An Interview with ‘Fist of Jesus’ writer and co-director David Muñoz by Dean Sills

foj1An interview with ‘Fist of Jesus’ writer and co-director David Muñoz by Dean Sills

Last year I attended the Cutting Edge Film Festival in Newcastle. During the event I got to watch a number of films including the Spanish short film ‘Fist of Jesus’ directed by Adrian Cardona, David Muñoz and written by David Muñoz. In the film Jesus takes on a horde of Zombies with his sidekick Judas, this is Christ like you’ve never seen him before. It is filled with humour and gore which may upset a few church people but this is a fun movie and a fantastic piece of art from Spain. The film won the Audience Award  at Cutting Edge and I loved every moment of it.

After seeing the film I was curious to find out more and chat to David Muñoz, the writer and co-director of ‘Fist of Jesus’.

Please welcome David to UK Horror Scene.
Hola David, thank you for your time.
Ok, let’s get started with the questions.


UKHS – Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came up with the idea for your short film ‘Fist of Jesus’?

DM – Me and Adrian Cardona have been doing fantasy short films for fourteen years. Always low budget ones and with very small crews. Our previous short film where we worked together was  ‘Brutal Relax’, that had a great response from the audience at festivals and the internet.

The idea of Fist of Jesus came at school, when I was 8, in a religion class. I used to spend the class time drawing nonsense things to get fun, and this came up when the priest was talking to us about Jesus doing Lazarus resurrection. I though it would be a really good adventure if the resurrection goes wrong.

Some years ago, I told Adrian about that childhood idea and we thought it’ll be terrific for the starting of a film.


UKHS –  We see Jesus take on a horde of Zombies with his sidekick Judas which at times comes across as a Spanish version to Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Marc Velasco as Jesus plays it straight during the opening scene before we get a huge biblical lashing of gore. Was Marc Velasco your first choice actor for the role of Jesus and have you worked with him before?

DM – Thanks a lot for comparing it with Life of Brian. When I was a kid it was one of my favourite movies and I have watch it many times. So, of course is a big influence for the short film, and even more for our feature project.

Marc Velasco was the first and only choice. He was our friend and we have worked in another projects together, so we knew he was perfect for Jesus. Furthermore, when we were discussing the production of the short, I meet Noé Blancafort (Judas) and at the first look I realized that he was the perfect partner for Marc.


UKHS – With the subject matter of Jesus and also Lazarus returning as a zombie, have you had any negative feedback ?

DM – The feedback used to be positive because we’re not interested in other audience than people who enjoy this kind of film, so we only sent the short to fantasy film festivals. Once the film appeared on the internet, then we couldn’t control it, but we did discover that people with faith get lots of fun with the film and even share it. The film is finding his audience via the social networks and didn’t use to arrive to people who could find it offensive. So negative feedback are really few compared to the positive.


UKHS – Can you tell us a little about the filming locations and did you use local actors to play the Zombies?

DM – The filming locations where places near Adrian’s house in Ibiza, as we get the bodies there. With abandoned places and open fields with nobody to bother anyone.

The actors are friends and family. It was a really low budget production, so lots of days we had practically nobody. Me and Adrian die several times as different zombies. Even Jesus has played some of them.

Luckily, lots of tourists used to visit the places where we were shooting, and some of them, when they saw us shooting that, ask to join. We disguised them as zombies putting lots of flavor and colorants in their faces, and they literally save the short film. Some of them even came other days with more friends to work with us all day, and were people we didn’t know, so it was really amazing.


UKHS – Finally, when will your feature film ‘Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem’go into production?

DM -Fist of Jesus have been a really low budget production, our technical and production crew is just of five members, including the main actor doing everything from FX, cooking for everyone, doing the clothes and the weapons from recycled things. Was really hard, so for us, as we want to do the feature much more crazier, not only with lots of zombies, but with mutants, post-apocalyptic punks, robots and different monsters, we need some help. The feature script is a mixture between the New Testament and Mad Max and now we’re studying in doing a crowdfunding for making the movie real. Hope we can start shooting it really soon.

UKHS – Muchas gracias David , It was a pleasure talking to you. I know you have many fans in the UK so we wish you good luck with your feature along with the crowdfunding.

If anyone would like to help ‘Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem’ become real you can buy the official Fist Of Jesus t-shirt and help with the donations.More details are available on their website.

Image courtesy: David Muñoz & Adrian Cardona


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