An Interview with Peter Kane by Dean Sills

An Interview with Peter Kane by Dean Sills

UKHS – Welcome to UK Horror Scene. Before we begin I would just like to thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to chat with us. When did you first discover your passion for filmmaking and how did Wandering Kane productions come about?

PK – My passion for wanting to make films has always been there since I watched ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and then ‘Clerks’. They truly inspired me to make films. I first got into making films by my partner who advised me to do a digital editing course at Newcastle library. I then made a few zero budget short films before realising I should now be making features. Wandering Kane Productions came about because I couldn’t sell ‘The Gamekeeper’ script so Jimmy Hagri and I decided to start our own company to produce it. Hagri means Wanderer. I also met Jimmy through my partner. Without those two ‘The Gamekeeper’ would never have been made.

UKHS – Let’s talk about your first feature film, ‘The Gamekeeper’. How did the idea come about and how long did it take you to write this project and actually film it?

PK – The film came about from going to see the Lambton Estate in Chester with my old producing partners. The guy showing us about mentioned a gamekeeper was out and about shooting Grouse and to watch ourselves as he could shoot on site. I then though “what would happen if a group of kids trespassed on the estate and he started to shoot?”. I wrote the first draft in February 2010 in two weeks then went back to it over a few years. In February 2013 we decided to just go for it. So you could say it took almost 6 years to get made!! We started filming in September 2013 and finished it (including editing) in May 2015.

Peter Kane

UKHS – Who is ‘The Gamekeeper’ and what can you tell us about your cast?

PK – ‘The Gamekeeper’ is a soldier gone AWOL from his regiment and he is hiding on a rich eccentric’s land. He has also taken a secret with him. Regarding the cast, we utilised local talent throughout the North East, actors that truly deserve bigger roles than they’ve had before. We used Four Bridges casting, actors Jimmy knew from working on local TV program’s and cast I knew from a film I worked on in the summer of 2011.

UKHS – I believe part of your film is set in Afghanistan. How did you find the right location for this considering you shot your film in the UK?

PK – The Afghan scene was shot at Dursand Quarry near Stanhope next to the Parkhead station cafe. It was our co-producer, Mark Armstrong, that found it and it truly was the perfect location – out of the way and private. We believe there are a number of perfect locations in the North East you could use for a number of places around the world. We’d highly recommend any worldwide company to utilise our locations here in the North East.

UKHS – What’s next for you and Wandering Kane productions?

PK – We are currently prepping a horror film to be filmed in the North East again using local talent. We are hoping for a bigger budget and currently looking for investment in this feature. That’s all we can say at the moment but people can contact us via the website if interested.

UKHS – You also have your own radio show on Gravity radio station in Newcastle and it was a pleasure to be on your show when you interviewed me at the Cutting Edge film festival. Can you please tell us a little about your show and how did you get into presenting your own radio show?

PK – I have a weekly show called ‘Music from the Movies’ on a Tuesday, 6pm to 8pm on Gravity Radio North East. I co-host a monthly show called The Wandering Kane Movie Show’ on the last Friday of every month with Jimmy Hagri (co-managing director at Wandering Kane productions), Mark Armstrong (creative director) and Graham Wade (post production director). We discuss movies, TV and theatre. We have had some wonderful guests on live and pre-recorded. The shows came about due to seeing my friend Wayne Madden (who is also a presenter) post an advert on Facebook from Gravity radio asking for volunteers to present shows. I approached them pitching the Wandering Kane movie show. They asked us in for open mic slots and we got our own show. Gravity then asked me if I wanted my own show called ‘Music from the Movies’ which I accepted. They are a wonderful bunch who run the station and are constantly looking for donations to keep the station going. It would be great if it could keep going.

UKHS – Finally, where do you see yourself in five years from now?

PK – Where I see myself in five years? Good question. I’m very much a take each day as it comes person but I’d love to direct more films and would love to get into directing TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Daredevil’. I’d love to see Wandering Kane productions be the number one North East production company however there are some wonderful ones up here as well like Team Beard films, Abandon Hope and Hungry Wolf. I’d like to see us as kings of the north, ha ha!

UKHS – Thank you, Peter. Good luck with ‘The Gamekeeper’ plus your new project and keep up the great work!

The Gamekeeper is available to watch NOW from the link here –

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