Another World (2015) Review

aworld1Another World (2015)

Directed by Eitan Reuven

Starring: Zach Cohen, Carl McCrystal, Susanne Gschwendtner and Davina Kevelson

UK Release TBC from High Fliers Films

An unknown apocalyptic style event has taken place. Two pairs of strangers band together to increase their survival chances. They move from location to location, always trying to stay ahead of the mutants. The mutants are essentially infected humans and spread the infection. The group move around quickly between places, hoping to survive long enough for the mutants to starve to death. Plot wise, it sounds generic and a relatively standard piece of post-apocalyptism, but the film does hold a couple of good twists, decent pacing and in parts, an excellent use of sound and silence.

A feature début for director Eitan Reuven and a cast of generally unknown actors. Carl McCrystal and Susanne Gschwendtner perhaps the most recognizable, McCrystal has appeared numerous times in Eastenders and Coronation Street, but also the After Dark film Dread. Davina Kevelson and Zach Cohen although lesser known, are equally as good. Another World definitely has its slow parts but the strength of the performances really hold it together. Sometimes the dialogue is a bit too long and feels forced, especially when McCrystal has a long speech to make. No fault of his own, the overly long lines diminish the power in his image as the tough military leader.

aworld2Gschwendtner comes across as the strongest actor on set, her delivery is almost perfect every time. A few points of the film try to delve into some deeper questions about life, death, what we as humans are, but all it did was give me some decent quotes – “We’re all murderers, I’m just more successful” and a very Hellraiseresque line – “The essence of life is pain and suffering”.

The main disappointment for me was the lack of gore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my films filled with CGI blood splatter, but if the subject matter is mutants chasing humans surely it is acceptable to expect a bit of a bloodbath at least once. The majority of fight scenes are gunfights and these are not at close range. McCrystal, being the tough guy, obviously gets the best of the kills and the closest to any close range fighting but there’s just not enough of it.

The gunfight scenes are very well shot and put together, with camera work reminiscent of early 00’s war films; quick edits and shaky cam while our survivors scramble to safety. Mix that with the fast moving mutants, very similar to the infected in 28 Days Later, it gives for some tense fight scenes. So even without the mass of gore that I had hoped for, it still comes out looking good.

aworld3The finale, while done well, left me wanting that little bit more. It was just all over far too quickly. I wanted another thirty minutes of fighting. Instead I got a slow moving camera and an extremely predictable last five seconds which almost soured the experience as a whole, almost, but not quite.

Another World is another film in a long line of similarly themed movies, it may well disappear amongst the others but if you get a chance to see it, give it a go.


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