An Interview with Luke Goss by Dean Sills

lg1An Interview with Luke Goss by Dean Sills

First of all, I would just like to thank you, Luke for giving us your time especially when you are very busy. It’s a real joy for me interviewing you since I am a big fan of your acting and your movies. Thanks!

UKHS – You are currently shooting ‘The Night Crew’, in which you play a bounty hunter. The movie centres on a group of hard up bounty hunters who must survive the night in a desert motel against a horde of savage cartel killers. What can you tell us about your character and how did you prepare for this role?

LG – I physically needed to look like Wade so I did a lot of weights in the Gym.

He is a character with a busy past and has emotional conflicts so it is always nice bringing a deep interior to an action movie. Internalized back story is always the main construction of bringing these guys to life.

lg2UKHS – I loved your memorable performances as Prince Nuada in ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’ and Nomak in ‘Blade II’. How did you cope with the level of prosthetics and did you find it physically draining especially during the action scenes? 

LG – The makeup process was 6-7 hours even before you start your 12 hour day adds up physically.

In Hellboy 2 I found myself really having to dig deep and use the exhaustion and claustrophobia and put it into Prince Nuada….I forced myself to attach it to his own frustrations. Six day weeks, 20 hour days, that movie is the reason why I would only ever do it again for the perfect role. 😉

lg3UKHS – I do enjoy the ‘Death Race’ movies, well done! How much fun did you have filming the movies in South Africa and did you get to do a lot of your own stunts and driving? 

LG – The Deathrace movies are fun to watch and real fun to make. Huge cars, Fast cars, explosions and a crew of people that have become like family.

Prepping again was fun. I like playing Frankenstein because although he is a criminal, he has a solid sense of friendship and honour within the world he lives. He doesn’t wait around for a thank-you. I did most of the driving and 2 weeks in a fight cage, so lots of stunt training.

lg4UKHS – What other projects will you be working on this year that you can tell us about? 

LG – DEAD DROP (can’t stand the cover!) lol they plopped my head on some other dudes body and stuck explosions behind me, WTF lol but that said its a really good movie. Also LOST TIME, AWOL72 and one of my favourites THE NIGHT CREW. Also I’m crazy excited about directing my first Feature Film this year.

lg5UKHS – Which movies have you enjoyed working on the most and why? 

LG – Obviously Blade 2 and Hellboy 2 were amazing experiences, juggernaut productions. But filming ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING in India was a personal Highlight. It was a professional first filming an out and out love story as well as a pinch yourself moment playing the lead role alongside Mr Omar Sharif and the late,great Mr Peter O’Toole. Also India was truly a beautiful country with kind and generous people.

lg6UKHS – I started acting 18 months ago and I’ve had a few small speaking roles in Indie movies, (I would love a walk-on in one of your movies if you are shooting in the UK in the near future) what advice do you have for anyone wanting a career as an actor? 

LG – I would say, trust your instincts, internalize as much as you can and know that its not an easy road so be ready both on and off screen. Work hard and be ready so when you get that break role….you can knock it out of the damn park! Also if I do direct a movie in the UK, a walk on at least is yours LOL .

lg7UKHS – Finally, this is a question from Andy Deen, the editor of UK Horror Scene. Do you think being (mainly) based in L.A. has helped in your film career? As here in the UK when I read articles on you or your films we are still treated to mentions of your previous incarnation as a pop star, even though you have well over 40 films to your name?

LG – Good question! Yes, LA “only” thinks of me as an actor, I am asked frequently why I don’t make movies in my home country…truth is, I have not been embraced by the UK film community, but after making so many movies and a Prime time TV series (Red Widow) in the USA, I can honestly say I’m not losing any sleep about it. That said, as a director I do plan to shoot in the UK. I do want to say though a huge thank-you to the support from UK movie websites and UK fans, your continued support is genuinely appreciated. Cheers and much love!! LG

UKHS – Thank you Luke. Good luck with your latest projects including your first movie as a director and keep up the great work. 

Dead Drop starring Luke Goss will be release on DVD in the UK on February 17, 2014.

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