An Interview with Devanny Pinn by Dean Sills

dp2An Interview with Devanny Pinn by Dean Sills

I am thrilled that this is my 20th interview for UK Horror Scene, so let’s make it a special one by interviewing the very beautiful, talented actress Devanny Pinn.

Hello Devanny, it’s a real honour to talk to you about your amazing career, so far. Welcome to UKHS.

UKHS – The first film I saw you perform in was ‘Nude Nuns with Big Guns’, this was recently on TV here in the UK. How did you get into acting?

DP – Thanks for watching! That was a fun movie.

I started in ballet and musical theater when I was 3 and stayed actively involved growing up. I moved out west when I was 17 and received a scholarship for Opera. I tried to get involved in the local performing scene and instead of finding theater, I found an indie film audition. Turned out it was a horror film and I booked the lead! I’ve been hooked ever since.


UKHS – I have got to ask you a little about ‘Piranha 3D’ You were one of the featured bikini babes in the movie, did you enjoy the experience and what was your favourite moment during the shoot?

DP – I learned A LOT on the set of Piranha. It was just over two weeks on location in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The director hand picked me and another girl out of 1000 people to be featured, which was an honor for me because I am a huge fan of Alex Aja. I was then bumped up to be one of the wet t-shirt girls (Wild Wild Girls) on the floating stage during the massacre. The shoot was long, hot and had extensive set ups due to the fact that it was the largest cinematic slaughter in history. Many people found it exhausting, but since I am a horror girl I had a blast! Eli Roth squirted my boobs and Ving Rhames almost decapitated me with a chainsaw. It doesn’t get any better than that.


devanny-pinn-the-black-dahlia-hauntingUKHS – Well done Devanny, that’s a great achievement. How did you get your nickname, the Horror Barbie?

DP – Anyone who knows me knows I like glitter, pink stuff, Disney princesses and tutus. I did a film right after the media began dubbing me a “scream queen” and this film crew expected someone a little more scary to be arriving. So when I showed up in curls, bows and sparkles they literally laughed.
They laughed all the way up until my first scene. After two takes, everyone was dead quiet and the makeup girl actually ran outside to vomit. (Then I laughed) They were shocked that someone who looked so girlie and innocent would ‘deliver’. They joked that I was like a “Horror Barbie” and after that the name kind of stuck!



UKHS – You were awesome as Angela in ‘Song of the Shattered’. What’s the most shocking thing you have done as an actress and how do you prepare for scenes like this?

DP – Thank you! I really loved that role and all the layers she had. I actually watched The Shining on repeat for days studying the gradual progression of Jack Nicholson’s character. I think his decent into madness is performed with distinct perfection and I wanted Angela’s journey to be just as real and effective.

It used to take me a lot of time and isolation to mentally prepare for roles like this and scenes as dark as some of the material in SOS.

However, at this point I’ve “gone there” so often that I can literally turn it off and on like a switch. Proves useful at times…like at the post office or Walmart.


dp3UKHS – Your film credits include ‘Wonderland’, ‘The Black Dahlia Haunting’, ‘Truth or Dare’ plus many more. Which movie have you enjoyed working on the most and why?

DP – All three of those films are dear to me, for different reasons. Wonderland was my first film-making experience, The Black Dahlia Haunting has been kind of my “break out” role from winning Best Actress at Shockfest in Hollywood to getting a studio level Redbox release and Truth Or Dare was just flat out gory fun! I wouldn’t trade any of them and SO glad to been able to be part of each.


UKHS – You have worked with the beautiful, talented Jessica Cameron a few times now, we all know how awesome she is at acting but what is she like as a director and did you enjoy working for her in ‘Truth or Dare’ ?

DP – Jessica has been a boss since the day I met her! I always knew if she decided to transition behind the camera she would be a force to be reckoned with. She is one of those few women in the genre who “get it”. When Jess first mentioned she was going to make a film I told her she needed to direct it. While she was hesitant at first, she did step up to the plate and it was incredible. I’ve worked on about 50 films now and I can honestly say Truth or Dare was a top filming experience. Jessica had a specific, clear vision from inception to finish AND she knew how to achieve it. The woman is smart and has a great eye for horror. I hope she continues to make movies for our genre and allows me to be involved!


UKHS – Can you please tell us about your upcoming creature feature ‘Dead Sea’ and when is the movie due for release?

DP – Dead Sea is the next film from my production company Micro Bay Features. It is a character driven creature feature directed by Brandon Slagle that has a modern day Jaws feel to it. It features my Black Dahlia Haunting co-stars Britt Griffith and Alexis Iacono, James Duval (Independence Day) , Candace Kita (Barb Wire) and Chanel Ryan (Bad Kids Go To Hell).

I am very proud of this film and cannot wait to show audiences!

Origin Releasing has acquired it for worldwide distribution and has slated it for early 2014 release.


deadseaUKHS – That’s fantastic news, well done!
What would you consider to be the three main ingredients that you need to make a classic horror flick?

DP – A beautiful woman you can root for, corn syrup and a chainsaw!


UKHS – If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you want to have with you?

DP – Sun tan lotion, a camera so I could film a movie using that killer location without needing a permit and… Jessica Cameron… because even stranded on an island she would somehow figure out how to post on social media and get us rescued.


UKHS – Finally, are you currently working on any new horror movies or any other film or Tv projects which you can tell UKHS about?

DP – ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘American Girls’ are currently playing festival rounds, while ‘The Penny Dreadful Picture Show’ (staring Sid Haig and Jeffrey Combs) and ‘Gone Dark’ have just been released in the US. ‘Wonderland’ and ‘ A Grim Becoming’ (with Bill Oberst Jr and Lynn Lowry) are slated for early 2014 as well.

You can have the details on my next one FIRST! We are in pre-production for ‘ House of Manson’ a dark biopic on Charles Manson and his family. I would be happy to provide UKHS exclusive info and photos from production if you and your readers are interested.


dp1UKHS – Wow! Thank you Devanny, that’s fantastic we look forward to the exclusive info and photos.

I really appreciate your time and this opportunity to interview you for UKHS. Keep up the great work and good luck with your superb career.

DP – Thank you very much for having me!

Bloody kisses, Devanny Pinn

Image courtesy: Brandon Slagle

twitter @devannypinn

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