An Interview with Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead by Madeleine Swann

An Interview with Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead by Madeleine Swann

Emma Thomas, AKA Miss Cakehead, organises events of both food and the bizarre. Not for her are tranquil wine and cheese nights, you’re much more likely to munch on ‘human’ flesh or swim in a pool of blood. She describes herself as “a freelance creative director who creates stunts, experiences and campaigns for a wide variety of clients including Proximo Spirits, 20th Century Fox and Capcom,” and stunts have ranged from screen printing press releases in blood to “dying red roses black with ink for The Kraken Rum Think Ink Valentine’s Day pop up florist.”

Her latest project, Cakeageddon, is taking place around Halloween (of course) in London – Standalone Farm in Letchworth Garden City to be precise – and features a side of fairy-tales you never read about as a child.

cakeageddon-1What is Cakeageddon?
It’s the world’s first edible horror farm with gruesome cake. We’ve been fascinated with horror farms and this is the fourth year we’ve done a cake shop, so when Letchworth Heritage Foundation asked me to work with them it seemed the perfect opportunity.

cakeageddon-3What made you choose fairy-tales?
Twisted fairy-tales have always really appealed to me, they’re a bit like the cakes themselves the way they seem really nice on the outside but on closer examination they’re quite horrific.

cakeageddon-2Is this the biggest thing you’ve done?
This is the biggest thing I’ve done with cake so I think it’ll be really interesting to see how everyone responds. We basically operate like a macabre creative PR agency and get specialists in who focus on horrific and gory projects. I curate cakes – so have specific ideas of what I need. For the UK release of Resident Evil 6 I was briefed by Capcom and we created ‘The Human Butchery,’ which involved meat shaped like human limbs (see the video below).

There was also a blood filled swimming pool. Imitation limbs and organs floated on the surface and intestines were used as lane markers. Capcom provided merchandise which you could swim to the bottom of the pool for while zombie lifeguards watched.

To promote the fifth season of the Walking Dead we made ‘human’ flesh burgers, which was really exciting.

Human Butchery - Miss Cakehead 2Human Butchery - Miss CakeheadHuman Butchery - Miss Cakehead 3What does the future hold?
We’re working on a project at the moment that’s going to be one of the best things we’ve ever done called Surgeon Sim. I can’t tell you too much about it at the moment but it’s a surgery simulation game happening in November that we’re really excited about.

I’m excited too. See you there!


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