An Interview with Jacqui Holland by Dean Sills

jh1An Interview with Jacqui Holland by Dean Sills

UKHS – Hello Jacqui, thank you for your time and welcome to UK Horror Scene. Aside from being an awesome actress, you also produce, write and have your own production company. How did you get into acting and why did you decided to start your own production company ?

JH – I started acting at a very young age doing community theatre back in Ohio. But it wasn’t until I took a history of cinema class and watched some classic Film Noir that I realized I really gotta pursue this!

Back in 2010 I was producing Youtube sketches . I teamed up with an App builder to create a line of iPhone apps called “Hot N’ Funny.” I was addicted to making stuff I would stay up all night creating iPhone apps.  Simultaneously I was acting in many Independent Films. I learned so much from being on different sets. I took my knowledge and decided to produce and act in my own films. Truthfully, I couldn’t be happier. I love film making the whole process.

jh2UKHS – Which horror actor or actress inspires you the most?

JH – I’m a big fan of Lili Taylor loved her in “The Conjuring”. I also am a huge fan of Jessica Lange, watched AHS (American Horror Story) like crack this past season. Another one of my favourites is Danielle Harris I’d love to work with her as an Actress or as a Director.

jh3UKHS – Your new movie  ‘Silent But Deadly’ is now out on VOD. You co-wrote the movie with Jason Lockhart, the director. How did the two of you come up with the idea of unleashing a serial killer in a retirement home?

JH – It was actually his mother’s idea. Both his Grandpa and my Grandma had just moved into a Retirement home. His mother was talking about all the funny stories and wondered why weren’t more movies taking place in a retirement home. Within days Jason and I were writing a comedy/horror in a retirement home.

jh4UKHS – You also produced the film and acted in it. Can you tell us a little about your character Kitty and the rest of the cast including Lee Meriwether (Catwoman in Batman: The Movie) and Dawn Wells?

JH – I play the Activity’s Director, Kitty. She’s not the brightest bulb but she enjoys her job and popularity at Lakeview Retirement Home. Dawn Wells plays the protagonist, Rose. She really added a ton to the role and made it her own. Lee Meriwether plays Vivian the ex-beauty queen/model who still is looking to get married. Her character was completely based on my Grandma Marcia who at 84 was talking about a retirement home wedding while we were writing this script. Broadway Star John Tartaglia plays Dale my half brother and now owner of the Retirement Home. It’s an ensemble cast and honestly as a producer I could not be happier, such an amazing cast!

jh5UKHS – You have a few movies coming out in 2014 including ‘Dead Ringer’ and ‘Two Faced’. What can you tell us about these projects and the different types of characters you play?

JH – In “Dead Ringer” I play an obsessive stalker. It was totally one of the most fun roles I’ve ever played in my life. My character Sandra Bryce is sexy and sweet but when there’s another woman after her man she’s deadly. “Two Faced” also goes along with the psychopath theme. Jessica has the perfect life but when her soon to be mother-in-law catches her cheating, Jessica has to do what she has to do to save her perfect life. Jessica is definitely the most vicious Femme Fatale I’ve ever played.

jh6UKHS – You have appeared in a number of horror movies now including ‘Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver’ and ‘Monsters in the Woods’. Which one is your favourite as an actress and why?

JH – I believe that “Two Faced” was definitely my favourite horror film to date. I really enjoyed playing a two faced bitch, (hmmm what does that say about me). But truthfully it was a great role and I got to work with a phenomenal group of people that I truly adore. But I did spend all of Gingerdead Man on Roller skates and that was one fun time, I must say!

UKHS – If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

JH – If I were on a desert island, I’d want a companion, dog, cute boy, one of my girlfriends but would totally need someone to talk too. A notebook so I could write, because once I got off that would be one hell of a story. And, some sun screen so I don’t end up looking like leather face.

jh7UKHS – Finally, are you currently working on any other projects which you can tell UKHS about?

JH – Yes, I am shooting a Werewolf film, called “Shewolves” this April. Then in May I head to Mississippi to shoot “The Ritual” where I will be playing Detective Amanda Jenkins. It’s a modern day Jack The Ripper story. Also my production company is looking to shoot a few features before the end of 2014, so a lot to look out for.

UKHS – Good luck with all those projects.Thanks again for your time and keep up the great work.

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