An Interview with Emilie Flory by Dean Sills

ef3An Interview with Emilie Flory by Dean Sills

Bonjour Emilie, thank you for your time and welcome to UK Horror Scene.

UKHS – When did you first discover your passion for filmmaking, writing and acting and which job do you enjoy doing the most?

EF – As a child I wrote and drew a lot, I was fascinated by genre films and enrolled in a theatre to overcome my timidity. My father was a weapons engineer who helped make movies about submarines and that had a great
effect on me. I have a fairly active imagination; I like dreams… That was back when ‘ Star Wars’ came out. I saw it at an outdoor theater in Saint-Tropez when I was seven. It made such an impact on me that the only dream I’ve had since then was to direct. Writing has always been a major focal point, the centre of everything. To me, directing is an extension of writing. I can not dissociate them. Directing is also writing. Filmmaking includes writing and all forms of art to give us a specific work we call a movie. It’s magic.

As for acting… I practiced it for a long time since I was lousy at maths and because … Continue reading