An Interview with Nicola Fiore by Dean Sills

nf1An Interview with Nicola Fiore by Dean Sills

Hello Nicola, it’s a real honour to talk to you about your amazing career, so far. Welcome to UKHS.

NF – Thank you! It is always an honor to reach out to horror fans.

UKHS -Nicola, you grew up on a tour bus with your musician parents and soon realized that performing was in your blood. At the age of 13 you started modelling and at 15 you joined a band as a bass guitarist. I guess your musical influences came from your parents but how and when did you get into acting and do you have any role models that you look up to?

NF – I actually played guitar because my father insisted really. He owned a vintage guitar shop and was always bringing home guitars for me and getting me excited to play them. I would enjoy our lessons but enjoyed using the guitars as props much more. It was fun to act like all the musicians on MTV (hair metal was huge when I was growing up) and I would do my hair and make-up like Poison and make my sister and my friends laugh. There were other kids in my school that would always be going to auditions and doing commercials and such. I would always want to know more about what they did but when I asked my Mom if I could do that too she would just accuse me of wanting to get out of going to school. My first semester of my freshman year of high school I took “Introduction to Drama” and that is when I knew I loved it.


nf2UKHS – Congratulations on winning “Best Actress” for ‘Slaughter Daughter’ at the Freakshow Film Festival in 2012. In the movie you play a former beauty queen called Farrah, who plots the death of her overbearing mother with the help of your pen-pal, a serial killer on death row. Well done on the performance Nicola. You are not only beautiful but believable and creepy, how much fun did you have playing Farrah Adjani and what was it like working alongside the stunning actress Leesa Rowland?

NF – Thank you! It means so much to hear you say that. The award, reviews and fan response has all been wonderful. I am grateful to everyone! Travis Campbell worked a lot with me on developing Farrah and allowed for me to do it organically and guided me along. And when Leesa came on as Phyllis, there was the interaction that I was hoping for.

She is really fun and has great comic timing with her dialogue so it was the contrast that added to our chemistry. She has been a great friend to me over the years and it is very cool that we worked together on Slaughter Daughter and shared the experience.


nf3UKHS – You have an hectic schedule which is great. Can you tell us a little about some of your current projects including ‘Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2′,’ The Lion’s Den’ and ‘Night of Something Strange?

NF – Yes! Making films can be a wild process. Night of Something Strange is a zombie comedy with a fun concept. The idea that a zombie virus can be contracted through STDs is likely the craziest idea ever. It was a great experience to work with a solid ensemble that includes the amazing Brinke Stevens. I actually shot this in 2011 after wrapping on Slaughter Daughter so it was nice to not play the lead that time and see my name all over the call sheet everyday.

After shooting some genre films I was ready for some different material, that is when I met filmmaker Ben Hozie. He had just graduated NYU as a philosophy major and was passionate about filmmaking as well. He had a wonderful concept for his first film “Annunciation” that was based on the medieval painting by Robert Campin of the same name. He wanted to make a triptych type story, in which I would play a modern day mother Mary. “What a stretch!”, I thought! I realized that was exactly why he was interested in casting me and I am glad he did.

I put a lot into that project and we had developed a great working relationship and he invited me to work with him on his new film “The Lion’s Den” which is about a group of radicals living in a modern day commune post occupy wall street. The story becomes somewhat of a comedy of errors and is actually a lot of fun despite the somewhat serious subject matter. I play a street smart drifter type who goes by “Cleo”. She was enjoyable to play amongst a group of other colorful characters and great actors from New York City.

Return to Nuke ‘Em High is Lloyd Kaufman’s latest film. I had started working with him right after he shot Poultrygeist, so this is his first film since I started working with him. He is truly a legend and I really enjoy working with him. I really look forward to working with him again in the future.


nf4UKHS – You have been declared a Scream Queen in the horror industry, thanks to your stunning looks, raw talent and great performances in a number of horror films. Can you please tell us which Scream Queen inspired you the most?

NF – I really love the classic performance of Judith O’Dea in Night of the Living Dead. She actually got the chance to view Slaughter Daughter and gave a quote, she said my performance was “powerful” which is probably the coolest thing ever. (It makes me blush just typing her quote) Anytime things get tough and I feel I am losing steam I remember amazing performances like hers are why I do what I do. Thank you for your great work and support, Judith O’Dea!


UKHS – You have also produced a number of films. Would you like to do more and do you have a desire to have a go at directing in the near future?

NF – Producing another film with Travis is definitely something I want to do very soon. Directing will inevitably happen at some point, but I am in no rush. I am enjoying the moment I am in now.


nf5UKHS – What would you consider to be the three main ingredients that you need to make a classic horror flick?

NF – Well, to make a new classic I would say use one ingredient that no one has ever used before. Dare to be different and experiment!


UKHS – If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

NF – Items? Well I guess my iPhone is out since there would be no service. Probably a tooth brush (because, ya know) and maybe a blender to make my smoothies. Oh, but no power either? This game is reminding me to much of Hurricane Sandy the sequel!


UKHS – Finally, what is the hardest role that you have had to play and do you go to extreme lengths to prep for your parts and stay in character?

NF – I prepped the most for Farrah, but Mr. Bricks was for sure the most challenging. I never sang a day in my life and it took a lot of guts to give it what I did. And playing off from Tim Dax also tool a lot of guts. Working on Bricks was also the most rewarding because it was the first time I worked with everyone I worked with on that project.

I have to say that Tim ended up being the actor I have had the most chemistry with. Especially being casted as a love interest with him for 2 films now. I feel like we will work together again and continue to get stronger as we go. We are on our way to become the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of Indie horror. America’s anti-sweethearts.


nf6UKHS – Thanks Nicola, it was a real pleasure to talk to you. Thank you for your time and keep up the great work.

Image courtesy: Nicola Fiore,Lauren Miller, Rich Johnson, Tom Eitnier for KoolGirlieStuff and Jammi York.

Screenshots from ‘Slaughter Daughter’ and ‘Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical’.

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