Elick

Eric Elick (1)An Interview With Composer Eric Elick

UKHS – How did you get into this and at what point did you realise you wanted to be a composer?

EE – It all started December 18, 1998 around the time my older brother purchased an Alesis QS6 keyboard and started making music on it. It looked fun so I decided to try my hand at it and I started experimenting and found that I really enjoyed it! I decided to learn the piano after having recurring dreams of playing Blood Roses by Tori Amos over a period of a few months. I composed and produced music and albums since that time, even majoring in music in college for a couple years, but renewed my gusto and drive to really go after making a career in music in 2014 when I had the opportunity to score the 2014 short “The Tour” directed by Damon Rickard and Alex Mathieson. The rest is history!

UKHS – If you weren’t a composer what would you be?

EE – I would be a medical speech-language pathologist! Wait, I already am one! 😉 Aside film composing I have studied many other fields and I am qualified to be a medical speech-language pathologist, Spanish teacher (in a private institution), Spanish interpreter/translator, manager, and even a private investigator field agent! I love to learn and I think it’s important to have diverse skill sets, you never know when you might need them! My ability to work in various fields ensures I have income coming in to where I can live comfortably and it allows me to be more discerning in deciding which film projects with which I get involved.

Album Cover - Seize the NightUKHS – In terms of composing, who inspires you and which scores do you love?

EE – Well first and foremost I will have to mention Tori Amos, although she’s not a film composer, she is THE composer that inspired me to become a musician which allowed me to eventually find my way to film work. She is a wonderful artist and I have been listening to her music since the early 90’s. Although I don’t listen to her as regularly as I used to in the past, I will always be grateful for her music that played a critical role in my life. As for film composers who inspire me, I love James Horner, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard, John Debney, Fernando Velazquez, Carter Burwell, Bernard Herrmann, and many more..the list can get really long! Among all of the living film composers out there currently, I would say my favorite is currently James Newton Howard. My favorite soundtracks have been: Aliens, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, Lady in the Water, Dream House, El Orfanato, The Finest Hours, Psycho, the list can go on and on… Willow, Conan the Barbarian, To Kill a Mockingbird, Forrest Gump, Julie & Julia, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Stargate, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lawrence of Arabia, The Dark Crystal, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, A Beautiful Mind, Maleficent, Poltergeist, etc.

UKHS – What is the piece of music you are most proud of?

EE – That’s a very difficult question to answer for me, so I will simply say I am proud of them all, because they all reflect me at various stages of growth as an artist… even the first ditty I ever wrote on the piano which you can find on my SoundCloud if you dig deep enough. They reflect who I was at the time they were created and all of those life experiences that were influencing me at the time culminating in musical form. If I had to pick one, I would pick the latest piece of music I’ve done, the STAR TREK BEYOND trailer music I redid, because with every music cue I do, I always work to make it the best I can at that stage of my development and I do my best to stay present in order to enjoy every moment in life. I love all of my film scores and hope to have the opportunity to release them all to the public at some point. We will have to see how the official soundtrack for Seize the Night directed by Emma Dark does!

STN_PosterUKHS – What would be your ideal composing gig?

EE – My ideal composing gig is to work with directors who are passionate, easy to get along with and receptive to feedback, that recognize the importance of score in a film, understand the importance of marketing for everyone involved in a project, and just plain good friends. That’s my idea of an ideal composing gig. 🙂

UKHS – Do you ever feel you are type-cast as a composer? Do you think this might be a problem for some composers?

EE– While I LOVE that the horror community and directors have opened their arms to me, I do not consider myself a horror film composer specifically, as I compose music in all sorts of styles and now since moving to Los Angeles other types of film projects are starting to come in (e.g. Visitation directed by Austin Smagalski is a drama, and I’m currently in talks for potentially another drama with another production company). If you take a listen to my SoundCloud it will show I’ve produced all sorts of music. Egomaniac was especially satisfying to work on as an artist, because it required so many different types of musical styles from jazz to mariachi to EDM to introspective piano music to traditional orchestral scoring and so on! I would love to have opportunities to score more science fiction and action films as well!

UKHS – What are the main functions and goals of soundtracks and film music and how would you rate their importance for the movie as a whole?

EE – I believe the main function and goals of film music is to tell the story, but through emotions. The score suggests what the viewers should be feeling, or at the very least create an environment that allows the viewers emotions to naturally be augmented. There’s all sorts of creative ways to use score in film. Film scores outline and highlight the emotional trajectory of the film as well as each individual scene. Scores can also be helpful to augment performances where actors may not be emoting enough, or clearly enough. You can even fix or diminish editing errors with score. Some directors have told me they value the score and sound as 50% of the film and the visuals the other 50%, and I would have to agree with this! Sometimes it feels as though score comes as an after thought, but directors should really get a composer involved in the pre-production stages! Composers can be useful here as well with developing score concepts concurrently even as the film itself is being developed.

UKHS – Scores can either exist entirely of original material or temp-track music. Are these two approaches equal or do you feel as though a soundtrack written especially for a movie is always better?

EE – I would say score written especially for a film is usually always better, unless a scene calls for a certain style of music that may be better achieved through licensing of an already existing piece of music. Sometimes it’s just a perfect fit. The problem with temp tracks is that typically the editors/directors get VERY attached to the music and then anything that deviates from the temp track will sound “good” or “right” to their ear. Temp tracks, or should I say “temporary tracks,” can really put the composer in a box and limit what they can bring to the table and in some unfortunate cases relegate them to the role of a technician to recreate the temp track! In those cases it is advisable for the composer to encourage the director to just license the temp track and avoid that entire difficulty altogether. In my opinion the best way to do temp tracks is to hire the composer who will be scoring the film to do the temp tracks which is another reason why it can be important to get composers involved prior to the final edit.

UKHS – What’s next for you?

EE – Hopefully a successful launch of the Seize the Night official soundtrack which is currently available for pre-order and will be available on iTunes and all major online music distributors on August 5, 2016! So far the response has been incredible! After that, Horror Channel’s Fright Fest 2016 in London for the world première of Egomaniac directed by Kate Shenton! I am very excited to finally be able to meet so many people I have only known and worked with via social media! I will be scoring Emma Dark’s next film which should be announced very soon! I can’t wait to work with her again and she was a director who really allowed me artistic freedom and communicated her clear vision for music, but also open to new ideas about score. She is excellent about allowing her cast and crew to do what they do best. Her marketing skills are also second to none. Emma and I were in tune with each other from the beginning and she was fantastic to work with.

Kate Shenton also was very open to new ideas and was a pleasure to work with. You’ll be hearing more of my work with Damon Rickard’s new film “Dissociative” as well as Alex Mathieson’s “The Jitterman”. I could go on and on about how great these directors are but I’ll have to just say that I have been very lucky to work with so many talented and genuinely wonderful people who just happen to be directors! I have just signed on to also score “I Baked Him a Cake” directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright and written/produced by Samantha Kolesnik. There are some other unannounced projects that will be coming out in the not-so-distant future and I am currently in talks to potentially work on new projects which will be announced later this year if they work out. You can follow my career on all the major social media sites.

Thank you so much for this interview, it was a pleasure!

Eric Elick


Twitter – https://twitter.com/EricElickMusic


strip light photo credit to http://www.michaelmknight.co.uk/

UK Horror Scene & AMC Manchester Launch Classic Horror on the BIG SCREEN Season 2

UK Horror Scene & AMC Manchester Launch Classic Horror on the BIG SCREEN Season 2

amc season 2After the amazing success of the first classic horror double-bills on the BIG SCREEN back in spring 2016 , UK Horror Scene and AMC Manchester have decided it is time to immerse the people of Manchester into more classic horror for SEVEN Saturdays in a row through August & September 2016.

And to make things better each film will be just £4 to watch, yes for the price of a pint you can see some amazing films where they should be seen – on the BIG SCREEN!

Over seven Saturdays they will be showing 14 classic horror films, from over 5 decades, on the big screen with FOUR of the films being shown in their original 35mm !!

AMC is a 16 screen state-of-the-art cinema complex in the iconic Great Northern Warehouse right in the heart of Manchester and UK Horror Scene is one of the leading horror websites in the UK . Together they are aiming to bring the horror genre to the people of Manchester one classic film at a time!

Tickets are available to pre-order now at http://www.amccinemas.co.uk and will be available on the night also!!

Read below for the films and dates !

amcthingprinceSaturday August 13th
7PM – The Thing (1982)
John Carpenters classic adaptation of ‘Who Goes There?’ starring Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David and more. It’s the first week of winter in 1982. An American Research Base is greeted by an alien force, that can assimilate anything it touches. It’s up to the members to stay alive, and be sure of who is human, and who has become one of the Things…

9.10PM – Prince of Darkness (1987)
John Carpenter’s Lovecraftian classic of ancient evil, starring Dennis Dun, Donald Pleasance, Jameson Parker and more. A research team finds a mysterious cylinder in a deserted church. If opened, it could mean the end of the world…

amcevilarmySaturday August 20th
7PM – Evil Dead 2 (1987)
Sam Raimi’s kinetic follow up to the horror classic, again starring Bruce Campbell as the forever tormented Ash Williams. The lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh-possessing spirits holds up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.

8.45PM – Army of Darkness in 35mm (1992)
35mm presentation! Final part of the Evil Dead trilogy, yet again starring Bruce Campbell as Ash, a man who is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon so he can return home.

amcwerewolfreturnSaturday August 27th
7PM – An American Werewolf in London (1981)
John Landis’ comic horror classic which sees two American college students on a walking tour of Britain attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

9.05PM – Return of The Living Dead in 35mm (1985)
Presented in 35mm! Dan O’ Bannon (Alien, Dark Star) writes and directs this horror comedy. When two bumbling employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, the vapors cause the dead to rise again as zombies.

amccrowlostSaturday September 3rd
7PM – The Crow in 35mm (1994)
Presented in 35mm! James O’ Barr’s classic tale of revenge from beyond the grave, starring Brandon Lee in his last role, Michael Wincott and Ernie Hudson. A musician comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée’s murder, guided by the mysterious crow.

9.05PM – The Lost Boys (1987)
Starring Jason Patric, Corey Haim and more, Joel Schumacher’s influential classic The Lost Boys. After moving to a new town, two brothers discover that the area is a haven for vampires…

amcpansdeepredSaturday September 10th
7PM – Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
Guillermo Del Toro’s award winning horror fantasy. In the Falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world. Spanish Language with English subtitles.

9.15PM – Deep Red aka Profondo Rosso (1975)
Dario Argento’s giallo classic is back on the big screen! After witnessing the murder of a famous psychic, a musician teams up with a feisty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen assailant bent on keeping a dark secret buried. Italian with English subtitles .

amcnightmaresnatchersSaturday September 17th
7PM – A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Witness the birth of a horror icon with the Wes Craven original – A Nightmare On Elm Street. Heather Langenkamp, Jonny Depp John Saxon and Robert Englund star in the first of the ‘Freddy’ franchise. Several people are hunted by a cruel serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams. While the survivors are trying to find the reason for being chosen, the murderer won’t lose any chance to kill them as soon as they fall asleep.

8.50PM – Invasion of The Body Snatchers in 35mm (1978)
Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum and Leonard Nimoy star in Philip Kaufman’s terrifying remake of the 1956 sci-fi classic. In San Francisco, a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion. 35mm Presentation .

amczombielandblockSaturday September 24th
7PM – Zombieland (2009)
Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson star in this modern comic-horror classic. A shy student trying to reach his family in Ohio, a gun-toting tough guy trying to find the last Twinkie, and a pair of sisters trying to get to an amusement park join forces to travel across a zombie-filled America.

8.50PM – Attack The Block (2011)
Joe Cornish directs the tale of a teen gang in South London defending their block from an alien invasion. Attack the Block is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a London housing estate into a sci-fi playground. A tower block into a fortress under siege. And teenage street kids into heroes. It’s inner city versus outer space.

All these amazing films on the big screen for just £4 per film.

For more information and to pre-order tickets please visit http://www.amccinemas.co.uk

And to be kept up to date with the screenings follow them on twitter here
@ukhorrorscene & @amccinemas_UK

Horror Soap Opera ‘Hell Town’ hits VOD & Digital HD August 23rd

helltownSteve Balderson’s Horror Soap Opera Hell Town
Presented by Scream Queen Debbie Rochon
Available on Cable VOD and Digital HD August 23
From Gravitas Ventures

“Directors Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear take the typical soap opera and spoof it until it bleeds profusely.”-Dread Central

Los Angeles, CA – Gravitas Ventures has announced the August 23rd Cable and Digital HD release of Steve Balderson’s festival favorite Hell Town. Presented as three episodes of a sadistic twist on Masterpiece Theater, Balderson (Firecracker, The Casserole Club) and co-director Elizabeth Spear have carved up a serialized story filled with catfights, cliffhangers, broken hearts and murder. Hell Town will be available to rent or own starting August 23rd on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, and XBox.

Since the world première sponsored by the Austin Horror Society and Alamo Drafthouse, Hell Town has made audiences and critics laugh and scream, picking up awards for Best Feature at Colorado Horror-Con, as well as a Best Feature and Best Actress win for Amanda Deibert, with nominations for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography, at the Crimson Scream Horror Film Festival.

Debbie Rochon (Model Hunger, Return to Nuke ‘Em High, The Theater Bizarre) headlines as the hostess of the three surviving episodes of “Hell Town”, following the melodramatic, small-town and potentially short-lived lives of Krysten Day, Amanda Deibert, Owen Lawless, Ben Windholz, Jennifer Grace and Balderson muse Pleasant Gehman.

helltown2Hell Town follows the melodramatic antics of high school seniors clashing over love, sex, and betrayal.  In the middle of all the everyday drama of one-sided infatuations, backstabbing bitchiness, bottled-up sexuality, sibling rivalry and general small-town angst, the Letter Jacket Killer is killing students in a variety of sadistic ways.  As the body count rises and the blood pools closer to home, it becomes clear that one of our main characters is the killer.  Everyone, from the prom queen and shirtless jock to the nosey geek and the super bitch, are all suspects in the carnage.

Templeheart Films presents Ibiza Undead for its World Premiere at Horror Channel FrightFest on 26th August

IBIZA_UNDEAD_poster_webTempleheart Films presents Ibiza Undead for its World Premiere at Horror Channel FrightFest on 26th August…

It’s “The Inbetweeners meets Shaun of the Dead” in this slick horror comedy that’s heavy on both gore and laughs. In the new film, Alex, Az and Jim head to Ibiza for their first lad’s holiday. Unfortunately for them, tagging along is Alex’s unimpressed ex-girlfriend Ellie. Arriving in Ibiza, the lads dump Ellie with Alex’s sister Liz, her friend Zara and head to San Antonio to start their week of debauchery. Soon they end up in a San Antonio club, run by local gangster Karl, where the main attractions aren’t alive… they’re dead! Thanks to Jim’s wild antics, the zombies escape and all hell breaks loose with the entire party island soon battling the undead.

Starring Emily Atack (The Inbetweeners), Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey, Overwatch, Crazy Face), Matt King (Peepshow, RocknRolla) and featuring Alex Zane. The comedy is written and directed by Andy Edwards and produced by Elisar Cabrera for Templeheart Films (The Seasoning House, Devil’s Tower, Deranged), one of the UK’s most prolific genre production companies. Ibiza Undead is a wild re-imagining of a classic movie genre to really sink your teeth into!

IBIZA UNDEAD - Kenneth the zombieDirector Andy Edwards: “I’m really excited and thrilled that the premiere of Ibiza Undead is at this year’s FrightFest. As a regular attendee myself I’m sure the FrightFest audience will love our fun, fresh – and very British – take on the zombie genre. And yes, we really did film in Ibiza – so some of the zombies are real!”

Ibiza Undead World Premiere at Horror Channel FrightFest on Friday 26th August

Friday 26th day-pass £60. Single tickets £13.50 available from 23rd July

Studiocanal confirm the acquisition of underwater thriller The Chamber

The_ChamberSTUDIOCANAL have confirmed their acquisition of underwater thriller THE CHAMBER following the World Première announcement within the 2016 FrightFest programme.

THE CHAMBER stars Swedish actor Johannes Bah Kuhnke in his first film role since his international breakthrough performance in family drama Force Majeure and is written and directed by Ben Parker, his feature début, having previously made the short Shifter, which played at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

THE CHAMBER revolves around a special ops unit, who commandeer a commercial research vessel and it’s submersible to locate a mysterious item at the bottom of the Yellow Sea. When an explosion causes the sub to overturn and take on water, the crew begins to understand that not all of them will escape and a fight for survival ensues.

THE CHAMBER also stars Charlotte Salt (The Musketeers), James McArdle (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and Elliot Levey (The Lady In The Van). Producers are Jen Handorf and Paul Higgins. Executive producer is Hugh Spearing.

Production financing for the film comes from Fields Park Media Partners, Ffilm Cymru Wales and Great Point Media.

UK Release plans and additional Festival plans to be announced.


New UK Quad & Trailer for Cell ahead of UK Cinema & On Demand release

New poster and trailer released for Cell ahead of the UK première at HorrorChannel Frightfest.

Signature Entertainment announce the UK August 26th release date of the anticipated Stephen King adaptation CELL, directed by Tod Williams and starring John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman.


In this highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling apocalyptic thriller, John Cusack (1408), Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained) and Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) star as one of the few survivors of a murderous epidemic fending off bloodthirsty predators who have been dangerously re-programmed to kill by a mysterious worldwide phone signal.

Also starring Stacy Keach (American History X) and Lloyd Kaufman (Tromeo and Juliet), produced by Richard Saperstein (Seven, 1408) and Michael Benaroya (Margin Call, Lawless) and directed by Tod ‘Kip’ Williams (Paranormal Activity 2, The Door in the Floor), Cell is a frightening new story from The Master of Horror.

Cell UK Premiere at Horror Channel FrightFest Thursday 25th August.

Signature Entertainment Presents CELL in Cinemas and on Demand from August 26th, 2016

Horror Channel FRIGHTFEST announce absolute KILLER 2016 Line-up WOW!

Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 announces line-up, including 19 World and 35 UK & European premieres

FrightFest_HorrorChannel_logo1From grindhouse to art-house, feel-good to squeal-good, blockbuster to ghostbuster FrightFest returns in all its gory glory, now housed at the 12-screen Vue Cinema at Shepherd’s Bush, West London, from Aug 25 – Aug 29.

In its 17th year, the world renowned genre film festival will present 62 new feature films, embracing sixteen countries and bringing together established filmmakers, British first-timers and emerging international visionaries from six continents.

The opening night attraction is the European Premiere of MY FATHER DIE, Sean Brosnan’s brutal and beautiful feature debut – an ultra-stylish, uber violent revenge thriller that’s a calling card for Brosnan’s brilliant talents. And our closing night film is another breakneck paced masterpiece – the UK Premiere of TRAIN TO BUSAN, so join ‘The Commuting Dead’ as director Sang-ho Yeon takes you on a first class horror action thrill-ride, mixing slaughter, suspense and splatter with incredible visual élan.


My Father Die

In between these two banner titles are the scream of the crop from all over the globe, strongly represented in our line-up of World Premieres by the incredible Italian supercar tension-ratcheting MONOLITH, the gory Dutch treat THE WINDMILL MASSACRE, the stunning South African nightmare FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET, Tricia Lee’s creepy Canadian chiller BLOOD HUNTERS and three American shock absorbers KNUCKLEBONES, ENCLOSURE and the Eurotrashy radical BLOOD FEAST remake.

Reflecting a productive year for British horror, there are twelve UK World Premieres, including Shaun Robert Smith’s intensely powerful BROKEN, Jon Ford’s visceral revenge thriller OFFENSIVE, Wyndham Price’s dark fantasy CROW, Kate Shenton’s auto-satire EGOMANIAC, Ben Parker’s claustrophobic THE CHAMBER, Marty Stalker’s shock-doc HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL and Andy Edward’s sun, sea and sex gore-fest IBIZA UNDEAD.

Five of the UK World Premieres make up the ‘First Blood’ strand, in which home-based directors are given a chance to shine with their debut efforts. These are: Phillip Escott’s harrowing CRUEL SUMMER, Brad Watson’s urban gang shocker HALLOW’S EVE, James Crow’s deadly HOUSE OF SALEM, Stewart Spark’s 666 Short Cuts To Hell entry THE CREATURE BELOW and Lawrie Brewster’s PTSD-inspired THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS.

Let H

Let Her Out

Other festival highlights in the Main Screen strand include the European Premiere of Adam Wingard’s intense chiller of the moment, THE WOODS. destined to be one of the key horrors of 2016. We also have this year’s most ferocious possession movie in Cody Calahan’s LET HER OUT, as well as Todd William’s superb Stephen King adaptation CELL, starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Then there is the top box office Italian sensation THEY CALL ME JEEG ROBOT, Adam Rifkin’s tour-de-force DIRECTOR’S CUT, starring Penn Jillette, Rob Zombie’s ultra-violent grindhouse slasher 31, ‘Saw’ man Darren Lynn Bousman’s graphic novel inspired ABBATOIR, Simon Rumley’s latest visionary masterpiece JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD, Jackson Stewart’s supernatural switcheroo BEYOND THE GATES, the zombie theme park hell ride THE REZORT, the full-blooded cracker RED CHRISTMAS, the cryogenic chiller REALIVE, the home invasion twister MERCY, the darkly unpredictable PET, starring Dominic Monaghan and the beguilling THE MASTER CLEANSE, with The Big Bang Theory’s Jonny Galecki and Anna Friel.

South America is rapidly becoming a major genre player and FrightFest is proud to be presenting seven specialities from Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. Daniel de la Vega’s WHITE COFFIN is co-written by FrightFest favourite Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Laura Casbe’s BENAVIDEZ’S CASE stretches surrealist boundaries, Patricio Valladares’ DOWNHILL mines H. P. Lovecraft for inspiration, THROUGH THE SHADOW puts Henry James’ classic tale of terror ‘The Turn of the Screw’ through a south of the border filter, THE SIMILARS is pure ‘Twilight Zone’ inspiration, FRANCESCA a thrilling Buenos Aires take on giallo and WE ARE THE FLESH comes with serious artistic endorsements from fellow Mexican filmmakers Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

Train To Buscan

The Discovery Screen strand is as bold as ever and includes a restored version of Shelden Renan’s controversial documentary THE KILLING OF AMERICA, Anna Biller’s gloriously art-directed THE LOVE WITCH, the cursed silent movie FURY OF THE DEMON, the Berlin Film Festival break-out, SHELLEY, the visionary sci-fi fantasy LOST SOLACE and the darkly hilarious ghost-busting ANOTHER EVIL. Then there’s Julian T. Pinder’s chilling murder investigation POPULATION ZERO, Martin Owen’s High-tec underground thriller terror LET’S BE EVIL, Tim Reis’ slimy creature feature BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE and Michael Boroweic’s acute study of alien paranoia, MAN UNDERGROUND.

Plus, you can witness the stag party from hell in THE UNRAVELLING, the bad taste shenanigans of NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, , the viral thrills of THE EVIL IN US, the vehicular chills of PARANORMAL DRIVE, the die-hard dystopia of HERE ALONE, the eye-popping shocks of FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, and the ‘goriously’ insane ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSEN ZOMBIES.

Ahead of its FrightFest Presents DVD release, there is an encore airing for ROAD GAMES, this time with a live interactive commentary with director Abner Pastoll and a London premiere for one of the most popular movies shown earlier this year at FrightFest Glasgow, Sean Byrne’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY.


The Duke Mitchell Film Club is back with the UK premiere of Kim Sang-Chan’s outrageously infectious KARAOKE CRAZIES and a first showing of all three episodes of the mesmerising French TV mini-series BEYOND THE WALLS.

Alan Jones, co-director of FrightFest, said today: “For seventeen years now FrightFest has led the way through landmark changes in the genre, altered perceptions of fandom and embraced the revolutions in platforms and distribution models. It continues to do so this year with a breathtaking selection of genre attractions with the widest appeal and breadth of focus.  We stand out because we stand for something special – a one-stop roadmap through everything you need to see to be totally up to speed with what the next year in horror fantasy will be all about”.

This year’s special events, retrospective programme, the guest list and the Short Film Showcase entries will be announced in the coming weeks.

Festival and day pass sales will go on sale Sat 2 July at noon and will only be available to buy online: http://www.frightfest.co.uk/tickets.html

Single tickets will go on sale on Sat 23 July.

For full programme details amd timetables go to: www.frightfest.co.uk




Horror Channel bares its teeth this July

Horror Channel bares its teeth this July

There is real bite to July’s line-up on Horror Channel, as killer sharks, a rampaging tiger, a family of cannibals, a vengeful Chupacabra and a wolf in serial killer clothing herald in a première-packed month on the UK’s only channel dedicated to the dark side.

horrorchannellogoThere are four UK TV premieres: Jim Mickle’s brilliant re-imagining of Jorge Michel Grau’s Mexican art-house cannibal fantasy WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, Greg McLean’s WOLF CREEK 2, which sees the return of Australia’s most famed pig-shooting psycho, Carlos Brooks’ wonderful ‘Tiger in a House’ nerve-jangler BURNING BRIGHT and Alastair Orr’s Panamanian creature thriller PREY. Plus, there is the network premiere of THE REEF, the scariest shark chiller since Jaws.

As well as the four UK TV Premières, Horror Channel is bringing you ‘Tropical Terror’ season this July. Take a slay-cation you’ll never forget with our collection of sun-drenched shockers featuring the aforementioned PREY and THE REEF, as well as David Twohy’s adventure thriller A PERFECT GETAWAY and James Cullen Bressack’s Thai-holiday-turned-nightmare horror PERNICIOUS.

Horror’s season of Tropical Terror is every Friday at 10:50pm from Friday 8th July.

Full details of premières in transmission order:

burningbrightSat 2 July @ 9.00pm – BURNING BRIGHT (2010) * UK TV Première

Johnny Gavenau’s latest get-quick-rich scheme is to turn his Florida ranch into a Safari Park. As the main attraction he buys a dangerous Bengal tiger from an unscrupulous circus trader. But the ravenous beast gets loose, its only refuge the ranch house interior where stepdaughter Kelly and her autistic little brother Tom reside… Nature runs amok but human nature proves to be the real villain in director Carlos Brooks’ taut twist on the home invasion chiller. Look out for a guest appearance from Meatloaf.

thereef2Fri 8 July @ 10.50pm – THE REEF (2010) *Network Première

For four old friends it seemed like a dream come true – a week cruising the world’s most beautiful coral reef on their own yacht. But when the vessel capsizes, leaving them stranded on the over-turned hull, that dream turns into a nightmare. They take to the open water – only to learn, too late, that they are being stalked by a deadly great white shark. Director Andrew Traucki’s true-life shocker puts ordinary people in an all-too believable extreme situation, where small actions become epic tragedies.

wawwahcSat 9 July @ 10.50pm – WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (2013) *UK TV Première

Following the unexpected death of their mother, teenage daughters Iris and Rose Parker are ordered by their father to carry on a macabre ancestral ritual at all costs. But when a torrential storm hits their upstate New York region, the town’s river overflows and the local authorities start uncovering long-buried clues that lead them to the Parker family’s cannibalistic secret. Stunning performances from the cast add enormous weight to Jim Mickle’s superb film craft and subtle horror nuance. Stars Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers, Julia Garner, Michael Parks and Kelly McGillis.

preyFri 15 July @ 10.50pm – PREY (2014) *UK TV Première

Originally released as Indigenous, Alastair Orr’s exotic horror fantasy centres on five friends who meet in Panama for a vacation. While partying, they hear a native story about a beautiful waterfall deep in the jungle. Ignoring the many warnings, they set off to find the waterfall. When they reach it, the group discovers that the stories about the mythical, blood-sucking Chupabra are not only true, but that it has now developed a taste for humans.

wolfcreekSat 16 July @ 10.50pm – WOLF CREEK 2 (2013) *UK TV Première

The gravel-voiced, sneering maniac Mick Taylor is back with a few more days to kill! Bolder. Gorier, and placed on a far bigger canvas than the original Ozploitation classic, star John Jarratt and director Greg McLean return with an even more twisted shocker. WOLF CREEK 2 maintains the original’s savagery and nerve-jangling tension, while dazzling further with a spectacular and surprising use of Down Under landscapes and creatures. Two arrogant cops, two unwitting German backpackers and a Good Samaritan British tourist become the prey for the crazed pig-shooting psycho as the outback is drenched in rivers of blood.

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138 | Freeview 70
www.horrorchannel.co.uk | twitter.com/horror_channel | facebook.com/horrorchannel